Central Institute of Buddhist Studies

by JaldiNaukri.in (Blog), Jun 16, 2010

Ladakh, India -- The Central Institute of Buddhist Studies came into being in 1959. At it’s inception it was known as the School of Buddhist philosophy.

It was established with the aim of satisfying the inquisitive needs of the local people regarding Buddhism and Buddhist studies.

Before the establishment of Central Institute of Buddhist Studies, beginners in this field of study and monks used to go to Tibetan monasteries like, Dregung, Drepung, Sera, Gadan, Tashi Lhunpo, Sakya, Derge, Sanag Chosling, so on and so forth.

After the institute was set up, there was a sharp decline in the numbers of students going across to Tibet. It came as a landmark in the scenario of Indian education and touched hitherto unresearched subjects.

The Central Institute of Buddhist Studies has applied for the status of a deemed university, and its status is under revision.

The main aim of the Central Institute of Buddhist Studies lies in developing the personality of the students by instilling the values of Buddhist philosophy, literature and arts into their thought process.

For achieving the aim few methods have been designed, such as:

  • Study of Buddhism in all its totality, including its history, philosophy and ancient shastras.
  • Study of languages connected with Buddhism, such as Pali, Bhoti(Tibetan), Sanskrit and English.
  • Study of subjects like General Science, Social Studies and Comparative Philosophy, History, Political Science, Arithmetic, Economics.
  • Translation of Buddhist manuscripts into Indian languages like Hindi, Sanskrit and into English.
  • Collecting, preserving and publishing rare manuscripts.
  • Researching on topics related to Buddhism
  • Collecting and preserving historical artifacts.
  • Study of Amchi ( Bodhi Medical Science), Thankas ( Buddhist Paintings), Scripts, religious carvings on wood, and other sculptures related to Buddhism.
  • Arranging Seminars on Buddhism and organizing exhibitions of Buddhist artifacts for popularizing Buddhism.
  • Conducting Mass Literacy Programs.

Contact Details of Central Institute of Buddhist Studies
Dr. Tashi Paljor Principal
Central Institute of Buddhist studies
Leh, Ladakh – 194001
Tel/Fax: 01982-264391