Rare Buddhist Religious function at Sri Mahabodhi

By Athula Bandara, Daily Mirror, 26 July 2010

Bodh Gaya, India -- Around 300 Buddhist monks from several countries yesterday participated in chanting the Chula Pagnasaka Suthra of the Majjima Nikaya of  Tripitaka at the Sri Maha Bodhi at Anuradhapura.

The ceremony was conducted on the advice of the Atamasthanadhipathi and Chief Sanganayake of North Central Region Ven.Pallegama Sirinivasa thera. Meanwhile a seminar connected to the three day programme, was held with Ven. Udugama Sri Buddharakkitha Mahanayake Thera of the Asgiri Chapter attending at Sri Maha Bodhi premises with the participation of a large number of devotees both lay and clergy.

The intention of the ceremony had been to familiarise Bikkus from other Buddhist Countries in the world with the remembering Tripitaka, by heart.

The Chairperson of Light of Buddhadharma Foundation, America- Mrs. Wangmo Dixey, sponsored the whole programme and she offered a Gold Plated Buddha Statuette to Asgiri Nayaka Thera.

It has been decide to have the programme on an annual basis at the same venue.