Buddhists upset over death of sacred fish inside Bodhgaya temple pond

ANI, Jan 9, 2011

Bodh gaya, India -- Buddhists in Bihar's Bodhgaya city fear that things could get worse following the death of a sacred 'golden fish' inside the temple pond due to freezing temperature on Sunday.

Golden fish represent good fortune for Buddhists and their passing has rattled the monks who are very concerned about what it may presage for the future.

According to 'View on Buddhism', the golden fish symbolises that 'living beings who practice dharma need have no fear to drown in the ocean of suffering, and can freely migrate (chose their rebirth) like fish in the water'.

One of the monks, Priyapal Bante, wants the Temple Management Committee to take steps to preserve the fish just as they do with the sacred Bodhi tree - the tree that Buddha achieved enlightenment.

"The way the sacred tree, which is known for the longevity of Buddhist Monks, is looked after by scientists and experts from the Dehradun-based Forest Research Institute, similarly the management committee of the temple should deploy experts for conservation of fish and prevention of water pollution," said Bante.

"It is very cold here, and many fish died because of it," added Trishi, a visitor from Arunachal Pradesh.