Group forms "Indo Sri Lanka Buddhist Network"

The Buddhist Channel, June 4, 2012

Bangkok, Thailand -- A group of pro-active Indian and Sri Lankan Buddhists drawn from leading Buddhist organizations had a series of discussions on the sidelines of the World Buddhist Assembly gathering in Bangkok, Thailand (May 21 – 25, 2012) and decided to establish an ‘Indo – Sri Lanka Buddhist Network’ to pursue a number of preliminary aims and objectives that are beneficial to the cause of consolidating and spreading Buddhism in both countries and other parts of the world. It is anticipated that a more substantial organization would emerge with the passage of time from these interactions.

The preliminary aims and objectives of this Buddhist Network are as follows:

i) To develop and strengthen warm and friendly ties between Buddhists in India and Sri Lanka,
ii) To collaborate in Projects leading to the promotion of peace and non – violence, friendly relations and understanding between peoples of India and Sri Lanka within a framework of Buddhist principles and shared past in a common Buddhist civilization that influenced both countries, and
iii) To work together in propagating and spreading Buddhism worldwide.

The first of many Projects that are intended to be launched both in India and Sri Lanka would be the convening of an International Conference in Colombo, Sri Lanka before the end of 2012 on the topic:

  • ' The contribution of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar to the revival and renaissance of Buddhism in the 20th Century ’
  • Some of the other intended Projects include -
  • The launch of an international public campaign calling on the Government of Sri Lanka and other Governments in Buddhist Asia to issue commemorative postage stamps in honour of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar as a token of appreciation of his immense contributions to the revival of Buddhism in India
  • The preparation of a public memorandum calling on the promoters of the Nalanda University Project to include Buddhists from India and Sri Lanka in the decision making process of this Project, and
  • The formation of an Indo – Sri Lanka Buddhist Media network engaged in capacity building and exchanges.