Revolutionary politics affects Buddhism in Sri Lanka

by Priyanka KURUGALA, Lanka Daily News, May 22, 2010

Colombo, Sri Lanka -- Lives of more than 40,000 monks were lost to the country duty to indoctrination by revolutionary parties. Instead of the Buddhist teaching, those monks followed political agendas, Buddhist Cultural Center Director Ven Kirama Wimalajothi Thera said.

Sending a message to the JVP the Thera said: Most temples have become empty and deserted due to the dearth of Buddhist monks. Buddhists are stranded in life due to lack well informed monks to offer proper guidance to them.

This has greatly damaged language, literature and culture. This situation suited the agendas of certain NGOs, the Thera said.

The monks who were connected to political activities with the JVP were lost to their parents, teachers and benefactors. Because of the destruction the JVP has done it created their defeat in the last election.

If they would be able to reorganize, escaping ruinous activities of their part every person will bless them, the Thera said.

Young monks should be educated under the Buddhist teaching in Pirivenas, or another suitable higher education institute to fulfill the expectations of the ordained life.

The JVP created jealousy, hatred and fury among young monks instead of affection, loving-kindness to obtain the political achievements.

Adaptation of young monks to the political activities is the largest infringement of the human rights, the Thera said.