Institute to propagate Buddhist activities

by Jayampathy JAYASINGHE, Sunday Observer, Sept 5, 2010

Colombo, Sri Lanka -- A Dharmasasana International Buddhist Research Trust have been set up under the Public Trustee's Office to establish a training institute to propagate Buddhist activities, the Chief Incumbent of the Stockholm Buddhist Viharaya, Kiridigalle Dharmaratana Thera who spoke to the Sunday Observer, said.

He said a committee has been appointed on behalf of the trust fund which was set up in 2007 of which he was the Chairman.

"We have begun construction work in connection with the setting up of a training institute at Kahapola, at Piliyandala, Madapatha. The foundation stone for this institute was laid on the 20th August.

The total expenditure estimated for Stage 1 of the project is around Rs. 50 million. Several persons have undertaken parts of the project," the Thera said. The modern training program will include lectures on subjects such as "Dharma Gnanaya" religions of different faith, different cultures, philosophy, Universal law, Universal peace, inter-harmonious relationships.

"Our aim is to make persons universal". Several academics from universities have pledge their support for the program. Meditation and knowledge on different languages are a key component of the program."The project is funded by the Stockholm Buddhist Viharaya in Sweden. The theme for next year's Buddha Jayanthi celebration is "For everybody to Unite", the Chief Incumbent said.

However due to lack of resources the work will have to be completed with the support of the public, the Thera said. Meanwhile several Buddhist programs have been earmarked all over the country to commemorate Sambuddha Jayanthi celebrations of 2006. The setting up of a International Buddhist Research Training Institute was one such project.

The Chief Incumbent of the Stockholm Buddhist Viharaya, Kiridigalle Dharmaratana Thera will be proceeding to Sweden next month. The E mail address of the Stockholm Buddhist Viharaya in Sweden is idti

The telephone number is 071 785 1279.