Prevent misuse of Buddhist symbols – NBF

by Hemanthi Guruge, Lanka Daily News, Feb 22, 2011

Colombo, Sri Lanka -- The National Bhikhu Front (NBF) has requested the Government and relevant authorities to prevent the misuse of Buddhist symbols, stanzas for political advantage.

The NBF Chief Patron Prof. Aththangane Rathanapala Thera was addressing a media briefing yesterday at the National Library Services Board. ”Certain political parties have distorted and changed Buddhist symbols and Buddhist Pali stanzas to disgrace the religion.

Many are not aware of this and problems could occur in the meantime,” the Thera said.

”Moral values in the country are diminishing with the deterioration of religious values. There is a responsibility of Government, President Task Force for the Sri Sambuddhattwa Jayanthi and Mahanayaka Theras to ensure law and morals in society,” the Thera said. The Thera also pointed out that bana preaching everyday is not sufficient. Practice is better than the counselling. Therefore everyone should be exemplary.

In addition, the Thera pointed out that some political parties are trying to destroy Buddhism by indulging in various activities detrimental to Buddhism. Therefore, the Thera also requested the Government to stop these activities.