Funeral arrangements for the late Venerable Dr K Sri Dhammananda

The Buddhist Channel, Sept 3, 2006

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia -- This is the latest update on the funeral arrangements for the late Venerable Dr K Sri Dhammananda. Devotees are advised to follow procedures strictly so as to allow proceedings to flow smoothly.

3rd September (Sunday)  

Visitation for members of the public (up to 11 am only)
7 to 8 am:  Chanting by Mahayana monks/groups
8 to 9 am:  Chanting by Vajrayana monks/groups
9 to 10 am:Chanting by Theravada Thai and Burmese monks

Members of the public are advised to pay their last respect to the late Chief Venerable, Dr K Sri Dhammananda Nayaka Maha Thera at the Asoka hall before 11am. After 11am, admission into Asoka hall will only be for monks and dignitaries.

11 am: Monks Dana at Buddhist Maha Vihara

1 pm: Eulogy Ceremony

3pm  - Cortege leaving vihara for nirvana memorial, Semenyih, Kajang. Vehicles accompanying funeral hearse are to carry a yellow flag, which  can be obtained from vihara office. Transport are provided for devotees

The cremation ceremony
5 - 9pm - Cremation ceremony at nirvana. All devotees to witness ceremony from designated area.

A 40 foot pyre is currently being constructed for the cremation by craftsmen sponsored by the Sri Lanka temple of Sentul, Kuala Lumpur. The Chief monk of the temple, Ven. Saranankara said that the idea of the pyre was mooted as not many Buddhists in Malaysia have seen such a ceremony.

Apart from the pyre, the hearse will also be specially built to carry the casket from Buddhist Maha Vihara to Nirwana Memorial in Semenyih. Supervised by Ven. Ananda, the hearse is designed according to Sri Lankan tradition.

Dress code for Sunday: All white

Parking Management on Sunday
Parking is available for a fee at Sek. Men. Keb. Vivekananda. To help ease congestion, devotees can also park at KL Sentral car park. Devotees are highly encouraged to come by public transport.
* However, the vihara management commitee hopes that organisations or devotees will provide buses to help transport devotees to the memorial park. All devotees taking the buses will make a short walk to the buses parked away from the vihara. 


General Procedures

Visiting hours to Buddhist Maha Vihara
Those who wish to pay their last respects may do so from 8 am to 10 pm everyday until the funeral service on Sunday. Visitors are advised not to send wreaths during the funeral ceremony. They are also advised to wear white top and black bottom. 

Making offerings
Make offerings of sandalwood at designated area in Asoka hall.

Making contributions
Those who wish to make contributions on a personal basis may do so at the Buddhist Maha Vihara office. Separate sections have designated for various contributions, such Chief’s medical expenses, funeral expenses and publication.

Traffic management
Traffic near Buddhist Maha Vihara is understandably congested at the moment. The road in front of the Vihara has been made off limits to the public and parking spaces are severely constrained. Visitors are advised to car pool or take public transport to go to the Maha Vihara.

For further information, the public may call 03-2274 1141/ 86, or contact Leslie Tilak at 012-212 0154. 

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