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Situation in Burma - Hour by hour track (2 pm to 3 pm)

Source: Mizzima News, September 26, 2007

All time stated are Burmese Standard time (GMT +6:30 hours), Sept 26, 2007

<< Patam nikkujjana kamma - a monk's act of ex-communication (against the millitary rulers) by overturning the alms bowl

3:05 p.m, Sule Pagoda, Rangoon
Soldiers fired warning gunshots at the protesters led by monks near the Sule pagoda. And eyewitnesses said at least 10 more truck loads of soldiers have been brought in as reinforcement.

3:00 p.m, Rangoon
Near the Sule pagoda in downtown Rangoon, protesting monks and civilians remained silent as soldiers confronted them. More onlookers joined the protesters.

2:56 p.m, Rangoon
Security forces have blocked the Kanna Street in downtown Rangoon. As the authorities reduced the speed of internet connections, most internet cafes in Rangoon today closed shop.

2:30 p.m, Rangoon
Security forces fired tear gas shells and gun shots in Rangoon to disperse protesting monks.

"I saw people running from Shwedagon because of the gun fire. They [authorities] have started shooting. Some people ran from Shwedagon to Maha Bandoola Street. At the moment the protesting monks and civilians number more than 10,000 and are departing from Shwedagon and heading towards Tharmwe Plaza," an eyewitness told Mizzima.

Mizzima Sources said, gun shots could be heard from the direction of Sule pagoda in downtown Rangoon. Two gun shots were heard from Bar Street and another two from City hall, near Sule pagoda.

Monks and civilians continue marching in protest and sing nationalist songs such as "Kabarmakyeabu", and shouted " peopl not to be slaughtered" as they moved along.

At least four monks were injured following the beatings by riot police in Shwedagon, according to people who fled.

2:25 p.m, Rangoon
Security forces fire teargas beat up protesters

Security forces in Rangoon's Shwedagon pagoda fired four teargas shells into the protesting crowd led by monks and began beating up the protesters including monks. A protesters screamed "Killers, Killers" and ran away to escape the beatings, eyewitnesses said.

Security forces also beat a reporter along with other protesters.

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