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Korean Protestant pastor urinates inside Buddhist temple, community apologises

by Emi Hailey Hayakawa, BTN, March 25, 2013

Seoul, South Korea -- The Korean protestant community sent an official letter of apology to the abbot of Donghwasa temple, Ven. Sungman, on regarding the actions of the Korean Protestant pastor, Seong, who urinated in the dharma hall and vandalized the Buddhist portraits with a permanent marker.

The Korean protestant community officially apologized for their poor actions and promised never to repeat their mistakes.

Donghwasa temple repeatedly ask for an official apology since the tragic occurrence last August, however Pastor Seong nor his church gave any comments and refused to give any sort of apology to the Buddhist community or Donghwasa temple.

The Head of the National Council of Churches in Korea (NCCK), Pastor Yong-ju Kim and the Head of the Assemblies of God of Korea, Kil-hak Choi had a meeting with Ven. Sungman at Donghwasa temple and directly apologized for their member, Pastor Seong, for his poor actions.

During this meeting, Choi stated, “We deeply regret the actions caused by our community to the Buddhist community and Donghwasa temple, and we will educate and keep an eye on our community for this sort of action will never happen again

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