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Head of Jogye Order Buddhism Joins the North America Buddhist Conference

The Buddhist Channel, Jan 6, 2016

Haein Sunim is the leader of 2.5 million strong congregation and 1,200 temples of Jogye Order Buddhism in Korea

PEBBLE BEACH, Calif. (USA) -- Jogye Order Buddhism announced today Haein Sunim will lead a delegation of leading sunim of Jogye Order Buddhism of Korea *.

The delegation joins the 2016 Jogye Order Buddhism North America Conference scheduled for January 6 through 9. In the conference, the delegation will propose harmony and global peace building in discussion with influential citizens and communities in the U.S. The delegation calls for the "Open Door Programs" (ODP).

Open Door Program for Dialog and Harmony

Transcending the prayers within and limited to temples, Jogye Order will reach out, meet its faithful and think tank of the U.S., and invite them and their communities to 1,200 temples in South Korea equipped with modern amenities constructed and annexed to the temples and tamed with the humility of Jogye Order.

In addition, 100 or more temples to be constructed in the U.S. will participate in ODP. And also 10 or more temples annexing modernized amenities to be constructed in North Korea may help improve relations between two Koreas. Empirical journey to the dialogue and harmony would commence from those temples.

Buddhism for World Culture

Haein Sunim calls for harmony among people who are basically different and building peace through dialogue among them. Jogye Order opens doors and expands its programs of the Jogye Order social responsibilities (JSR).

The modernity of the East with creativity and innovation participates in the JSR. Transnational Buddhism supports and spreads more the Buddhism more potently to those in need of dialogue and harmony when confronted with prevalent intergroup competition.

Jogye Order remains undeterred despite confusion over intertribal conflicts that obscure a true nature of interreligious relations. Jogye Order focuses on individual residents of the global village who are still and ever more facing the continued reality of suffering, whether it is the slaughter of innocents in politically volatile regions, the ongoing economic crisis that currently roils the world financial system, or repeated natural disasters.

Jogye Order Buddhism has always taught that the world is inherently unstable and our teachings are rooted in the tenets the three marks that govern individual's existence: impermanence, suffering, and non-self. Indeed, the veracity of the Jogye Order Buddhism continues to be borne out by our collective experience for today.

The suffering inherent in our infinitely interconnected world is only intensified by the unwholesome mental factors of greed, anger, and ignorance, which poison the minds of all sentient beings.

As an antidote to these three poisons, Jogye Order Buddhism teaches the practice of the three trainings:

(1) moral discipline, the endurance and self-restraint that controls greed;
(2) the discipline of meditation, which pacifies anger; and
(3) the discipline of wisdom, which conquers ignorance.

As human beings improve in their practice of these three trainings, they will be better able to work compassionately for the welfare and weal of all sentient beings.

Dharma Session, Performance and The Venue

Tim Gayle of Jogye Order said, "We are very pleased to witness in conference the famous Dharma session of Haein Sunim. The Dharma sessions are so well known in Asia. It is a rare occasion that we could participate in one of his sessions here that moved minds of millions." The venue is San Francisco and Pebble Beach. Four (4) of human national treasures appointed by the government of South Korea will perform there. They are:

i. The Dharma Session by Haein Sunim.

ii. The Buddhist dance, music and dancing performed in Buddhist attire (Seungmu), rare national treasure in human as appointed by the government of South Korea.

iii. The crane courtship dance (Hakchoom), national treasure in human as appointed by the government of South Korea.

iv. The drum performance or the drum dance performance (Bub Ko), a national treasure as appointed by the government of South Korea, and

v. The brush painting (painting performance), an ancient art performance, a national treasure in human, as appointed by the government of South Korea. The brush painting will be a live performance at site.


* Editorial Note: Jogye Order Buddhism (http://www.shbuddhism.or.kr/) is distinct and separate from the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism (http://www.koreanbuddhism.net/). Haein sunim is the Head of the Jogye Order Buddhism, while the Head of the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism (the largest order of Korean Buddhism) is Jaseung sunim.

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