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Korean Buddhist Leader to Meet Key Obama Adviser

Donga Ilbo, NOVEMBER 07, 2008

Seoul, South Korea -- The Ven. Beopryun, the Buddhist leader of the Peace Foundation and Good Friends, a Seoul-based human rights group, will fly to Washington Tuesday for talks with Frank Jannuzi, senior East Asia specialist for the minority staff of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

Jannuzi was in charge of Korea policy over the course of Barack Obama’s presidential campaign.

A diplomatic source said yesterday, “Since Obama is now the president-elect and no longer a presidential candidate, it is significant to meet his Korea policy adviser.”

Jannuzi, a former aide to Vice President-elect Joe Biden, is expected to replace U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Christopher Hill as Washington`s top nuclear negotiator when Obama takes office in January.

Beopryun go to know Jannuzi through the relief and human rights activities of Good Friends. They have kept in touch after finding common ground in dealing with North Korean affairs.

Since its founding in May 1996, Good Friends has sought to provide support for North Korean defectors and enhance the human rights of North Koreans. It also publishes a weekly online newsletter on the North.

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