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Korean Buddhism Goes Global

by Han Da-eun, Arirang, Mar 25, 2011

Seoul, South Korea -- The Jogye Order Buddhist School of International Studies, the first of its kind in Korea, opened its gates on Friday at Hwaunsa temple in Gyeonggi Province.

This special two-year training school is aimed at further propagating Korean traditional Buddhism to the rest of the world by fostering specialized monks with bilingual skills which is necessary when preaching Korean Buddhist teachings to foreigners.

"Up until now when Korean monks go abroad they really don't feel comfortable with foreigners, they don't know what to do, foreigners don't know what to do with them. But many people are actually very interested in and curious about Korean Buddhism. So that's one of the main motivations", said school head Mujin Sunim.

In line with the purpose of this establishment, the school offers a wide range of courses from fundamental Buddhist doctrines and practices to technical English.
The newly opened school has nine Bhikkuni monks and these women are eager to spread their words of wisdom.

A student Un-Seong Sunim, a Bhikkuni said, "I enrolled because I wanted to deepen my understanding of Korean Buddhism and preach the teachings in my own voice to many others around the world and help them cure their minds."

The nine student monks vary in age and experience, but their goal is the same - to liberate people across the globe from suffering by enlightening them through Korean Buddhism.

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