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Explaining enlightenment

JoongAng Daily, June 22, 2010

Seoul, South Korea -- The original title of Wongakgyeong, a collection of Buddhist scriptures, is translated as “The prime scripture among all the Buddhist sutras, as it explains enlightenment, which is big, upright and enormous.”

Produced and issued during the Joseon Dynasty, Wongakgyeong is a Korean translation of ancient Buddhist texts and was engraved and published at an institute.

The sutra was required learning for Buddhist monks because of its role in the teaching of enlightenment. The sutra provides instructions in living austerely by teaching wongak, or Buddha’s enlightenment, as well as instructions for Buddhist training and the stages of enlightenment through the conversations of Buddha and a bodhisattva.

Name: Wongakgyeong, the teachings of Buddha’s enlightenment
Period: Joseon, 1465
Status: Treasure No. 970

The photos and text for Treasure Trove are provided by the National Museum of Korea. For more information, call (02) 2077-9000 or visit www.museum.go.kr.

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