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K-POP World Festival finalists joins Templestay program at Seongju-sa

by Emi Hailey Hayakawa, BTN, Oct 6, 2016

Changwon, South Korea -- The finalists of the K-POP World Festival in Changwon, Korea have joined Seongjusa Temple in Changwon for Templestay program since September 28th, 2016

<< Seongju-Sa, where finalists of the K-POP World Festival from 16 different countries participated in the TempleStay program

68 finalists from 16 different countries including Russia, Mexico, and Nigeria, are experiencing the 1,700 years old Korean Buddhist traditions in Seongjusa beginning with the opening ritual, encircling the stupa, dado tea experience, meditation and other various programs.

Venerable Wonjong, abbott of Seongjusa, wished the finalists well by welcoming them, saying “I hope that you will find peace here at Seongjusa and wish you well on your final competition.”

The 6th annual K-POP World Festival in Changwon opens at 7pm on September 30th at the Changwon Sports Complex.

The 47th Consultative meeting of the Abbott of the District Head Temple of the Jogye order of Korean Buddhism was held on September 28th at Geumsansa Temple in Jeongbook Province.

During this meeting, both the progress and the current situation of the damaged Buddhist temple cultural assets in the recent Gyeongju earthquake was briefed.

Moreover, the meeting strongly stressed the emphasis on the anti-graft law, known as the Kim Young Ran Act, and to implement extreme care for all practitioners to follow this law that went on effect on September 28th, 2016.

The 48th Consultative Meeting of the Abbott of the District Head Temple of the Jogye order will be held on November 26th at Seonunsa Temple in Kochang Province. 

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