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Protest against imbalanced reporting: Walubi has no right to speak for all Buddhists in Indonesia

by Harpin R, Jakarta, Indonesia, The Buddhist Channel, Aug 27, 2012

In relation to your article: Buddhist organization urges the Commission leniency toward Hartati, our people in Indonesia who joined the facebook group Umat Buddha Mendukung KPK Menahan Yang Pantas Ditahan  objected to the news which does not project balanced reporting.

The following is a statement from our group:

1. Walubi is only joined by some organizatiomns and is not the only and single Buddhist organization in Indonesia. Walubi has therefore no right to issue a statement on behalf of all Buddhists in Indonesia to the Corruption Elimination Commission (KPK)!

2. Siti Hartati Murdaya, being a suspect, has nothing to do with Buddhism and does not affect the implementation of Buddhism in Indonesia as a whole.

3. The Indonesian Buddhists therefore support the KPK to work professionally for law enforcement in the Republic of Indonesia, according to Article 27 in the UUD 1945 that puts all people equal before the law without exception, without being influenced or affected by any party.

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