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Weird piece on Washington Navy Yard Gunman

by Caroline Pearl, The Buddhist Channel, Sept 30, 2013

In reference to your article/opinion piece, "The Washington Navy Yard Gunman: Buddhist Meditation was a Cure not the Cause of Aaron Alexis’s Anger" By Yoichi Shimatsu, Global Research, September 18, 2013 , I feel the need to give some opinion.

This was a very strangely toned piece, indeed. Beginning well enough with the support of Buddhist meditation for those who are quite disturbed, it then launches into a very "un-Buddhist" sounding tirade against the U.S. government and rumored spy techniques.

The writing is of a style one would expect from the most deeply suspicious conspiracy theorists, combined with red-herring disinformation, finger-pointing and an air of propaganda about it. I go to your site for truly Buddhist information and community support, not the type of outrageous accusations that Mr. Shimatsu presents.

I understand that we live in a world of political divisiveness, but careful screening of articles that use our beloved Dharma as a platform for their political agenda, would be appreciated.

Other than this one article, I go to your site frequently to keep up with the global movement of Buddhist practice. - In Emptiness!

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