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Turning blind and deaf when oppressors come from our fold?

by Kelvin Liew, The Buddhist Channel, Nov 24, 2016

We Buddhists have a moral responsibility to tell off our brothers and sisters in the Dhamma when they act against the very principles of the Buddha Dhamma.

We cannot turn blind, deaf and defensive when oppressors come from our fold. In our own way, we must show that their actions are not in line with the noble Buddha Sasana.

Even the Sangha has a method to tell off those who have gone astray : by boycotting and not accepting alms from them ((Pata Nikunjana Kamma)) until they change.

When other so-called Buddhists oppress others, the repercussion will inadvertently sweep across the Buddhist community. It would become worse when we choose not to rebuke.

We see a few incidents of innocent Myanmar Buddhists being slaughtered in Indonesia and Malaysia by those who are intent on avenging the Rohingya persecution in Myanmar.

We see Buddhist communities in Ramu and Chittagong, Bangladesh, being targeted in hate crimes for the same reason.

We see an influx of violent pictures and videos being labeled as violence against Rohingyas although they have got nothing to do with it.

Opportunists can take advantage to sow hatred against the Buddhists because most of us choose to remain silent.

My dear Buddhist brothers and sisters,

Do voice out in our own way. We cannot allow fellow Buddhists to violate the sacred principles of our noble Buddha Sasana. A Kalyana Mitta, meaning,a good spiritual friend guides those who have strayed from the path back to the path ((Sigalovada Sutta)).

Thus,I urge the Buddhist community to speak out. Uphold the noble Buddha Sanana! Buddhists stand up for humanity!

Then only "Sabbe Satta Sukhita Hontu" would be meaningful.

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