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Katrina aftermath: Where are the Buddhist relief groups?

by Tenzin Saldron, Minneapolis, USA, The Buddhist Channel, Sept 6, 2005

Last winter I was honored to travel to New Orleans with Maitreya Project Relic Tour and met so many wonderful hearts there. I am also a Buddhist nun.

During this last week I have, as many others, been watching the tragedies unfold in the Gulf region of the U.S. I have decided to go to volunteer as I feel I am needed, I think I could help. Currently, I am awaiting information to connect with the Red Cross or possibly another effort that will truly make a difference.

In my research I've come across many Christian agencies and other groups that offer opportunities for relief and assistance, but I do not see any Budddhist efforts or groups organizing yet. Am I looking in the wrong place? Where are we as a Buddhist family, community or group in this effort?

Are Buddhist practitioners just more quiet about our activities? I have heard our teachers comment that our Christian brothers and sisters show us a good example in that many schools and hospitals are initiated and maintained through their good efforts ...that we might learn from that example ...and I think this is true.

Possibly this is an opportunity for some of us to come forward and organize for the greater good? Here and now when it's to desperately needed. It is so easy to see the need. I truly don't intend to be critical. But I feel a need to ask. I'm sure many of you have already donated and organized.... maybe you can help me to find you ...to join your efforts?

And also, this letter is put forward to those who would hear and act upon the goodness within their hearts to do possibly even more, be creative in your generosity. You are welcome to contact me and join me, inform me, or be motivated to help in any way you can.

I know we are capable of so much.

I have faith in your good hearts because I have felt that goodness directly from you.

Tenzin Saldron can be contacted at tenzinsaldron@lightoffering.org

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