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Child-molesting monk a smear on Buddhism

by YAN, Chiang Mai, Bangkok Post, Oct 21, 2005

The order of the Buddhist monkhood is cheapened when they allow child molesters to stay within their ranks. If a monk can be defrocked for attacking another monk over a petty former romantic rivalry, as was the case reported in September, certainly the monk from Phayao mentioned in the article "Victims of rape at age 14, 9, 5..." (Bangkok Post, Oct 17), ought to be defrocked for this much more serious violation of repeatedly raping a 5-year-old girl.

The monk's behaviour of committing child rape and then going on with his life as though nothing had happened clearly and outrageously violates the precepts to avoid harming other living beings, engaging in sexual misconduct, taking things not freely given, and false speech.

He is no Buddhist and should not be respected as a Buddhist monk.

Moreover, he is a paedophile and a criminal. This monk is sick and deserves to be defrocked and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

The Buddhist monkhood's integrity has been compromised. Allowing a child rapist to continue serving as a monk indicates a level of corruption and complicity with child abuse in the order and with the community in Phayao.

It is a sad time for Buddhism when "holy" monks commit criminal acts with impunity, and the public are blind followers of the monk simply because he has been wearing orange robes for a long time.

If the monks and Buddhist laypeople take their religion seriously and want to have others in the world take Buddhism seriously, they would hold perpetrators of horrific crimes accountable for their actions.

This child molester masquerading as a monk and anyone supporting him should be ashamed for perpetrating and supporting child rape.

My sympathies go out to the young girl and her mother, and I wish them strength to continue their case.

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