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God believers and their religious propaganda

by Nguyen Kim Son, Juelich, Germany, The Buddhist Channel, Dec 28, 2005

I refer to the article on "Christians lure Thai Buddhists with 'gifts'".

I am not against Christianity and God believers, but I just cannot help observing that throughout world history, we see that wherever the members of the Abrahamic faith are, there seems to be violent conflicts and war. The sad part is, most of the conflicts occur amongst themselves, for instance Catholics against Protestants, or Muslims against Jews.

What amazes me is that they all believe in the "one, same God". In the last two thousand years, these religions have tried to conquer the world through warfare, violence and colonization. Now they conquer with more subtlely, using "gifts" and other cultural, psychological and communication means.

I sincerely think that non-God-believers would like them to stop such dangerous "religious propaganda ". In the civilized west, many have begun to accept that perhaps "God" as we know it does not exist at all. And without saying, we do not want war and terrorism that comes along with such religious fervor.

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