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Sambokyodan is not "real Zen"

by Ken O'Neill, The Buddhist Channel, Jan 3, 2006

RON CSILLAG article on the catholic nun who was made a 'Zen roshi' has a glaring inaccuracy.

The nun is quoted as saying there are about 100 roshis on the planet. In point of fact, there are several thousands. Data collected in Japan indicates there are slightly more roshis than temples requiring a roshi in order to operate.

What's more, the nun's roshihood is not likely to be widely recognized since it is in the Sambokyodan or Protestant Zen of Japan, not within the generally accepted standards of Zen training and recognition.

Sambokyodan is generally taken as a Japanese new age religion in japan, and mistaken as "real" Zen in the west where quality standards are unknown, and presumably ignorance is bliss.

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