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Facts on why and how Buddhism was driven out of India

by Pravin Bhalesain, New Mumbai, India, The Buddhist Channel, Feb 20, 2006

I refer to Kelvin Wong's letter "Back up arguments with facts" dated Jan 23, 2006.

In his letter, Kelvin urged those who condemned the article "Was Buddhism driven out of India?" written by M.S.N. Menon from Organiser.org  dated Jan 22, 2006 to base their arguments on facts rather than emotion. I am happy to inform Kelvin that I would like to attempt just that.

For a start, we should first define who a Hindu really is. Hinduism is a confusion of systems and beliefs created by the Brahmin-Shudra people. For reference on this allegation,  please read "Riddles in Hinduism" written by Buddhist Revivalist Dr. B. R. Ambedkar who converted to Buddhism with millions of followers on 14th Oct. 1956.

An article "Caste And Hinduism" written by American Scholor By Gail Omvedt is helpful to provide a perspective about how much that been written by Mr. Menon are warped. (http://www.countercurrents.org/dalit-omvedt291103.htm).

On the fall of Buddhism in India, the following two books are important references, namely, 1. Revolution and Counter-Revolution in Ancient India (click here) and
2. The Untouchables: Who ere they and why they became untouchetables? (See here)

The above two books, written by Dr. B. R. Ambedkar - a Buddhist revivalist in India - should be be helpful sources to help one understand the fall of Buddhism. I have to also add that treatment given to untouchables [i.e. ex-Buddhist] by the Brahmin-Shudra Hindus is worst than animals even today in 21st century. For a perspective of this issue, please visit: http://magma.nationalgeographic.com/ngm/0306/feature1/index.html

It is true that many of the Untouchables [Dalits] are not Buddhist today but the minority Indian Buddhists are doing a lot of Social and Religious work to convert them back to Buddhism. Brahmnical Organizations such as RSS etc, have tendencies to be against all things Buddhists and the Buddhist minority in India. They are most aggressive in making all effort to absorb Buddhism in their brand of anti-Human Hinduism.

To understand present stage of Buddhism In India, please read "Buddhism in India : Challenging Brahmanism and Caste", Sage Pub., 2003, ISBN 81-7829-128-2", written by American Scholar Gail Omvedt.

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