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Aghast at reprint of Chinese propaganda

by Brent Oliver, The Buddhist Channel, April 15, 2006

I can't believe you printed the recent article about Buddhism in China.  From start to finish it was nothing but ridiculous, Chinese propaganda.  The Chinese government is one of the world's top human rights violators, as well as political manipulators. 

After the egregious destruction and genocide they've caused in Tibet, I can't believe you have the nerve to print this trash about their respect and support of Buddhism.

They destroyed almost every monastery in Tibet; they forced monks and nuns to have sex at gunpoint and then murdered them; they've killed over one and a half million Tibetans.

Millions more languish in their political prison camps, tortured and mutilated daily. How can Buddhist leaders gather in China to discuss the state of their religion when that country is Buddhism's biggest enemy?

Also, let's not forget that China is a communist regime, founded by Mao who stated that religion was poison. The sons and daughters of his revolution have carried on his work fervently. There is no freedom of religion in China; religion is the hated opiate of the people.

China has worked very hard in the past sixty years to eradicate freedom, peace, and spirituality.

I am aghast that your organization would reprint its mendacious, governmental double-talk. Further, any Buddhist "leader" who goes to China for this summit will be chipping away at the integrity and truth of his own religion.

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