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Malawi orphanage - Venerable Huei le's contribution to peace

by Shi Ben Shao, Mzuzu, Malawi, The Buddhist Channel, Nov 22, 2006

With reference to the Malawi orphanage issue, that is  to remove or not to remove the Buddha statues, I would like to appeal for tolerance, understanding and compassion.

From his great compassion, venerable Huei le decided to give less privileged young Malawians a home. Of which is a great opportunity to the country of Malawi. For that center, it is not acting only as a home for young kids but a place where mind will easily be nurtured, skills and correct humanity will be practiced to prevent future problems from plauging those young Malawians.

Removing or leaving the Buddha statue has nothing to do with the Buddha-dharma. What is most important is tolerance of the two parties. The government of Malawi and its citizen have to understand that Master Huei le has no intention to impose Chinese Buddhism in the head of orphaned kids.

All he is trying to do is to give them their future in this world and world to come, physically and mentally, to plant compassion, peace and wisdom, of which we can clearly see that, as he is a Buddhist monk. Therefore it is natural that he uses the Buddha-dharma to teach them, just like what some other catholic orphanages are doing, using catholic ideas to run their center. And of course the main agenda is to cultivate peace, compassion, wisdom, as clearly taught by the Buddha.

I am sure that the Malawians will get him as they cooperate and work together. To talk of eating meat, refrain from meat, is well known a healthy agenda world wide. People are aware of it. So we need to see things clearly.

I appreciate that the government of Malawian have noticed this. But it needs to be aware of other environment and treatment of other orphanage centers too, how they treated and their rights. So that equanimity can be shown and child abuse be banished.

Talk of Buddhism I think its better to sincere ask venerable Huei Le to build a temple in Malawi so that its citizens there can learn, understand and have clear knowledge of it as a religion. Am sure we all need to see genuine joy on every face, so lets frankly give convenience to these other beings of great vows.

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