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More about Edo Shonin

by Patricia Murray, Liverpool, UK, The Buddhist Channel, May 28, 2007

I know Edo Shonin was born Edward Penney and a few years ago he was living at Plum Village in Bordeaux where he was going by the name of Edo Yamato.

I know he was a lay person at the monastery, not a monk. I am aware that some of the resident monks had concerns about his honesty.

I know that he told the monks at Plum Village that he had to travel to another part of France to get treatment for his terminal cancer, but in fact he came to the UK instead where he has set up a so-called monastery called Pine Forest Sangha where he pretends to be a monk. He does not have cancer.

I know he has previously been married twice and that he was wanted by the police for the way he treated his second wife.

He seems to have been missing for about twenty years since leaving his second wife and turning up in Plum Village. It would be interesting to know what he had been doing in this time.

Maybe someone will recognise his photograph?

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