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Blame on Dalai Lama polemical, unfair

by Lee Yu Ban, Kuala Lumpur, The Buddhist Channel, June 21, 2007

I refer to the letter by Dharmakara Boda.  I quite surprised the Buddhist Channel would even consider displaying this obviously polemical piece.

I don't see how the Dalai Lama can be made to stand responsible for acts of others. If Boda is a Buddhist then he hasn't understood the first principles of volitional action. I also do not see the issue of the US govt giving money to the Dalai Lama. When has dana become a bad action? And regarding Boda's contracting the HIV virus from his guru. I sympathize with him. But really, he again fails to to have learnt anything from this experience and continues to blame others for his own unskilful actions.

If Boda is to use the remainder of his life for something good, he should cleanse his heart of anger, recognise his own part in causing his present condition and forgive himself. Then he stands a better chance of finding peace.

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