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Dharma Retardation

by Ven. J.M. Dharmakara Boda, Los Angeles, California, The Buddhist Channel, Aug 15, 2007

Well, if one is looking for a perfect example of "Dharma retardation", one doesn't need to look too hard. The articles which appeared on the Buddhist Channel in regard to setting aquatic wildlife free in the Passaic River is no different than the behavior of the Animal Liberation Front, with it's twisted ideology.

In defending such behavior, are Buddhist practioners looking for equal rights or special rights? It appears to be the latter once again.

If this event had occured in Singapore or Thailand, especially with the growing awareness of ecological and enviromental issues, the perpetrators of such behvaior would be in serious trouble.

Where is the mindfulness?

Their actions not only show a disregard for the rule of law as it applies to such behavior, but their actions also show a complete disregard for the well-being of the indigenous aquatic life already present.

Did all of the aquatic species that were saved and released into the Passaic River actually originate there? What if any of the species released are destructive to the habitat of other species? This has occured time and time again throughout the world with devestating results.

Once again, where is the mindfulness? Apparently not with these people.

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