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Sons of Buddha do not look to political leaders, they ARE the leaders

From Peace at Love dotcom, The Buddhist Channel, Oct 20, 2007

I would like to comment on the article "The Burmese Way to Fascism" by Bertil Lintner.

Mr Bertil says, "The monks, who took the initiative in the street marches which led to a renewed mass movement, can only mobilize people and take the moral high ground; as monks, they cannot be political leaders.''

Sons of Buddha DO NOT look to be politic leaders. Nor do they seek to be. Nor did they march for this purpose.

We are all equal in the eyes of compassion and love and until this is understood by dictators and their servants, and society as a whole, then we will stand up and march in peace and prayer for the divide that we are witnessing.

When people are starving, being tortured, killed and the land is being raped, true men and women of compassion ask for this to be recognised, they know the risks involved and are willing to serve with compassion as 'please listen, this society is dying and we need this world our brothers and sisters help, to help the people.'

He further comments: ''Thus the current movement is leaderless and rudderless."

The lady, Aung San Suu Kyi of politics is being held also as a prisoner and she, my friend is neither leaderless or rudderless. Though not given the 'humane rights' and the opportunity to help burma as she was elected by the people to do so.

If the peoples need a leader, of which is hard for us as a unity whole to understand anyway, then the Lady Aung San Suu Kyi should be providing this service for the people.

Monks do not need leaders, we are free spiritually, though to try and bring that liberty to this earth is a very difficult thing to do in this ego/greed timeline.

But it is the beginning, and although we are being slaughtered for it, we only want to help the earth and her progression of which primitive man is trying to cling onto materialistic and harmful pasts.

This is why we stand.

I find the picture and comments in the article to be very a mispresentated statement of our brothers, and an ego view. It is typical of the primitive man. How very sad as our brother (monks) are deeply suffering at this present time.

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