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"Right View" is to help those in need according to their conditions

by Lin Zi Yi, Jinan, China, The Buddhist Channel, Dec 1, 200

In response to,"The word Muhammad is not the Prophet"
by Carl, Glendale, AZ, The Buddhist Channel, Nov 30, 2007", the writer states that, and I quote:

"If the Mullah were a Bodhisattva he would have allowed the restoration of the statues as the work would have brought money and employment to the people of Bamiyan."

Bodhisattvas look to help all beings in any manner which fits for their own reason and logic. If offering immediate help to those in need is best fitting, then the help is offered. "Right Views" is to help those in need according to their conditions, their reasoning and logic, not what is best sought after in 'idealistic' opportunities.

Building monasteries is good, but when the money invested can be used to put food in the mouths of the poor, clothes on their backs, and immediate support given their circumstances, a monastery may not be in the best interests of those facing their own conditions of suffering.

The writer also states, "Next time I'm looking for help with "Right View" I'll try to find someone who has compassion for all beings. The Mullah's dharma is no Dharma." Re-furnishing statues does not ease people's physical suffering of hunger for food, experiences of cold and mind of separation, especially if they are of a different Way of cultivation. The Dharma arises out of duality, conflict, and suffering.

Though blowing up things is not proper action, the reason for it shows a consideration for the living beings which are of Mullah's mind. A Buddhist considers the origin of outcomes and realizes the influence their outcomes have on living beings. Of course Mullah didn't have to order the statues destruction, yet the people offering to re-furnish them could have also realized the impermanence of living things, and turned their attention to that which experiences a mind of suffering.

Dharma is empty, so are idealistic views. Living being's suffering is of their mind, but not every living being can accept that teaching, and so that which assists them in living with good views, and good actions would be best for them. Violence is obviously not a good view to hold, yet neither is idealism. If Buddhism claims its propagation of  its teachings by building monasteries and statues before directly assisting living beings, then it is not Buddhist teachings at all.

If assistance to the needy, in representation of the Buddha Dharma, would have been offered before hand, I am sure the up keep of the Buddha image would have been permitted in light of the virtue of those offering their help.

Service is proper propagation of the Buddha Dharma, not images and monasteries in a land of degradation and suffering in the beginning. Letting people see actions before institutions would result in the planting of good roots. With the disregard for the immediate needy, Buddhists look like petty idolaters, mimicking the culture of many other religious views. It is unfortunate on both ends of those committing violent acts, and those in disregard for the immediate suffering.

When all is well, monasteries should be built, but when all are suffering, direct service is proper virtue.

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