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Do not be fooled by China's "People's Buddhism"

by John MacDonald, London, The Buddhist Channel, Dec 17, 2007

I write in response to your recent articles on Buddhism in Communist China.
Whilst I welcome any move towards religious freedom in the People's Republic, I think it is very premature to talk of a move towards freedom, it is merely a change in methods of control.

Falun Gong and Buddhism in Tibet and Mongolia were not merely suppressed they were persecuted in an inhuman and truely unspeakable fashion. To a reduced extent these crimes against humanity are still being committed.

The state sponsored Buddhism is a sad joke, anyone can see its written by Communist officials with no knowledge of their subject; in videos of Shaolin you can see the married monk-businessmen mumbly clumsily as they try to conceal the fact that they do not even know the words of the refuge prayer.

To summarise: Don't trust those old men of Beijing or anything they produce, they are still dripping with the blood of slaughtered monastics.

Don't believe anything that comes out of Shaolin or any other state instrument; the real monks and monasteries were compeltely obliterated during the last century; these modern versions are fakes.

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