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No need for apology

by Lin Zi Yi, Jinan, Shandong, China, The Buddhist Channel, April 4, 2008

In his Letter of Apology, the Ven. Dharmakara apologizes to the readers of the Buddhist Channel for his comments because the posting of a news article by Gordon Thomas highlighting the supposed involvement of Chinese soldiers in the Tibetan riots.

There was absolutely no need to apologize!

Ven. Dharmakara, I don't believe you should have seen your comments as inappropriate. Even though there may have been government officials in place of monks set in position to make the violence, your view and direction is proper indeed.

If members of the Sangha stand politically, it is best for them to disrobe, for it is not the Buddha Dharma to change the governments, to change society. The Buddha Dharma teaches to change oneself, and be an example, a catalyst in others lives; to live, teach by example.

Your comments always have a foundation of truth. Even though real monks may not have done anything violent, the stance you have taken is more than necessary now than before. To stand clear of the turbid when walking in the world called Endurance, and to be patient when there is opposition thrown in your face is virtuous indeed.

I wouldn't have apologized for speaking the truth, but explained the principle of a Non-Political World Sangha.

Fortunately, research has been done to find the truth about the news article by Gordon Thomas. The findings state, and quoted directly from GCHQ's London headquarters:

"Thank you for your email. It is GCHQ's long-standing policy to respond that we are able to neither confirm nor deny in respect to inquiries on intelligence matters. I would simply add that I am not aware of Gordon Thomas making any approach to GCHQ prior to publishing on this subject; such an approach would invariably be directed through the Press Office."

As we see here, there is something terribly wrong with journalism these days. It is false statements such as those of Mr. Gordon Thomas which lead the masses into delusion.

A simple thought of advice for those who trust the media: Please research all news findings before reaching a conclusion, and once you have reached a conclusion ask yourself what you can possibly do to change that which you found.

It is quite obvious that one blade of grass can not change a tree. Not even millions of blades of grass can do it. Therefore, it is wise to simply change one's views, and live a life in the examples of Virtue and Morality.

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