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Sharon Stone's karma comment ignorant, insensitive

by Sumanasiri, Bangkok, Thailand, May 30, 3008

I refer to the various reports on mainstream media highlighting actor Sharon Stone's comment on China's suffering of the earthquake as due to "karma" for actions taken on Tibetan protests.

I believe she is simply ignorant on a very basic Buddhist teaching. Yes, karma in Buddhism simply means "action and volition" - what you sow you reap. But it is just one of the five natural orders of our worldly existence.

The problem with such Hollywood Buddhists is the type of damage their
words can bring, given the extensive exposure the media gives them. As this article is being read, close to 68,500 people have died in the quake, many of them children.

Many kids have been orphaned. And because of the one child policy, many parents have lost their heirs. Do not forget also that in the Chengdu area, Tibetan influence is widespread, and so many local Tibetans have perished also.

It would be helpful if these Hollywood stars take the trouble to go and learn what the Dharma really is about, rather than knowing Buddhism just as an exotic practice so as to differentiate themselves from the norm.

I suggest that for Sharon to redeem herself, it would be good for her to make a personal trip to the quake area and make some transference of merits to the departed there.

After that, maybe the Chinese people will have less animosity towards her careless conduct.

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