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Plum Village's statement on Bat Nha Community, Vietnam

by Thich Chan Phap Lai, Plum Village, Thenac, France, The Buddhist Channel, Dec 1, 2009

I refer to the letter by  Ven. Dharmakara which remains posted on your site. Ven. Dharmakara has been energetic in promoting a critical view of the plight of our Sangha in Vietnam.

That is of course his prerogative.

However, in his letter he also says something which is not true and which in fairness to the brothers and sisters undergoing this ordeal should be corrected.

Our Sangha was not in any way party to the attack which included "throwing dung" at the BCV representatives in June. The BCV knew this. Indeed it was following this event that the BCV rallied behind the Bat Nha brothers and sisters more strongly.

The principal victim of the attack, the Ven. Thay Thai Thuan, abbot of Phuoc Hue Temple in Bao Loc, was hospitalised. He has been very supportive of us and the brothers and sisters are currently taking refuge at his temple.

I would like to encourage your readers to visit our site HelpBatNha.org. We need the larger community to be with us at this time. The site has all the relevant information on the situation. This is a critical time with a further police crackdown threatened imminently.

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