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Author of Akon's article deplore rising Buddhist fundamentalism in Sri Lanka

by Chandula, The Buddhist Channel, Mar 31, 2010

I am Chandula, and I wish to identify myself as the writer of the article "Akon and Buddhism in Sri Lanka" which appeared on your website on March 27 2010. I wish to express my sincere gratitude to you and your website for publishing my article and I'm honored about it.

This was the very first article to be published on a website and within 24 hours it triggered nearly 1000 readers on Groundviews and a response from a Buddhist priest based in Kandy. I was also pleased to see many Buddhist websites publishing my article due to the initial exposure from Groundviews and the Buddhist Channel. To which I am thankful to you and your website.

I am also proud about the fact that this website's stand on keeping this article despite the criticism level against the website for publishing my article. By this your website has demonstrated "tolerance" and "middle way" taught by the Lord Buddha, setting an example to rest of the world on the face of rising Buddhist Fundamentalism in countries like Sri Lanka.

As a follower of the Buddhist philosophy, I deplore the rising Buddhist Fundamentalism in Sri Lanka and I am saddened by the patronage of the Sri Lankan Government to this fundamentalism. Against this backdrop I expressed my opinion on "Akon Drama" as a 22 year student with my knowledge on Buddhism.

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