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Defamatory articles on Sinhala Buddhists

by Palitha Mapatuna, Melbourne, Australia, The Buddhist Channel, Mar 31, 2010

It is noted that, in recent times, the Buddhist Channel has been infested with articles that are defamatory of Sinhala Buddhists and the Mahavamsa ('The Great Chronicle'). 

The latter mainly documents the history of Buddhism in Sri Lanka.  It appears that, this type of article is usually sent by frustrated individuals (usually pretending to be Buddhists) who have vicious agendas agaist Buddhism.  An example of such an article is  'Surge of Sinhala-Buddhist Fundamentalism', which appeared in the Buddhist Channel yesterday.

Publishing this type of article will be detrimental to Buddhism in Sri Lanka and elsewhere.  In my view, it is very necessary to exercise  caution and prudence in selecting articles for publication in the Buddhist Channel.  Please do not allow the Buddhist Channel to be used for purposes other than for fostering and safeguarding of Buddhism everywhere.

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