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Be mindful of the trappings of "rampant compassion"

by Low Teck Suan, Australia, The Buddhist Channel, Feb 14, 2011

I refer to the article by Bhante Ajahn Sujato " Honoring of a Buddhist by a Muslim is an occasion to celebrate ".

While I agreed with his observation that that deviations from the Vinaya should be viewed on the merit of each circumstance and its rooted motive (which is paramount), we should be mindful of the trappings of "rampant compassion leads to disaster" and when "skillful means become slippery slopes". The demise of Buddhism in India were due largely to its "all embracing" stance in the name of harmony and the rampant application of Upaya.

There were much wisdom in why both the late Venerable Chuk Moh of Penang and the late Venerable Dr. K Sri Dhammananda did not attend the conferment ceremonies but yet their awards we presented to them by Palace officials in their respective temples.

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