Mon monks disrobed by Thai authorities

Kaowao News, September 22, 2006

Bangkok, Thailand -- Thai authorities disrobed eight monks in a Mon temple for illegal entry into the kingdom today.

The local source reported the Thai police force raided the Buddhist monastery at Bangkadee Thai-Mon community near Bangkok at 10 p.m local time and the Mon monks were arrested and disrobed.

“Even though the monks showed their identity from the religious society, they were arrested due to illegal entry. They asked for Thai ID cards or a Household Registration List and the monks including four novices did not have the Thai nationality ID cards,” said a monk from the temple.

A majority of Mon Buddhist monks were ordained by one of the most revered monks, Rev. Uttama, Abbot of Wat Viwekaram in Sangkhlaburi.

In Buddhist principles, monks are obligated to stay only in their temples during the three months of the raining season and are not allowed to move or travel to other places. They are also obligated to practice learning, teaching, preaching and meditation during (Woh/Phan-Sar) months. However, the source added that the monks were sent to detention centre and will be deported to Burma through Maesot, Thai Burma border.

In 2003, the Thai authorities raided 189 monasteries in 9 districts for illegal entry to the Kingdom.