Love conquers all

by Marjorie Chew, The Star, August 17, 2007

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia -- “MAKE peace, not war” is easier said than done. Conflicts originate from the basic unit of society: the family, says Venerable Master Chin Kung in one of his talks on peace.

<< Most Venerable Master Chin Kung’s consistent message is that of loving kindness.

It is his contention that “when spouses cannot get along, when parents and children are in disharmony, or siblings are in discord,” members of such families will have difficulty interacting with the wider society. This leads to turmoil in the community. 

“If we probe deeper, the root cause of all conflicts lies within our minds. It is an inner conflict between our intrinsic self and our acquired behaviours,” he says.

His explanation is that the intrinsic self is full of pure kindness while the habitual self is the product of contamination based on information acquired later in life. Simply put, it is a conflict between altruism and selfishness.

Chin Kung’s advice on conflict resolution is to start with resolving the contradictions and conflicts within oneself, by being unselfish and less controlling and unmaterialistic. He emphasises that this is the ultimate method for resolving all conflicts in the world.

“One must seek harmony within oneself and one’s family. It is not something that we can demand from others,” he said.

Chin Kung urges parents to start educating their children from young, and to be role models for them. He shares some of his thoughts on world peace.

You gave President George Bush two seals carved with the messages “God Loves All” and “Angel of Peace”. Do you consider yourself an Angel of Peace?

Master Chin Kung: I don’t have this feeling that I am an angel of peace but (spreading the peace message) is something that I have to do. (laughs)

You also like to give souvenirs bearing the word “Love”. What is the message behind this word?

Love conquers the universe. Everybody has love but some have lost it. Without love, there is only hate. If everybody can rediscover love, we can resolve a lot of conflicts. 

When did you start promoting world peace?

After 911, some people at the Peace Institute in Queensland pondered the reasons behind conflicts. They invited me to discuss this issue, to resolve conflicts and promote world peace. 

Are forums useful in promoting world peace?

After the 10th peace conference in Paris last year, I no longer attend peace conferences. The results are too dismal. 

In this world of the survival of the fittest, how do peace-loving Buddhists not get trampled on or bullied?

If you can accommodate your foes, you will eventually touch them. We can turn enemies into friends and family. This is success.

What about reaching out to hardcore bullies?

People are innately good. We should strengthen our goodwill and work harder to touch the hearts of others.