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K-POP World Festival finalists joins Templestay program at Seongju-sa

by Emi Hailey Hayakawa, BTN, Oct 6, 2016

Changwon, South Korea -- The finalists of the K-POP World Festival in Changwon, Korea have joined Seongjusa Temple in Changwon for Templestay program since September 28th, 2016


Korean Temples get ready for spring stays

by Emi Hailey Hayakawa, BTN, Apr 16, 2013

Seoul, South Korea -- The Temple Stay program in Korea is beginning their preparations for the Spring Season in Buddhist temples across the Korean peninsula, aptly named “The Scent of Spring.”


Pre-dawn calls and hard beds – South Korea’s spiritual tourism

AFP, December 23, 2012

SEOUL, South Korea -- As a paying guest at Mihwangsa, there’s no need to book a morning wake-up call.
It’s provided well before sunrise, at 4am to be precise... and it isn’t optional.


A healing trip to temples in fall

By Cho Chung-un, Korean Herald, Sept 24, 2012

A variety of Templestay programs are offered for Chuseok holidays and throughout the fall

Seoul, South Korea -- The change of the season has started to turn leaves into red and gold, urging many to hit the road for a fall foliage trip. If you are trying to find an alternative to mountain climbing, try a two-day trip to Buddhist temples across the country already surrounded by beautiful autumnal foliage and where you can actually become a part of the great nature.


Voyage hallyu: K-Pop meets Temple Stay

by Emi Hailey Hayakawa, BTN, Aug 30, 2012

Seoul, South Korea -- Korean Pop music, otherwise known as K-POP, has allured many French people into Korean pop culture, and now these people have become enchanted by the Korean Temple Stay program.


Buddhist order spreads temple cuisine

by Do Je-hae, The Korea Times, Jul 10, 2012

Seoul, South Korea -- Korea’s Buddhist temple cuisine is becoming more popular among healthy eaters within and outside Korea.


Kneeling at one with the world

by Richard Tulloch, Sydney Morning Herald, April 1, 2012

Seoul, South Korea -- I didn't know life in a Korean Buddhist temple would be so tough. It was one of the most interesting things I'd ever done but I got out just in time, before I was crippled for life.


Georgia State University students joints the temple stay program at Un Mun Sa temple.

by Emi Hayakawa, BTN, March 27, 2012

Cheongdo, South Korea -- On March 13th, a group of students from Georgia State University joined the Un Mun Sa temple Temple Stay program for 2 nights and 3 days.


German Students Visit Temple in Seoul, Experience Buddhist Traditions

by Oh Jee-hyun, Arirang News, Jul 23, 2011

Seoul, South Korea -- Buddhist traditions are an integral part of Korean culture, so for foreigners interested in Korean and Asian traditions, temples are the places to visit.


Sanshin-gak: Mountain-spirit venerated in Korean temples

By David Mason, The Korea Times, Aug 11, 2010

Seoul, South Korea -- Throughout Korean history, the residents of this mountainous peninsula have believed that the peaks and slopes are spiritually alive and religiously significant, inhabited by or manifesting "Sanshin,’’ which literally means "Mountain-spirit(s).’’


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