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Joint-Statement on the recent and ongoing peaceful protest against the Burmese military regime

Mon Young Monks Organization of Monland, September 24, 2007

Fort Wayne, Indiana (USA) -- We, Mon Sangha Organizations around the world, believe that the current situation in Burma is needed international attention in order to protect and support the peaceful determined demonstrations on the hiked prices on August 15, 2007.

Therefore, today, members of Mon Sangha Organization of America hold a demonstration in front of United Nations Headquarters in New York City to show supports the ongoing demonstrations in Burma.

We believe that peaceful demonstrators in Burma are just expressing their grievances to the military regime for rising commodity prices, illegal detention, mistreatment of detainees, and discriminatory policy of the State Peace and Development Council (SPDC). The SPDC, however, responded to the peaceful demonstrators by arresting, harassing, and beating them. Thirteen of them are said to be sentenced at least 20 years in imprison for basically expressing their own opinions and beliefs.

We are also so regret to know that SPDC has failed to exercise sacred respect towards Buddhist monks who have shared their sympathy with the people being suffered from hi-rocketing fuel prices. During a peaceful demonstration in Pakhoku, the pro-SPDCís members of the Union Solidarity and Development Association (USDA) tied a peaceful Buddhist monk demonstrator to an electric pole, beat him with a gun butt and released him without an apology. It is evident that SPDC has never trained its sources to adopt a peaceful way to solve problems.

According to the Buddhism, if a ruler is wicked, unjust, oppressive, violent and corrupted, the people will react to topple him/her in one way or another because they see him/her as an unfit, incompetent, immoral, improper, and unworthy ruler. There is no doubt that General Than Shwe, the Chairman of SPDC who tortured Sangha and innocent people is seen as an unfit, immoral, and incompetent ruler

In the history of Burma, Buddhist Order has played a very important role in advising kings to be good rulers. The Sangharaja, (the Head of the Order) was automatically appointed as the adviser of the King. If he was informed or realized that the King, the head of the state, misruled and was unjust, he gave proper advice to the King. If the King refused to take his advice, he performed boycott against the King. This was called Pattanikujjana in Pali. For example, in the reign of King Narasu of Pagan Dynasty (AD 1160-1163), due to Narasuís wicked plot against his father and brother, Pansakula Mahathera, the then Sangharaja, refused to serve Narasuís advisor when he became a king.

Therefore, we, Mon Sangha Organizations around the world, urge:

1. The State Sanghamahanayaka Committee to boycott the SPDC by refusing to offer religion services to SPDC and its sources and support to the army servicemen and women, the Sangha and the people of Burma for the benefit of civilians.

2. The State Peace and Development Council to respect the peopleís desire in 1990 election and to keep their promise to return their barracks in time before it is too late.

3. United Nation Security Council to immediately address issues on Burma and pressure the SPDC to initiate tripartite dialogue in order to find a genuine political solution in Burma.

This statement is jointly issued by:

(1) Mon Sangha Organization of America (M.S.O.A)
(2) Mon Sangha Organization of Canada (M.S.O.C)
(3) Mon Young Monks Organization of Monland (M.Y.M.O)
(4) Mon Young Monks Democracy Action Group, Thailand (M.Y.M.D.A.G)

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