The Vietnamese Buddhist monk who walks barefoot for religious freedom

The Buddhist Channel, 7 June 2024

Hanoi, Vietnam -- Journeying barefoot across the expanse of Vietnam, from north to south, Thich Minh Tue embodies a profound dedication to his faith, adhering to the 13 ascetic practices of ‘Dhutanga’. Despite resistance from institutional Buddhism, he garners tolerance from the government and admiration from followers of all beliefs, who track his exploits on social media.


Singapore shows for DJ dressed as monk cancelled at Club Rich

8world News, 31 May 2024

DJ NewJeasnNim wanted songs containing Buddhist scriptures Singapore -- South Korean DJ NewJeasnNim has sparked controversy of late over his gigs, which consist of him dressing as as a monk and involving Buddhist elements in his songs.


Selangor sets "harmony and well being" standards with meaningful Wesak celebration

The Buddhist Channel, 26 May 2024

Petaling Jaya, Malaysia -- The Kwan Inn Teng 观音亭 temple[1] here in the old town district of Petaling Jaya is a medium sized but much beloved place of worship. Founded in 1952, this Mahayana based temple offer its devotees ample opportunities for Dharma practices such as chanting the Great Compassion Mantra (大悲咒 - da bei zhou), meditation and green living, with emphasis on recycling.


Wesak celebrated with joy in Malaysia

The Buddhist Channel, 24 May 2024

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia -- Buddhists in Malaysia observed Wesak Day on 22 May 2024, honouring the birth, enlightenment, and passing of Siddharta Gautama.


Mindful Steps in Serene Clouds

by Kooi F. Lim, The Buddhist Channel, 23 May 2024

How nature and tradition blend to create the ideal monks training sanctuary in Taiping. 

Taiping, Malaysia -- Amidst cloud clad mountains, green hills, and a serene lake shimmering under the golden rays of sunset, one finds the Sasanarakkha Buddhist Sanctuary (SBS), a place fostered to enable one to experience deep spiritual serenity. Located in a hilly area on the outskirts of Taiping, this sanctuary blends seamlessly with natural greenery, offering a peaceful retreat for both monks and lay practitioners.


UN International Day of Vesak celebrated in Thailand

The Buddhist Channel, 20 May 2024

Ayutthaya, Thailand -- Thailand hosted the 19th International Vesak Day today in an event that honored His Majesty the King’s 72nd Birthday Anniversary this year. The prestigious gathering was organized by the Sangha Supreme Council, the Thai government, and Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya University (MCU), alongside various network partners.


Borobudur Prepares for Grand Vesak Celebration

The Buddhist Channel, 21 May 2024

Jogjakarta, Indonesia -- As Vesak approaches, the ancient Buddhist temple of Borobudur in Magelang, Central Java, is gearing up for an influx of thousands of pilgrims, ready to partake in the most significant Buddhist celebration of the year. Maya Watono, a director at InJourney, a state-owned tourism company, has announced that Borobudur has been designated as a premier religious tourism destination.


First Theravāda Bhikkhunī Sīmā established in Malaysia

The Buddhist Channel, 9 May 2024

Petaling Jaya, Malaysia -- On 23 April 2024, at 3.12pm on Uposatha full moon, 17 esteemed bhikkhunīs from Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Indonesia, Australia and Thailand declared and successfully demarcated the first Theravāda Bhikkhunī Sīmā* for the first Malaysian Theravāda Bhikkhunī Nunnery and Dhamma Training Centre  led by Venerable Sumangala Bhikkhunī,  the pioneer and Abbess of Ariya Vihara. . The demarcation of the sīmā was done with specific steps and considerations in accordance with the Dhamma-Vinaya.


Lama who helped Seventeenth Karmapa escape Tibet makes private visit to Malaysia

By Kooi F. Lim, The Buddhist Channel, 8 May 2024

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia -- Lama Tsewang Rinpoche, the founder of Danang Foundation and more renowned as the one “who engineered the escape of the Seventeenth Karmapa from Tibet", made a quiet visit to Malaysia and paid courtesy calls to some of his close friends here.


Penang Buddhist Association, the temple with a Malaysian identity

by Cyril Aruno, The Buddhist Channel, 29 April 2024

Georgetown, Penang (Malaysia) -- Penang, an island with a rich tapestry of ethnic groups, has been a hub of cultural diversity since its inception as a British settlement in 1786, formerly known as Prince of Wales Island.


Thailand launches state of the art digital centre to promote Buddhism

The Buddhist Channel, 30 March 2024

Bangkok, Thailand -- On March 20, 2024, at the request of Thailand National Center for The Dissemination of Buddhism and National Buddhist Strategic Deployment, the newly created Digital Buddhism Research & Innovation Center, built by NetDragon Digital (Department of religion), was launched.


Revered Cambodian monk Tep Vong dies at 93

The Buddhist Channel, 26 March 2024

Phnom Penh, Cambodia -- Samdech Preah Agga Maha Sangharajadhipati Tep Vong, a senior monk who is also the Great Supreme Patriarch of Cambodia’s Buddhist Sangha, has died. He was 93.


Ancient discovery illuminates Malaysia’s rich past

The Buddhist Channel, 16 March 2024

Archaeologists uncover evidence of Malaysia’s historical significance as a vibrant trading hub. Kedah, Malaysia - - Residents of Bukit Choras, nestled amidst rice fields near a verdant hill in northwest Malaysia, recently discovered an archaeological marvel in their midst.


Thailand: Millions throng to pay homage to Holy Relics of Buddha and two of His Chief Disciples

The Buddhist Channel, 4 March 2024

Sanam Luang, Thailand -- The "Ganga-Mekong Holy Relics Dhammayatra" (pilgrimage) from India to Thailand were put on display for public view in Thailand for the first time in 30 years.


Buddhist Maha Vihara, Sanctuary of Peace and Wisdom in Spiritual Kuala Lumpur

by Kooi F. Lim, The Buddhist Channel, 29 Feb 2024

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia -- In heart of Jalan Berhala (Temple Road), where churches, mosque and Hindu temples lined its street, a grand temple - the Buddhist Maha Vihara - stands as a beacon of the Buddhist faith. As one steps through its "Sanchi inspired" gates, they are embraced by a sense of calm, a refuge from the frenetic pace of this modern city.


After 30 yrs, Buddha relics to travel to Thailand

by Parvez Sultan, New Indian Express, 21 Feb 2024

The last time the relics were taken out of the country was in May 2023, when they were exhibited at an exposition in Mongolia.
-- Four bone fragments of Lord Buddha, also known as Kapilvastu Relics, presently kept in the National Museum, will be taken to Thailand on Thursday after about 30 years. They will be displayed in four cities including Bangkok and Krabi, where people will pay their obeisance to the sacred remnants.


IBC Sec-Gen gets a glimpse of innovative Malaysian Buddhist projects

The Buddhist Channel, 6 Feb 2024

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia -- On 3 February 2024, a significant dialogue took place between Malaysian Buddhists and the recently appointed Secretary General of the International Buddhist Confederation (IBC), Khensur Rinpoche Jangchup Choeden. Hosted at the Sri Jayanti Buddhist temple in Sentul, Kuala Lumpur, the gathering also saw the presence of its chief monk, Bhante B. Sri Saranankara Nayaka Maha Thero.


Digitizing Buddhist architectural heritage for conservation

Hanoi times, 1 Feb 2024

Hanoi, Vietnam -- The lack of archives has led to inappropriate renovation and rebuilding of Buddhist temples. Digitization is a solution to improve the documentation of those architecture.


Puu Jih Shih Temple: A blend of ancient majesty and spirituality in Sandakan

The New Straits Times, 29 January 2024

Sandakan, Sabah (Malaysia) -- Positioned about four kilometres from the heart of Sandakan, Puu Jih Shih Temple emerges as a dignified testament to ancient Chinese architectural splendour, beckoning visitors into a tranquil realm infused with cultural and spiritual significance.


Cambodia: Building a Meditation Space within National Park

The Buddhist Channel, 18 January 2024

PHNOM PENH -- The Ministry of Environment in Cambodia is taking steps to establish a meditation site within the Buddhist Cultural Centre, located in the Preah Suramarit-Kossamak Kirirom National Park. This initiative aims to encourage local and international Buddhists to embrace meditation and delve into the teachings of Buddha.


The Temple that the Mother of Malaysia’s First Prime Minister Built

The Buddhist Channel, 7 January 2024

Alor Star, Kedah (Malaysia) -- Wat Samosorn Rachanupradit (Thai: วัดสโมสรราชานุประดิษฐ์) is a Thai Buddhist temple situated in Alor Setar, Kedah. It is located in the suburb of Bakar Bata, by the banks of Sungai Kedah. The temple is often just known as Wat Siam Bakar Bata.


Ajahn Brahm and other Buddhist Leaders at the 12th Global Conference on Buddhism

By Amos Simon, The Buddhist Channel, 25 December, 2023

Singapore -- The 12th Global Conference on Buddhism was held at the Max Antria Singapore Expo from 16-17 December 2023. The organizer, the Buddhist Fellowship (BF) welcomed over 800 participants from 12 countries from the Sangha and other delegates.


Buddhist Leaders’ Conference promotes solidarity and co-operation between Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos

VNS, 25 December 2023

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam -- Buddhist leaders from Việt Nam, Laos and Cambodia have vowed to strengthen relationships between their countries and other Buddhist nations to foster a peaceful and harmonious world at their second annual conference being held in Ho Chi Minh City.


Borobudur Temple in Indonesia Transforms Under New Regulations

The Buddhist Channel, 19 December 2023

Jogjakarta, Indonesia -- The Candi Borobudur, the world's largest Buddhist temple located near the central Javanese city of Yogyakarta, has undergone a significant transformation in recent times.


Cambodia: Senate President Stresses Unity and Progress at 31st National Congress of Buddhist Monks

The Buddhist Channel, 15 December 2023

Phnom Penh, Cambodia -- In a bid to uphold the sanctity and reputation of Buddhism, Senate President Say Chhum delivered a compelling address during the 31st National Congress of Buddhist Monks at the National Institute of Education in Phnom Penh.


First Malaysian Buddhist Journal launched at 8th International Symposium on Buddhism

The Buddhist Channel, 9 December 2023

Shah Alam, Malaysia -- Dato' IR Ang Choo Hong, President of the Buddhist Research Society Malaysia (BRSM), said academic research was one of the ways to open up new horizons for the propagation of the Dharma in Malaysian Buddhism.


The Temple of Ten Thousand Buddhas at Golden Dragon Mountain (金龙山万佛寺), Grandeur Beyond Words

By Kooi F. Lim, the Buddhist Channel, 19 November 2023

Rawang, Selangor (Malaysia) -- The Temple of the Ten Thousand Buddhas at Golden Dragon Mountain (金龙山万佛寺) stands as one of Malaysia's largest and finest temples, exuding grandeur amidst the tranquillity of the Rawang countryside in Selangor.


AI-Generated Images of Naughty Monks Not Real Problem of Thai Buddhism

by Pravit Rojanaphruk,, 12 Nov 2023

Bangkok, Thailand -- The quixotic National Office of Buddhism is back on the news. This time they want the individuals behind a few AI-generated photos of naughty monks playing rock music, drinking alcohol, smoking and singing with beautiful ladies at a karaoke bar, and racing motorcycles literally behind bars – citing the Computer Crime Act.


Return of boat festival at Inle Lake brings mixed emotions

The Buddhist Channel, 21 Oct 2023

Inle Lake, Myanmar -- Thousands of Buddhists participated in the Phaung Daw Oo pagoda festival, which features four sacred Buddha images placed on a golden barge and rowed through lakeside villages in eastern Shan State.


Indonesia's Tallest Pagoda, Sata-Sahasra Buddha Pagoda, Rises in Riau Islands

The Buddhist Channel, 14 Oct 2023

Tanjungpinang, Riau Islands (Indonesia) -- The Riau Islands Province now boasts Indonesia's tallest pagoda, the Sata-Sahasra Buddha Pagoda, nestled within the Avalokitesvara Vihara complex, W. R. Supratman Street, Kilometer 14, Tanjungpinang City.


Cambodian Monks Struggle for Alms as Pchum Ben Festival (end of Vassa) Nears

The Buddhist Channel, 14 Oct 2023

Phnom Penh, Cambodia -- In a poignant twist on an age-old tradition, this year's Pchum Ben festival in Cambodia's Kampong Tralach district is tinged with sorrow, as local monks face a shortage of food offerings amidst economic challenges. The 15-day festival, marking the end of Vassa (Buddhist Lent), typically sees devotees prepare food for monks and offer alms as a way to honor their deceased ancestors. However, the economic slowdown has cast a shadow over these cherished rituals.


Passing of the Oldest Monk at Wat Rai Khing Mourned by Nakhon Pathom Community

The Buddhist Channel, October 9, 2023

Nakhon Pathom, Thailand -- The Buddhist community of Nakhon Pathom is plunged into mourning following the peaceful passing of Pranee Intawaso, an esteemed royal ecclesiastical advisor. Pranee Intawaso, who served as the advisor to the head of the 14th region and as assistant abbot at Wat Rai Khing, a prestigious royal temple in Nakhon Pathom, breathed his last on October 7 at Sam Phran Hospital in Nakhon Pathom.


Shock waves Reverberate through Tibetan Buddhism in Malaysia

The Buddhist Channel, 30 Sept 2023

UPDATE (25 Oct 2023)
The Buddhist Channel has been informed that Kunzang Chokhor Ling has amended their website which reflects the true reason for the establishment of the society. With the update, the issue of contradiction raised by this article has been resolved. The amendments in their website can be seen here:

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia -- Recent developments have sent shock waves through the Tibetan Buddhist community in Malaysia, with two concerning incidents coming to light. The first involves the arrest and detention of a Tulku accused of sexual assault on a woman six years ago.


Chagtrul Thupten Thinley Rinpoche Detained in Puchong on Sexual Assault Allegations

The Buddhist Channel, 27 September 2023

SERDANG, Selangor (Malaysia) -- Vajrayana teacher Chagtrul Thupten Thinley Rinpoche has been detained in connection with allegations of sexual assault involving a woman in Puchong. The alleged incident reportedly occurred on February 17, 2017, within the confines of Puchong.


Malaysia: Large 1,200 Years Old Buddhist Temple Structure Unearthed in Bukit Choras

The Buddhist Channel, 22 September 2023

YAN, Kedah (Malaysia) -- The National Heritage Department and Universiti Sains Malaysia's Global Archaeology Research Centre (GARC) proudly announce the uncovering of the largest Buddhist temple structure in Bukit Choras, with roots dating back 1,200 years.


Environmental group disappointed over Buddhist monastery's eviction in Gunung Kanthan

The Buddhist Channel, 16 September 2023

IPOH, Perak -- Sahabat Alam Malaysia (SAM) expressed disappointment over a recent court decision regarding a century-old Buddhist monastery in Gunung Kanthan, Chemor, Perak. The Court of Appeal granted permission for Associated Pan Malaysia Cement (APMC) to evict the monastery, located within Gunung Kanthan. Gunung Kanthan is one of the 19 Kinta Valley geological sites and was expected to be part of the Kinta Valley National Geopark.


Century-old cave monastery Gets Evicted by Cement Company

The Buddhist Channel, 8 September 2023

IPOH, Perak -- One of the last 12 remaining limestone hills in the Kinta Valley National Geopark, Gunung Kanthan, is surrounded by abundant greenery that shelters endangered species of flora and fauna like bent-toed geckos, snow-white orchids and tiny snails.


Buddhist Caregivers to Gather for 3-Day Chaplaincy Workshop

The Buddhist Channel, 2 September 2023

Bangkok, Thailand -- In a bid to address the growing need for compassionate caregivers in modern institutions, a three-day workshop for Buddhist chaplains is set to take place, offering insights into the evolving role of chaplaincy in today's society. The workshop is sponsored by the International Buddhist Psychotherapy and Chaplaincy Working Group & the International Network of Engaged Buddhists (INEB). It runs from September 29 – October 1, 2023 and will be held at Wongansit Ashram, Thailand.


Kà Ốt Pagoda, Where Tranquility Meets Triumph in the Heart of Vietnam

The Buddhist Channel, 24 August 2023

Hanoi, Vietnam - Amidst the lush jungles and sprawling fields of the Vietnamese landscape, a remarkable structure more akin to old Angkor emerges, captivating all who lay eyes upon it. The Kà Ốt Pagoda, with its distinctive Khmer architectural style, stands as a testament to the cultural and spiritual heritage of the ethnic Khmer community in the region.


Myanmar's Majestic Buddha Statue Seek to Win Hearts and Minds during Civil War

The Buddhist Channel, 9 August, 2023

Naypyitaw, Myanmar -- In the midst of Myanmar's ongoing civil conflict, the country's military leadership has unveiled a towering Buddha statue, an emblematic display aimed at fostering national cohesion and religious devotion.


Reasons for Temporary Monkhood in Thailand

The Buddhist Channel, 29 July 2023

Bangkok, Thailand -- In the Land of Smiles, a unique cultural tradition has long captivated observers: young Thai men, after completing their studies, embark on a transformative journey as temporary monks. This revered rite of passage has been an integral part of Thai society, offering men an opportunity to show gratitude to their families and immerse themselves in the teachings of Buddhism.


Ancient Talang Tuo Inscription Tells of A Bountiful Park and Well Being for All Creatures

by Kooi F. Lim, The Buddhist Channel, 13 July 2023

Palembang, Indonesia -- On November 17, 1920, just 8 months after becoming the Resident of Palembang, the Dutch diplomat Louis Constant Westenenk found himself at the foot of Bukit Seguntang, in the village of Talang Tuo. His foray here with his entourage led to a stunning discovery of an ancient stone tablet.


Indonesia's tallest pagoda opens in Tanjungpinang

ANTARA News, 8 July 2023

Tanjungpinang, Riau Islands (Indonesia) -- The tallest pagoda in Indonesia, the Sata-Sahasra Buddha Pagoda, which is located in Tanjungpinang City, Riau Islands Province, was inaugurated on Saturday by an official from the Ministry of Religious Affairs.


Thai Buddhism Needs Urgent Reforms

Op-Ed, The Buddhist Channel, 30 June 2023

Bangkok, Thailand -- Thai Buddhism finds itself in a state of crisis, plagued by a series of deep-rooted issues that threaten the very fabric of this ancient spiritual tradition. From the misconduct of wayward monks to the distortion of Buddhist teachings, the erosion of public faith has reached alarming levels.


Indonesia's Tolerance Exemplified in the Thudong Journey of Buddhist Monks

The Buddhist Channel, 2 June 2023

Magelang, Indonesia -- In a remarkable display of tolerance and harmony, Indonesian communities warmly embraced a group of Buddhist monks embarking on the Thudong pilgrimage, a traditional practice of walking long distances to emulate the Buddha. The streets leading to Magelang, Central Java, were filled with enthusiastic crowds as dozens of bhantes (Buddhist monks) made their way towards the Borobudur Temple, their final destination.


Temple Fund Investigations Being Considered by Thai Police

The Buddhist Channel, 21 May 2023

Bangkok, Thailand -- A series of multi-million baht cases involving monastic fraud has prompted the police in Thailand to contemplate their investigation into temple funds.


Ariya Vihara celebrate Mother's Day at new home in Sungai Buloh

The Buddhist Channel, 16 May 2023

Sungai Buloh, Malaysia -- The congregation on Sunday morning, 14 May 2023 at Ariya Vihara was waiting in high anticipation for the monks and nuns to arrive for the Puja and opening ceremony.  This congregation is not common for a Buddhist centre in Malaysia because it consists mainly of female devotees. After all, Ariya Vihara was formed as the 1st Theravada Bhikkhuni Nunnery and Dhamma Training Centre in Malaysia with much interest from women wishing to ordain both from within Malaysia and abroad.


Suan Mokhh Bangkok: Tranquil Space in the Midst of City Frenzy

The Buddhist Channel, 28 April 2023

Bangkok, Thailand -- Meditation is usually not associated with heavenly locations. More so Buddhist meditation such as Anapanasati (mindfulness of breath) and Vipassana (insight meditation), where practitioners are urged to look into their discomfort while practicing in a dimly lighted temple room and humid conditions.


Grassroots Buddhism Flourishes in the Outskirts of Bangkok

By Kalinga Seneviratne, Lotus News Features and IDN-InDepthNews, 9 December 2019

BANGKOK, Thailand -- On a Saturday morning a couple drives into the Santi Asoke community in the north-eastern outskirts of Bangkok, and walks into a large warehouse stacked with clothes, shoes, books, electrical goods, mobile phones, washing machines, furniture and other household items. The couple inspects a stack of clothes scattered on a mat, picks some up and puts it in a basket. It is then taken to a volunteer cashier, who weighs it and quotes a price.


18 Gelugpa centres and groups to jointly organize 600th year of Lama Tsongkapa event

The Buddhist Channel, Nov 20, 2019

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia -- A significant milestone was reached in the Malaysian Vajrayana scene when all 18 centres and groups from the Gelugpa Tradition came together to jointly organize an event to commemorate the 600th year of Lama Tsongkapa.


UN Day of Vesak in Vietnam

The Star, 14 May 2019

HANOI, Vietnam -- The United Nations (UN) Day of Vesak has kicked off in Vietnam’s northern Ha Nam province, with the participation of more than 1,650 international delegates from over 100 countries and regions.


K. Sri Dhammananda, His Legacy Lives On Exhibition

The Buddhist Channel, September 1, 2018

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia -- An exhibition dedicated to the life of Ven. Dr K Sri Dhammananda Maha Nayaka Thera is currently open for public viewing from 31st August to 2nd September 2018 at the Buddhist Maha Vihara, Kuala Lumpur. Entrance is free.


Obesity among Thai Buddhist monks is a cause for concern

by Muktita Suhartono, The Hindu, Aug 14, 2018

Bangkok, Thailand -- The Buddha, in his laughing incarnation, is often depicted with a jolly smile and a giant, quivering belly. That model of plenitude seems ever more apt in Thailand, where the waistlines of the country’s Buddhist monks have expanded so much that health officials have issued a nationwide warning.


Candles and chanting as cave boys' ordination begins

The Bangkok Post, 24 Jul 2018

Bangkok, Thailand -- Eleven boys from the “Wild Boars” soccer team - rescued from the flooded Tham Luang cave in Chiang Rai’s Mae Sai district in a drama that gripped global audiences - took their first steps on Tuesday to be ordained as Buddhist novices in a ceremony steeped in tradition.


Visakha Bucha Buddhist holiday brings alcohol ban to Phuket

The Phuket News, 26 May 2018

PHUKET, Thailand -- The major Buddhist holiday Visakha Bucha Day will be honoured on May 29 with most government offices closed.


Thai Buddhist monks' health suffering from sugary drinks

by Liam Cochrane and Supattra Vimonsuknopparat, ABC, May 28, 2018

Bangkok, Thailand -- The daily afternoon fasting of Thai Buddhist monks is making them fat, thanks largely to modern sugary drinks, says a leading nutritionist.


Buddhists advised not to release animals for Vesak

by Khoe Wei Jun, The Straits Times, May 29, 2019

Singapore -- The Singapore Buddhist Federation and other experts are encouraging devotees to not release animals to mark Vesak Day, but to consider alternatives instead, including going vegetarian.


Vesak Day famtrip seeks to promote Borobudur temple

The Jakarta Post, May 28, 2018

Jogjakarta, Indonesia -- Sixteen Buddhist monks and journalists from Thailand and Vietnam are among the participants of the Vesak Day 2562 familiarization trip (famtrip) to Yogyakarta and Borobudur temple in Magelang, Central Java initiated by the Tourism Ministry from May 27 to June 1.


Wesak Special: Malaya's first Buddhist association

By Alan Teh Leam Seng, The New Straits Times, May 27, 2018

Penang, Malaysia -- “UNCLE Wong’s house is near the junction of Lebuhraya Bodhi and Jalan Nirvana,” remarks my father as I slowly turn into the North-South Expressway. My parents had just heard of their former colleague’s ill health and decided to pay him a visit. Since it’s the weekend and there’s nothing on my schedule, I offered to drive them to Penang for a day trip. With images of sumptuous hawker food dancing in my mind, this will be like killing two birds with a stone.


Oldest Thai Buddhist temple in Singapore turns 100; PM Lee attends celebration

The Straits Times, May 13, 2018

SINGAPORE -- As a young boy in the 60s, Mr Lim Keng Boon would accompany his parents, who are devout Buddhists, to the Wat Ananda Metyarama Thai Buddhist Temple in Jalan Bukit Merah for prayers.


Buddhism as National Religion Would Fuel Extremism: Scholar, Author

By Pravit Rojanaphruk, Khasod English, March 20, 2018

BANGKOK, Thailand -- A Buddhist scholar and foreign correspondent both warn in recent books of the rising specter of Buddhist nationalism in Thailand.


Myanmar: Govt Asks Buddhist Leaders to Act Against Badly Behaved Monks

The Irrawaddy, 22 February 2018

Yangon, Myanmar -- Religious Affairs and Culture Minister U Aung Ko has urged the nation’s highest religious authority to take action against monks who disgrace Buddhism through their activities or speech.


Clergy's monopoly over Buddhist teachings is over

by Sanitsuda Ekachai, The Bangkok Post, Feb 3, 2018

Bangkok, Thailand -- People who believed that the majority of monks do not follow the Buddha's path have increasingly turned to meditation retreats led by non-monk teachers outside temples. A religious group called Techo Vipassana is one of them.


Ex-Buddhist chief among 9 charged with graft

by KING-OUA LAOHONG, The Bangkok Post, 9 Jan 2018

Bangkok, Thailand -- In July 2015, Sathien Damrongkadeerat, who at the time served as the director of the Songkhla Provincial Office of Buddhism, contacted the three temples, saying he would earmark budgets for them on condition they repay a fixed amount to him, according to Mr Worawit.


Myanmar clamps down on Buddhist nationalism

Asia News Network, December 30, 2017

Yangon, Myanmar -- In a further sign that Myanmar is clamping down on the spread of ultra-nationalist Buddhism, six monks have been sentenced to 18 months’ hard labour for leading an anti-government protest in Mandalay.


Buddhist monks offer free traditional treatments

by San Ha, VietNamNet Bridge, Nov 19, 2017

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam --- Situated along Nhieu Loc Canal in HCM City’s District 1, Van Tho (Longevity) Pagoda has been a trusted place for free traditional cures for sprains, fractures and muscle and bone injuries for more than 30 years.


Not all Buddhists agree with Sitagu Sayadaw’s militant message

By Jacob Goldberg, Coconuts, Nov. 2, 2017

Yangon, Myanmar -- Myanmar’s most revered Buddhist leader gave a speech on Monday in which he urged hundreds of military officers to not to fear the sinfulness of taking human life. Despite building a reputation on his interfaith and humanitarian activities, Sitagu Sayadaw has long made excuses for the military’s abuses against Rohingya Muslims. This week, critics said the monk veered into promoting genocide.


Chiang Mai temple seeks donation to help girls

The Nation, October 11, 2017

Chiang Mai, Thailand -- A Chiang Mai temple which is taking care of about 700 abandoned children and orphans has appealed for urgent donations of sanitary napkins for girls.


Pope to Meet Top Buddhist Monks in Myanmar, Address Military

Reuters, 11 October 2017

VATICAN CITY -- Pope Francis will meet Myanmar’s top Buddhist monks, its military generals and civilian leader Aung San Suu Kyi in November when he visits that country and Bangladesh, both caught up in a crisis over the self-identifying Rohingya Muslim minority.


Thailand reinstates chief of national Buddhism office

Channel News Asia, 26 Sep 2017

BANGKOK, Thailand -- Thailand has reinstated as the head of a state body charged with administering the Buddhist religion an official who was sacked last month, the prime minister said on Tuesday.


Singapore Buddhist Federation says Rakhine violence of 'grave concern'

Channel News Asia, Sept 8, 2017

Singapore -- The Singapore Buddhist Federation has weighed in on the crisis in Myanmar's Rakhine state, saying that the escalation of violence there is of "grave concern".


Week-long Buddhist rite to save beings in the lower realms

The Star, 25 August 2017

Penang, Malaysia -- A SACRED week-long Buddhist ceremony will be held in Butterworth, Penang, this year-end.


Indian monks brought Buddhism to Vietnam

VNA, Aug 27, 2017

Danang, Vietnam -- As Vietnam and Indian developed ties in the third century, Buddhist monks played a major role in cementing the relationship.


Myanmar Commission Slams UN for “Smear Campaigning”

By Kalinga Seneviratne, IDN-InDepthNews, 10 August 2017

YANGON, Myanmar -- A Myanmar government commission that investigated allegations made by an international human rights organisation and the media about the country’s security forces abusing the human rights of Muslims known as Rohingyas in Rakhine State has found these allegations to be “unproven” and slammed its critics, including the United Nations, for carrying out an international “smear campaign” against the country.


Thailand monks: Wirapol Sukphol case highlights country's Buddhism crisis

By Jonathan Head BBC News, 22 July 2017

Bangkok, Thailand -- It was a jarring image; a group of Buddhist monks, with shaven heads and orange robes, sitting back in the soft-leather seats of an executive jet, passing luxury accessories among themselves.


Myanmar State Buddhist Authority Stands its Ground

By Htun Htun & Pe Thet Htet Khin, the Irrawaddy, 18 July 2017

YANGON, Myanmar -- The State Buddhist Sangha authority - also known by its Myanmar acronym Ma Ha Na - will not issue further instructions regarding the signboards of Buddhist ultranationalist association Ma Ba Tha, said Sayadaw Bhaddanta Pandavabhivamsa, a Ma Ha Na member.


Thailand to check monks' bad habits with 'smart ID cards'

AFP, July 14, 2017

BANGKOK, Thailand -- Thailand’s Buddhist monks could soon be issued “smart ID cards” flagging any drug or criminal records, in the latest move by the junta to restore the tarnished image of the men in orange robes.


Religion minister refuses to resign, pledges to ‘purify’ Buddhism

Coconuts Yangon, Jun. 29, 2017

Yangon, Myanmar -- Religious and cultural affairs minister Thura U Aung Ko told reporters in Naypyidaw yesterday that he will not give in to demands to resign, saying: “I was not appointed by [nationalist protesters], but by the leader democratically elected by the people.”


Full disclosure on the menu for temples

The Bangkok Post, 16 Jun 2017

Bangkok, Thailand -- The government will propose a law to force its tens of thousands of Buddhist temples to declare their finances, the head of the National Office of Buddhism told Reuters.


Rakhine Protesters Demand UN Protect Buddhist Chakma in Bangladesh

By Moe Myint, The Irrawaddy, 15 June 2017

YANGON, Myanmar -- The Arakan National Party (ANP) led 300 people, including Buddhist monks and local Arakanese, in a protest outside the UN offices in Maungdaw Township, Rakhine State on Wednesday, urging the agency to protect the Buddhist minority Chakma in Bangladesh.


Myanmar: Ma Ba Tha ordered to cease all activities by State Sangha Committee

By MRATT KYAW THU, Myanmar Frontier, May 23, 2017

YANGON, Myanmar -- Hardline nationalist group Ma Ba Tha has been ordered to cease all activities by the middle of July or face legal action, after a decision by senior clerical leaders.


Floral floats to mark colourful Wesak Day procession

The Star, 10 May 2017

GEORGE TOWN, Penang (Malaysia) -- A float bearing a 3m-tall statue of Buddha stands proud with thousands of flowers donated by devotees at the Malaysian Buddhist Association premises in Burmah Road.


Thousands turn up at temple for rituals ahead of Vesak Day

The Straits Times, May 10, 2017

Singapore -- More than 20,000 people turned up at Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery to perform rituals in reverence of Buddha - the founder of Buddhism - yesterday on the eve of Vesak Day.


Devotees mark Buddha's birthday in Malaysia

Afp, 10 May 2017

Ipoh, Malaysia -- Thousands of devotees gathered in Malaysian temples Wednesday to celebrate Buddha's birth, death and enlightenment -- a festival marked on different days across the region, which is also known as Wesak day.


‘Religious leaders must lead the way’

by Adrian Chan, the Star, 8 May 2017

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia -- Religious leaders should lead by example to promote a moderate way of life among the people, says Venerable Datuk K. Sri Dhammaratana Nayaka Maha Thero.


Getting set for Wesak

by Yip Yoke Leng, The Star, 9 May 2017

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia -- The weeks leading up to Wesak Day this year have been a grand display of volunteerism and compassion as thousands of Buddhists prepare for the occasion tomorrow to commemorate the birth, enlightenment and death of Buddha.


Show compassion to animals on Vesak Day

by Chin Kee Thou, Today Online, May 8, 2017

Singapore -- The report “NParks, PUB teaming up to warn against releasing pets into the wild” (May 3) comes at the right time.


Tripitaka Buddhist book launch

by SUNTHORN PONGPAO, The Bangkok Post, 7 May 2017

Bangkok, Thailand -- A total of 10,000 copies of a book said to be the world's first and formal international version of the Tripitaka Buddhist scriptures will be distributed to countries around the world, Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya University revealed on Saturday.


Buddhist centre to be built in Malaysian administrative capital

by Gan Pei Ling, the Star, 8 May 2017

PUTRAJAYA, Malaysia -- A national Buddhist centre and houses of worship of other major faiths will be built here as part of the Government’s plan to have a multi-religious enclave at the nation’s administrative capital.


Vietnam President visits Supreme Buddhist Patriarch

VNS, May 5, 2017

Hanoi, Vietnam -- President Tran D?i Quang paid a visit yesterday to Most Venerable Thích Pho Tue, Supreme Patriarch of the Viet Nam Buddhist Sangha (VBS) on the occasion of the Buddha’s 2561st Birthday Festival 2017.


Thai Junta Lifts Control on Influential Buddhist Temple

Reuters, April 11, 2017

BANGKOK, Thailand -- Thailand's junta lifted restrictions on movement at the country's biggest Buddhist temple on Tuesday, a month after police ended a siege of the complex whose former abbot is accused of money laundering.


Thai authorities seek to defrock scandal-hit Buddhist abbot

by Oliver Holmes, The Guardian, 10 March 2017

Ruling junta has kept Dhammakaya temple under siege for nearly three weeks in bid to find monk wanted for money laundering
Bangkok, Thailand
-- Thailand’s highest religious body has begun a process that could defrock a Buddhist abbot wanted for money laundering, escalating a conflict between the military government and a hugely popular temple.


Buddhist Authorities in Myanmar Warn Outspoken Monk to Adhere to Ban on Public Sermons

by Kyaw Thu, RFA’s Myanmar Service, March 20, 2017

Yangon, Myanmar -- Religious authorities in Myanmar’s Mandalay have warned the outspoken and controversial leader of an ultranationalist Buddhist movement to not give sermons under a one-year ban on making public speeches because of his repeated hate speech and anti-Muslim rhetoric, a religious official said Monday.


Thai king strips fugitive Buddhist monk of his rank as followers continue to defy military government

South China Morning Post, 6 March, 2017

Phra Dhammachayo is accused of money laundering but has not turned himself in and police say his followers have hampered the search
Bangkok, Thailand
-- The former Buddhist abbot at the heart of a stand-off with authorities at Thailand’s biggest temple has been stripped of his monastic rank by the king, the military government said on Sunday.


Making Thai Buddhism relevant again

by Sanitsuda Ekachai, Bangkok Post, March 2, 2017

Bangkok, Thailand -- So the Dhammakaya Temple is a cult. So its leader reportedly claims to be a doomsday saviour who takes rich donors on a tour to heaven to see the Buddha. So it teaches its followers to buy premium spaces in heaven by donating to the temple. So its doctrine on the permanence of self is against Buddhism. So what?


Myanmar Buddhists Decry Thai Government's Temple Crackdown

By Wa Lone, Reuters, Feb. 24, 2017

YANGON, Myanmar -- Around 100 Buddhist monks and nationalists in Myanmar staged a protest against Thailand on Friday, denouncing the government of the neighboring country for its actions against a temple that has defied orders to hand over a wanted monk.


Buddhist signs point wrong way

by ANDREW BIGGS, The Bangkok Post, 12 Feb 2017

Thought police are doing Thailand's religion no favours with their intrusive false advertising aimed at tourists
Bangkok, Thailand
-- The billboard rises, like a Buddhist temple, up ahead on the right-hand side of the airport highway.


The politics of Thailand's Buddhist Supreme Patriarch

By Panu Wongcha-um, Channel NewsAsia, 12 Feb 2017

BANGKOK, Thailand -- Thailand will soon welcome a new Supreme Patriarch. Somdet Phra Maha Muniwong, 89, was appointed last week by King Maha Vajiralongkorn and will be officially installed in a ceremony in Bangkok on Sunday (Feb 12).


Pagoda problems: the decline of Buddhism in Cambodia

By Euan Black, Southeast Asia Globe, February 1, 2017

As Cambodia modernises and sex and drug scandals rock the monkhood, the famed saffron robes no longer command the respect they once did
Phnom Penh, Cambosia
-- In 1959, May Mayko Ebihara became the first American to write an anthropological dissertation on Cambodian village life. Published in two volumes nearly a decade later, Svay: A Khmer Village in Cambodia depicted a pre-modern agricultural idyll governed by family and religion, in which monks were seen as the “living embodiments and spiritual generators of Buddhism”.


New acting president at Singapore Buddhist Lodge

by Leong Weng Kam, Straits Times, Jan 31, 2017

Tan Lee Huak aims to strengthen confidence of devotees and promote Buddhist teachings
-- Since last Friday night, more than 20,000 devotees have visited the Singapore Buddhist Lodge in Kim Yam Road, as they do every Chinese New Year, to give offerings, exchange greetings and pay respects to their ancestors.


Buddhist office urges ex-abbot to surrender

by Sanitsuda Ekachai, The Bangkok Post, Jan 19, 2017

Bangkok, Thailand -- The National Office of Buddhism (NOB) is attempting to encourage Phra Dhammajayo, the embattled former abbot of Wat Phra Dhammakaya, to turn himself in to officials in the money laundering case associated with the multi-billion-baht Klongchan Credit Union Cooperative embezzlement scandal.


Female monks barred from paying respects

by Sanitsuda Ekachai, The Bangkok Post, Jan 11, 2017

Bangkok, Thailand -- If you think any Thai can pay respects to the late revered monarch, you will be in for an unpleasant surprise.


Religion Minister Questioned Over Efforts to Promote Buddhism

by Khy Sovuthy, Cambodia Daily, January 11, 2017

Phnom Penh, Cambodia -- The Minister of Cults and Religion was questioned by a National Assembly commission on Tuesday over efforts to promote Buddhism in the country and an assortment of other concerns affecting the religion, according to the opposition lawmaker who summoned him.


Where Buddhism’s Eight-Fold Path Can Be Followed With a Six-Figure Salary

By SETH MYDANS, The New York Times, Dec. 20, 2016

PATHUM THANI, Thailand -- It is a temple for a changing Thailand: clean, unadorned, high-tech and unashamed of praying for wealth.


Buddhists welcome promotion of Phra Payutto Outsider is highly regarded for his contribution to Buddhism

The Bangkok Post, 11 Dec 2016

Bangkok, Thailand -- His Majesty the King presided over an annual ceremony on Monday to promote senior Buddhist monks in the cleric ranking system.


Malaysian Buddhist Monk Empowers Education of Muslim Children

By Kalinga Seneviratne, IDN-InDepthNews, 27 November 2016

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia -- A grand Chinese temple on the hills of central Kuala Lumpur overlooking the Malaysian capital was the site of a unique event on November 27 where a Sri Lankan born Buddhist monk’s vision to empower the education of poor Malaysian children, most of them Muslims, was taking place without the glare of any television cameras or the national media.


Anti-Buddhist Media and Myanmar: Complex Regional and Historical Dynamics

by Michiyo Tanabe and Lee Jay Walker, Modern Tokyo Times, November 25, 2016

Buddhism is illegal in Muslim nations like Saudi Arabia (however the same Sunni Islamist nation is intent on spreading Salafi Islam into the heart of Buddhism with the connivance of local 'Buddhist' politicians who act oblivious to the rapidly declining plight of Buddhism in traditional Buddhist countries)
Yangon, Myanma
r -- The mass media in both the West and Islamic world needs to find space in order to simplify hatred. It matters not if turning a blind eye to Sunni Takfiri massacres in Syria and the nations that are endorsing this, nor that in Myanmar’s recent history more Christians than any other non-Buddhist faith group have been killed based on ethnic and religious tensions. Instead, the simple version – while negating the Christian angle – is that Muslims are killed and targeted by radical Buddhists.


Thai police: Influential Buddhist abbot must surrender

By Arun Saronchai, Anadolu Agency, Nov 24, 2016

Abbot of wealthy Dhammakaya temple wanted on charges of illegally receiving money from scandal-ridden credit fund
BANGKOK, Thailand
-- Thai police said Thursday that an influential abbot of a wealthy Buddhist temple has until the end of the month to turn himself in and face money laundering charges.


Buddhists pray for peace, tolerance in Indonesia

by Apriadi Gunawan, The Jakarta Post, November 19, 2016

Sumatra, Indonesia -- Hundreds of Buddhists in Medan, North Sumatra, held a joint prayer for peace and tolerance in Indonesia, amid rising religious tensions across the country.


Vietnam Buddhist Sangha’s contributions celebrated at conference

VNS, November, 4, 2016

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam -- Vietnam Buddhist Sangha (VBS) has contributed to enriching and developing the country’s culture, the rector of HCM City University of Social Sciences and Humanities said at conference held on Wednesday.


Bhumibol Adulyadej and Buddhist Kingship in Thailand

By Akhilesh Pillalamarri, The Diplomat, October 15, 2016

Rama IX served as a revered symbol and also shielded his country from the worst consequences of its political instability.
Bangkok, Thailand
-- What makes an ideal king in the Buddhist tradition?


Malaysian Buddhists to sponsor 1,900 student monks in Sri Lanka

The Buddhist Channel, Oct 18, 2016

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Maha Karuna Buddhist Society will be organizing the annual “Student Monks Education Dana” this year on 20th November, 2016. The event will be held at the village of Kirinda, in the district of Mathara, Sri Lanka. The venue was selected as it coincides with the 10th anniversary memorial of the late Ven. Dr K Sri Dhammananda, who hails from Kirinda.


In Malaysia, Thai Buddhists remember late King Bhumibol

by Melissa Goh, Channel NewsAsia, 14 Oct 2016

Petaling Jaya, Malaysia -- Nestled in a quiet neighbourhood in Petaling Jaya in Selangor state, is the majestic Chetawan Thai Buddhist temple.


Thailand's King Bhumibol takes final journey past grieving subjects

Channel News Asia, 14 Oct 2016

BANGKOK, Thailand -- Buddhist monks on Friday chanted prayers over the remains of Thai King Bhumibol Adulyadej at the riverside Grand Palace in Bangkok, ahead of a traditional royal cremation that will need months to prepare.


Myanmar jails Dutch tourist for pulling plug on Buddhist sermon

Japan Times, Oct 6, 2016

MANDALAY, Myanmar -- A Myanmar court on Thursday jailed a Dutch tourist for three months with hard labor for insulting religion after he unplugged an amplifier relaying a late-night Buddhist sermon.


Buddhist monks lead commemoration of 1976 Thai massacre

by Natnicha Chuwiruch and Grant Peck, The Associated Press, October 6, 2016

Thai activists lean over the Oct. 6 Memorial to offer lighted candles at Thammasat University in Bangkok, Thailand on Thursday, Oct. 6, 2016. (AP / Sakchai Lalit)
BANGKOK, Thailand
-- Buddhist monks, mourners, activists and the merely curious gathered Thursday to mark the 40th anniversary of one of the darkest days in Thailand's history, when police killed scores of university students at a peaceful protest, and ghoulish vigilantes defiled the dead.


Milestone for Buddhist mission

By Yee Xiang Yun, The Star, 24 September 2016

JOHOR BARU, Malaysia -- Buddhist associations should remain united to spread the right teachings of Buddha, said Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Dr Wee Ka Siong.


Dutchman held in Myanmar after 'pulling plug' on Buddhist sermon

AFP, 26 September 2016

Mandalay, Myanmar -- A Dutch tourist has been detained in Myanmar for insulting religion after being accused of pulling the plug on a speaker relaying a late-night Buddhist sermon in Mandalay.


Vietnamese Authorities Demolish Buddhist Pagoda in Ho Chi Minh City

Radio Free Asia, Sept 12, 2016

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam -- Government authorities in Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh City have destroyed a Buddhist pagoda from which they recently evicted monks, and have moved all of the temple’s contents to another location, the head of the religious institution said Monday.


Buddhist College of Singapore launches new $35 million building for monastic students

by Melody Zaccheus, The Straits Times, Sept 10, 2016

SINGAPORE - The Buddhist College of Singapore now has its own $35 million building, placing it in a better position to serve its students - monks from the region.


Chief monk of Buddhist temple in Kuala Lumpur attacked at anti-Rajapaksa protest

The Buddhist Channel, Sept 8, 2016

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia -- News portal "Free Malaysia Today (FMT)" reported on September 3 that the chief monk of the Sri Lankan Buddhist temple in Sentul was assaulted by a small group of demonstrators, who were protesting the visit of former Sri Lankan president Mahinda Rajapaksa to Malaysia.


Some came here for war, but India brought Buddhism here with message of peace: PM Modi in Vietnam

Newslaundry, Sep 5, 2016

Narendra Modi invited all the monks to visit India - the land of Buddha - and especially to Varanasi "which I represent in the Indian Parliament."
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
-- Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday visited the historic Pagoda temple in Hanoi and the stilt house where revered leader Ho Chi Minh lived, apart from enjoying fishing with his Vietnamese counterpart Nguyen Xuan Phuc. Addressing Buddhist monks at the temple, Modi said Vietnam was an inspiration for everyone to shun violence and follow Buddha’s path of peace and harmony.


Nearly 200 ancient pagodas damaged in Burma quake

By Min Kyi Thein And Esther Htusan, The Associated Press, Aug. 25, 2016

Some of the structures, constructed from the 10th to the 14th centuries, were engulfed in huge clouds of dust when the tremor struck, while others lost their iconic tips.
-- Using brooms and their hands, soldiers and residents of an ancient Burma city famous for its historic Buddhist pagodas began cleaning up the debris Thursday from a powerful earthquake that shook the region and damaged nearly 200 temples.


Thailand: Abbot kicks monk out of Buddhist order for being too small, 19 August 2016

Bangkok, Thailand -- THAILAND’S smallest monk was disrobed this week after a senior monk decided he was too small.


Commission on Arakan State to be Formed With Buddhist and Muslim Members

By LAWI WENG, THE IRRAWADDY, August 17, 2016

RANGOON, Burma -- Plans are underway to form a new commission to resolve the communal and humanitarian crisis in Arakan State, which will include Muslim and Buddhist Arakanese representatives—but from Rangoon rather than Arakan State.


Dhammkaya temple followers wanted

The Nation, August 6, 2016

Bangkok, Thailand -- POLICE yesterday vowed to hunt down ever person who blocked the arrest of Dhammakaya Temple abbot Phra Dhammachayo on June 16.


Buddhist temples attacked in Sumatra

The Bangkok Post, Jul 30, 2016

JAKARTA, Indonesia -- Indonesian authorities detained seven people in northern Sumatra island on Saturday on suspicion of attacking several Buddhist temples the previous night, officials said


Myanmar census data undercuts Buddhist hardliner claims

Channel News Asia, 21 Jul 2016

NAY PYI TAW, Myanmar -- Muslims make up just over two per cent of Myanmar's population, government census figures showed on Thursday (Jul 21), undercutting claims by Buddhist hardliners that Islam poses a threat to the dominance of their faith.


Myanmar’s top monks parry claims of anti-muslim Buddhist hardliners

AFP, July 13, 2016

YANGON, Myanmar -- The body representing Myanmar’s top monks has distanced itself from Buddhist hardliners behind an incendiary anti-Muslim campaign blamed for a surge in sectarian violence across the country.


Thailand refuses to submit nomination of Somdet Chuang as Supreme Patriarch

by Anapat Deechuay and Sakda Samerpop, The Nation, July 12, 2016

Bangkok, Thailand -- PRIME MINISTER General Prayut Chan-o-cha has pledged not to submit the nomination of Somdet Chuang as the new supreme patriarch for royal endorsement for fear it would spark turmoil.


Thai PM warns monks they face arrest if staging a protest

ThaiPBS, July 13, 2016

BANGKOK, Thailand -- Prime Minister Prayut Chan-ocha on Tuesday hit back at a senior monk who threatened to lead a mass protest of monks if the former does not submit the nomination of Somdet Chuang as the new supreme patriarch to His Majesty the King for endorsement within seven days.


How Buddhist monks are battling deforestation in Cambodia

by Ate Hoekstra, Deutch Welle, July 7, 2016

Cambodia has one of the world's highest deforestation rates. But a group of Buddhist monks are stepping up efforts to save forests by publicly revealing wrongdoings and mobilizing local villagers.
Phnom Penh, Cambodia
-- His memories often bring But Buntenh back to Cambodia thirty years ago. There were jungles as far as the eye could see. Centuries-old trees gave shade and provided shelter to birds and wild animals.


Buddhist institute seeks donations to expand facilities

by Jarod Lim, The Star, 11 July 2016

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia -- THE Buddhist Maha Vihara in Brickfields is organising a charity dinner to raise funds for an expansion project for the Buddhist Institute Sunday Dhamma School (BISDS).


Funeral fo the late Sayadaw U Pandita

Archive of Images of the funeral


Buddhist nationalist group threatens stability in Myanmar

by MOTOKAZU MATSUI, Nikkei Asian Review, June 29, 2016

YANGON, Myanmar -- An anti-Muslim Buddhist nationalist group in Myanmar is rapidly extending its influence, growing into a political force that could pose a serious challenge to the leadership of Aung San Suu Kyi.


Thousands of Buddhist monks march in anti-Muslim protests in Myanmar’s restive Rakhine State

SCMP, 3 July, 2016

Yangon, Myanmar -- Myanmar’s bitterly-divided Rakhine State saw mass protests on Sunday as thousands of Buddhists, including monks, demonstrated in a show of opposition to a government edict referring to Muslim communities in the restive province, organisers said.


Buddhist Mob Destroys Mosque in Myanmar

AFP, June 25, 2016

YANGON, Myanmar -- Scores of police have been deployed to guard a village in central Myanmar where religious tensions are running high after a Buddhist mob destroyed a mosque, authorities said Saturday.


Thai firms to construct five high-end hotels for Buddhist circuit

by Archis Mohan, Business Standard, June 18, 2016

India-Thailand to negotiate a new bilateral investment treaty
New Delhi, India
-- India and Thailand today agreed to negotiate a new Bilateral Investment Treaty (BIT) and increase cooperation in areas of defence and maritime security.


The sad state of Thai Buddhism

The Nation, June 9, 2016

Even abbots must obey the secular law of the land, and certainly the faithful must report wrongdoing
Bangkok, Thailand
-- It would be going too far to say that predominantly Buddhist Thailand is suffering a crisis of faith, but the litany of "sins" being committed against the spirit of the Lord Buddha's teachings continues to grow, with several alarming instances recently making headlines and involving legal prosecution.


Buddhist temple linked to tiger trafficking denies its leader was involved

Associated Press, June 9, 2016

KANCHANABURI, Thailand -- A Buddhist temple denied that its abbot was involved in illegal trafficking of tigers at a news conference Thursday that was its first detailed response since Thailand's wildlife authority removed scores of big cats from the popular tourist attraction and found dead cubs in jars and freezers.


Senior Buddhist monk quits Ma Ba Tha

Mizzima, 8 June 2016

Yangon, Myanmar -- A Senior Buddhist monk, Parmaukkha, a member of the central committee of the powerful ultranationalist Buddhist monk organization Ma Ba Tha, has stepped down over political differences with the group, RFA reported on 7 June.


40 dead tiger cubs found in freezer of Thailand Tiger Temple amid fears of suspected trafficking

The Star, June 1, 2016

BANGKOK, Thailand -- Thai wildlife authorities found 40 tiger cub carcasses in a freezer in Thailand's infamous Tiger Temple on Wednesday as they removed live animals in response to international pressure over suspected trafficking and abuse.


Dhammakaya followers send warning signal


Bangkok, Thailand -- Thousands of Wat Dhammakaya followers in and outside the country have become increasingly frustrated with the way the abbot is being treated and the monastery is beginning to worry it might not be able to keep them in line, their spokesperson said.


Vietnam: Official recognition of Buddha’s birthday

Vietnam News, May 18, 2016

Hanoi, Vietnam -- President of the Vietnam Fatherland Front (VFF) Central Committee Nguyen Thien Nhan yesterday visited the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha (VBS)’s Executive Council on the occasion of Buddha’s 2,560th birthday.


Singapore: Five temples to visit this Vesak Day

By Joy Fang, Today, May 21, 2016

Singapore -- With temples located islandwide, options are aplenty if you’d like to join in the Vesak Day festivities, soak in the atmosphere and, perhaps, gain some peace.


Thai and Myanmar people perform Vesak activity in Tak

NNT, 20 May 2016

TAK,  Thailand --  A large number of Thai and Myanmar people performed a religious activity together on the occasion of Vesak Day.


Bangkok Vesak Conference held with theme "The Buddhist Path to World Peace"

by Dr. Lalit Kishore, Merinews, 19 May, 2016

Bangkok, Thailand -- Under the auspices of the International Association of Buddhist Universities, a two-day 13th Annual United Nations Day of Vesak (UNDV) Celebration was held recently with the theme "The Buddhist Path to World Peace". The opening day, a short seminar on "Buddhist Education for Peace" was held.


Thailand observes Vesak Day

NNT, 20 May, 2016

Bangkok, Thailand -- Civil servants and residents of all provinces are participating in alms giving and merit-making activities on the occasion of Vesak Day.


Thailand issues arrest warrant for Buddhist abbot in graft investigation

Reuters, May 18, 2016

Bangkok, Thailand -- Thai authorities issued an arrest warrant for an influential Buddhist abbot on charges of money-laundering and receiving illegal donations, justice ministry officials said on Tuesday.


Gold leaves for statues

By Majorie Chiew, The Star, 17 May 2016

Petaling Jaya, Malaysia -- SOME 200 devotees at the Thai Buddhist Chetawan Temple in Petaling Jaya, held a ceremony to apply gold leaves on five Buddha statues at the chief abbot’s premises.


5 places to celebrate Wesak Day in Malaysia

By MING TEOH, The Star, May 21, 2016

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia -- It was almost dusk. The sky had turned a deep blue and the street lamps which had come on grew brighter in the increasing darkness. Despite a light drizzle, a crowd had gathered – families with children, elderly folk, young people, and Caucasians – to watch the Wesak Day procession from Buddhist Maha Vihara Temple in Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur.


Tensions flare between powerful Thai Buddhist sect and police

Channel News Asia, 18 May 2016

BANGKOK, Thailand -- Tensions between Thai police and a powerful Buddhist sect have spiked this week after an arrest warrant was issued for an abbot at the centre of an alleged multi-million dollar scandal.


Parents of slain Buddhist monk want case to be reopened; DSI defends original inquiry

The Nation May 13, 2016

Bangkok, Thailand -- The parents of a Buddhist monk, environmentalist Phra Supoj Suwajo, who was killed on June 17, 2005 at Suan Metta Dharm forest monastery in Chiang Mai’s Fang district, yesterday filed a petition with the Justice Ministry asking the reopening of their son’s murder case.


Myanmar Religious Officials Decry Buddhist Monk’s Pagoda-Building Spree

RFA, May 11, 2016

Yangon, Myanmar -- Religious officials in Myanmar have condemned the actions of an influential Buddhist monk and his followers who are erecting Buddhist pagodas on the grounds of churches and mosques in eastern Myanmar’s Karen State.


Buddhist bookstore Sukhi Hotu to close

by Adrian Chan, The Star, 26 April 2016

Petaling Jaya, Malaysia -- A BUDDHIST bookstore in Petaling Jaya will be closing its doors at the end of this month, after having served the community for nearly two decades.


Thai temple reportedly gives award to radical anti-Muslim Burmese monk

Prachatai Engliah, March 16, 2016

Bangkok, Thailand -- A controversial Thai temple has reportedly given an award to a radical anti-Muslim Burmese monk on his visit to Thailand while a group of Thai monks openly showed him support.


Concern as Myanmar Buddhist Monk Builds Stupas at Christian, Muslim Sites

by Nay Rein Kyaw for RFA’s Myanmar Service. Translated by Kyaw Kyaw Aung. Written in English by Paul Eckert, Apr 27, 2016

Yangon, Myanmar -- A senior Myanmar official vowed on Wednesday to stop an influential Buddhist monk from building pagodas near churches and mosques as Christian and Muslim leaders appealed for calm in a country that has struggled with religious tensions.


2,000-year-old Buddhist texts on show in central Vietnam

TUOI TRE NEWS, Apr 28, 2016

Thua Thien-Hue, Vietnam -- Gandharan Buddhist manuscripts dating back 2,000 years have been put on display at an exhibition in Vietnam’s central province of Thua Thien-Hue.


Female monks blame sexism for burning down of temple dormitory in Rayong, Thailand

by NANCHANOK WONGSAMUTH, The Bangkok Post, April 17, 2016

Bangkok, Thailand -- Female Buddhist monks at a temple in Rayong suspect the burning down of one of their dormitories was an attack by arsonists disgruntled with the role of women in the clergy.


Thailand: Grim future for bhikkhuni under new constitution draft

by Sanitsuda Ekachai, The Bangkok Post, Apr 20, 2016

Bangkok, Thailand -- A case of arson at a bhikkhuni centre in Rayong is shocking. Although it is yet to be determined what caused it -- land conflicts, gender discrimination, or both -- it is clear that it is not easy being a female monk. And the next charter -- if it passes the referendum -- will not make it any easier.


Last rites performed for the late Sayadaw U Pandita

The Buddhist Channel, April 21, 2016

Yangon, Myanmar --  The last rites ceremony for the late Sayadaw U Pandita who passed away in Bangkok on April 16, 2016 was carried out yesterday at the main Dhamma Hall of Shwe Taung Gon Sasana Yeiktha.



by PATHUM THANI, The Economist, Apr 2 2016

A squabble in the clergy widens Thailand’s dangerous divides

Bangkok, Thailand -- JUST north of Bangkok, the Thai capital, stands an enormous golden stupa designed to last 1,000 years. Its gleaming exterior is made not from smooth tiles but from 300,000 tightly-packed statues of the Buddha; 700,000 more are hidden inside.


World Fellowship of Buddhist Youth President purged as Dhammakaya fallout takes hold

The Buddhist Channel, April 9, 2016

Bangkok, Thailand -- The President of the World Fellowship of Buddhist Youth (WFBY), Dr. Pornchai Pinyapong was unanimously voted out by the body's executive committee in an emergency meeting held at it's headquarters in Bangkok, on Monday, April 4, 2016.


Is Thein Sein Myanmar's Angulimala?

by Our Special Correspondent, The Buddhist Channel, April 7, 2016

Yangon, Myanmar -- Myanmar's retired junta General Thein Sein has become a monk. He has been ordained as U Thandi Dhamma. According to reliable sources, it was the well known Dhamma teacher Dr. Ashin Nyanissara or better known as Sitagu Sayadaw who implored him to take up monkhood.


Former Myanmar president Thein Sein 'becomes a monk': State media

The Straits Times, April 5, 2016

YANGON, Myanmar -- The retired junta general who steered Myanmar's last five years of reforms has temporarily become a monk, according to state media, days after he ceded power to a new government led by Aung San Suu Kyi's pro-democracy party.


Top Thai Buddhist monk investigated over vintage Mercedes-Benz

by Oliver Holmes, The Guardian, 29 March 2016

Supporters of Somdet Chuang, frontrunner for the post of supreme patriarch, say tax evasion claims are politically driven

Bangkok, Thailand -- A 90-year-old monk is under investigation for tax evasion in Thailand and will be summoned by police after he refused to answer their questions about his classic Mercedes-Benz.


Sula pagoda given a golden facelift

AFP, March 30, 2016

Yangon, Myanmar -- TEETERING on bamboo scaffolding, craftsmen are busy attaching blocks of gold to a Buddhist pagoda in downtown Yangon, Myanmar, burnishing one of the city’s major landmarks and racking up spiritual credit for devotees.


Buddhist Nationalist Monks to Protest Christian VP-Elect


YANGON, Myanmar -- A group of nationalist Buddhist monks and supporters are preparing to protest the National League for Democracy (NLD) for appointing a Christian vice president-elect this month.


Thailand’s monks are put on diet and fitness regime amid ‘obesity time bomb’

by Philip Sherwell, The Telegraph, March 16, 2016

They are renowned for meditation and moderation, but more than half the country’s Buddhist monks are obese, according to new research

Bangkok, Thailand -- The early morning alms round by saffron-clad monks holding their donations bowls to collect food and drink is a familiar daily ritual in Thailand.


Dhammakaya saga threatens to deepen feud in Thai Buddhism

By Panu Wongcha-um, Channel NewsAsia, 7 Mar 2016

The abbot and founder of the Dhammakaya sect, Dhammachayo, is currently under investigation for allegedly embezzling the temple’s donation money.

BANGKOK, Thailand -- Dhammakaya, the world’s fastest growing group within Buddhism, has more than 4,000 monks and claims to have millions of followers in Thailand and abroad. In recent months however, the sect has come under increasing scrutiny over a raft of issues.


Myanmar: Dhamma schools lack funds

By Nay Aung, Myanmar Times, 3 February 2016

Yangon, Myanmar -- The Dhamma School Foundation says it aims to establish more than 9000 Buddhist Sunday schools over the next five years, nearly quadrupling the current number.


Pailin monks launch prison outreach plan

by Khouth Sophak Chakrya, Phnom Penh Post, 19 January 2016

Phnom Penh, Cambodia -- Pailin province’s chief monk, along with other monks, yesterday visited the Pailin Provincial Prison to “educate” the prisoners through dialogue.


In Phuket, Thailand, a Buddhist temple can be more relaxing than the beach

by Rosemary McClure, Los Anegeles Times, March 5, 2016

Phuket, Thailand -- A funny thing happened on my way to a beach in Phuket (poo-KET). I came upon the annual Vegetarian Festival, a nine-day Chinese celebration thought to bestow good fortune.


Global Buddhist monks call for tackling climate change

ANI, March 4, 2016

Ayutthaya, Thailand -- Buddhist monks from around the world gathered at Thailand's ancient Ayutthaya city on Thursday for the last day of the International Buddhist Confederation (IBC) during which they laid emphasis on actions to tackle climate change.


Tense times for Thai junta, Buddhist clergy

by Tan Hui Yee, The Straits Times, Feb 25, 2016

Row over appointment of kingdom's most senior monk causing unrest

Bangkok, Thailand -- It is not often you see a monk performing a headlock, much less on a soldier. But that's exactly what happened last week, when soldiers confronted monks who had gathered in a Buddhist park to pressure the Thai military government to speed up their appointment of the most senior monk in the kingdom.


Most want Supreme Patriarch appointment deferred

The Bangkok Post, Feb 28, 2016

Bangkok, Thailand -- Most people believe the prime minister should defer a proposal for His Majesty the King to appoint the new Supreme Patriarch until conflicts in monastic circles are resolved, according to an opinion survey by the National Institute of Development Administration or Nida Poll.


Thailand: Debate ordered for Buddhism row

The Bangkok Post, Feb 18, 2016

PM promises to ease tensions over top monk

Bangkok, Thailand -- Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha has promised to hold a formal debate over the appointment of a new supreme patriarch to hose down the volatile situation.


Thailand: Ex-official of Religion leads legal charge against Buddhist bodies

The Bangkok Post, 12 Feb 2016

Bangkok, Thailand -- Paiboon Nititawan, ex-chairman of the defunct National Reform Council committee on religious affairs, is pursuing legal action against the Sangha Supreme Council (SSC) and the National Office of Buddhism (NOB) after the two Buddhist bodies refused to defrock a controversial monk.


Monks gather to demand Supreme Patriarch endorsement

The Bangkok Post, Feb 15, 2016

Bangkok, Thailand -- Several thousands monks and their supporters have assembled at Phutthamonthon in Nakhon Pathom province to demand a prompt endorsement of the 20th Supreme Patriarch.


Soldiers Tussle With Buddhist Monks Heading to Thai Rally

The Associated Press, Feb 15, 2016

BANGKOK, Thailand -- Thai soldiers Monday tussled with monks seeking to support their candidate to lead the Buddhist hierarchy in Thailand, taking a politically-tinged religious power struggle to the streets.


Buddhist groups and temple celebrate CNY with song and dance

The Star, 17 February 2016

Penang, Malaysia -- IN the spirit of Chinese New Year, Than Hsiang Temple together with 34 Buddhist organisations organised a grand celebration at SMJK Phor Tay in Jalan Sungai Dua, Penang.


Thailand: Monks' top council protects Dhammachayo

The Bangkok Post, 10 Feb 2016

Bangkok, Thailand -- The Sangha Supreme Council says controversial abbot Dhamachayo of Wat Phra Dhammakaya will not be defrocked because complaints against him were withdrawn before a hearing could begin.


Khon Kaen abbot caught with forbidden fruit

by JAKKRAPAN NATHANRI, The Bangkok Post, 29 Jan 2016

KHON KAEN, Thailand -- A temple abbot caught in a locked hall at night with a woman follower explained to angry villagers he was not having sex with her - he merely hungered for jujubes and had asked her to bring him his favourite fruit.


Temple puts up “No Ritual” performance notice amid child angel fever

Thai PBS, January 29, 2016

Bangkok, Thailand -- The popular Buakwan temple in Nonthaburi today put up a sign announcing the halting of the performance of Buddhism  ritual for the "child angels" after many people flocking the temple with their superstitious dolls for the rituals.


No signs of foul play Wat Sa Ket ex-abbot's death

Bangkok Post, 28 Jan 2016

Bangkok, Thailand -- Police are continuing their investigation into the death of a former Sangha Supreme Council member, but say they have found nothing that points to foul play.


Indian Buddhist monks march for peace in Myanmar, his eminence Thuksey Rinpoche leads

ANI, February 1, 2016

As Myanmar moves towards new government formation, Indian Buddhist monks initiated a 'Peace Yatra' in Yangon, Myanmar led by His Eminence Drukpa Thuksey Rinpoche, a spiritual regent to His Holiness the Gyalwang Drukpa.

Yangon, Myanmar -- As Myanmar moves towards new government formation, Indian Buddhist monks initiated a ‘Peace Yatra’ in Yangon, Myanmar led by His Eminence Drukpa Thuksey Rinpoche, a spiritual regent to His Holiness the Gyalwang Drukpa.


Former Wat Sa Ket abbot found hanged

The Bangkok Post, 25 Jan 2016

Bangkok, Thailand -- The former abbot of a well-known royal monastery in Bangkok was found dead at the temple on Monday morning.
Police found the body of Phra Phromsuthi (Chao Khun Sanoh), 58, on a bed at Wat Sa Ket in Pomprap Sattruphai district at 8am. His brother and disciples said they had found him hanging in his quarters and brought the body down.


Damaging the good name of Buddhism

by Patcharawalai Sanyanusin, Bangkok Post, 26 Jan 2016

Bangkok, Thailand -- The Sangha Supreme Council's (SSC) nomination of Somdet Phra Maha Ratchamangalacharn or Somdet Chuang to be the next supreme patriarch has sparked a series of heated debates and stirred up concerns in our Buddhist community over the weeks. The row mainly focuses on whether the 90-year-old monk who is abbot of Wat Pak Nam is truly qualified for the top job.


Buddhist monks march through Myanmar for peace

By Vishal Gulati , IANS, Jan 26, 2016

Yangon, Myanmar -- After once trudging through war-torn Sri Lanka, their first outside India, Buddhist monks of the prominent Drukpa Lineage are now undertaking a similar foot journey for peace in Myanmar, which has witnessed decades of ethnic turbulence. The Drukpa monks are mainly based in India's Ladakh region in Jammu and Kashmir and have a long history of promoting inter-faith peace and celebrating diversity.


Buddhist Peace Conference Kicks Off With Presidential Cameo

By ZARNI MANN, THE IRRAWADDY, January 22, 2016

MANDALAY, Myanmar -- A diverse crowd of religious figures from around the world convened in central Burma on Friday for the start of the World Buddhist Peace Conference, an ambitious event with the stated aim of bridging religious differences in Burma and abroad.


Big Buddhist park project upsets southern Thai Muslims

By Max Constant,, Jan 18, 2016

Locals in majority Muslim region express displeasure that authorities would propose $5.5 million, 80-acre project without consulting residents

Pattani, Thailand -- An 80-acre Buddhist park project planned in Thailand’s Muslim majority south is upsetting local Muslims and could trigger a wave of protests, local media reported Monday.


Officials Bring Buddhists to Prison, Hope for Change

by Tin Sokhavuth, Khmer Times, 18 January 2016

Phnom Penh, Cambodia -- Prisoners in Pailin’s Salakrao district received an unusual visit this Saturday, as a group of government officials and spiritual leaders dropped in to spread Buddhist teachings in an attempt to better prepare them for life outside bars.


Superstition has no place in Buddhism

The Nation January 14, 2016

With more temples shunning belief in amulets and the like, hope grows for an end to wayward monks

Bangkok, Thailand -- A Buddhist temple in the province of Kamphaeng Phet has erected signs advising visitors to look elsewhere if they seek "superstitious" help from its monks - amulets for sale, the anointing of cars, even the distribution of holy water. The abbot has said the monks are there to discuss religious matters with the faithful, not offer voodoo guarantees of good fortune.


Thailand: Department of Special Investigation (DSI) told to speed up probe into supreme patriarch nominee's car

by King-oua Laohong, The Bangkok Post, Jan 18, 2016

Bangkok, Thailand -- The justice minister is demanding progress in the long-running DSI investigation into a luxury car tax evasion case involving the supreme patriarch nominee.


Conflict bars supreme patriarch appointment

by PATSARA JIKKHAM, The Bangkok Post, 13 Jan 2016

Bangkok, Thailand -- It is clear who is in a position to become the supreme patriarch, but the nomination will continue to be postponed just as long as conflicts involving the appointment remain, Deputy Prime Minister Wissanu Krea-ngam said on Wednesday.


Supreme Patriarch row won't help clergy

by Sanitsuda Ekachai, The Bangkok Post, 6 Jan 2016

Bangkok, Thailand -- Amid heated disputes over who will become the new supreme patriarch, one thing is certain: whoever that may be, there is no way he can tackle the ills plaguing monastic society.


Buddhist Institute Plans to Re-launch Research Forums

by Tin Sokhavuth, Khmer Times, 4 January 2016

Phnom Penh, Cambodia -- After being dormant for 10 years, the Buddhist Institute is re-launching its monthly speakers’ program to bring the latest research to the public, an official at the institute said.


Buddhist museum opens to public

Vietnam News, December, 25 2015

DA NANG, Vietnam -- The first Buddhist Culture Museum in the country was opened yesterday at the city's Quan The Am (Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva) Pagoda with an exhibition of over 500 Buddhist antiques.


Extremism Loses Out in Myanmar Vote

By Oren Samet, Asia Sentinel, December 22, 2015

With the NLD’s landslide victory, have hardline monks lost their political power?

Yangon, Myanmar -- With the opposition National League for Democracy’s (NLD) landslide victory in Myanmar’s Nov. 8 election, the enduring popularity of its leader, Nobel Peace Prize laureate Aung San Suu Kyi, was confirmed. The results also constituted a strong popular rebuke of military rule, as the former generals of the incumbent Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP) suffered an embarrassing defeat.


Thai crown prince and sister collect remains of supreme patriarch

by Supinda na Mahachai, The Nation / ANN, Dec 18, 2015

Bangkok, Thailand -- THE cremated remains of His Holiness Somdet Phra Nyanasamvara, the late Supreme Patriarch of Thailand, were enshrined at Wat Bovoranives Vihara yesterday in a ceremony  on December 17.


Thailand bids farewell to Supreme Patriarch

The Bangkok Post, Dec 16, 2015

Crown Prince presides over cremation rites

Bangkok, Thailand -- Hundreds of thousands of people bid a final farewell to the late Supreme Patriarch Wednesday at a royally sponsored cremation ceremony.


Vietnam’s first Buddhism Museum in Vietnam opens in Da Nang

VietnamNet, Dec 15, 2015

Hanoi, Vietnam -- More than 500 Buddhist antiquities, including artifacts rated as national treasures, are on display at the Museum of Buddhist Culture in the central city of Da Nang.


Bangladesh embassy in Thailand highlights Buddhist heritage of both countries, Dec 11, 2015

Bangkok, Thailand -- The Bangladesh embassy in Bangkok, celebrating its 40th anniversary, has highlighted the Buddhist heritage of Thailand and Bangladesh through an exceptional programme.


World’s tallest Buddha ice sculpture planned in Hua Hin

by CHAIWAT SATYAEM, Bangkok Post, 1 Dec 2015

Hua Hin, Thailand -- A team of ice sculptors in Prachuap Khiri Khan plan to carve what they say will be the world’s tallest Buddha ice statue to mark His Majesty the King’s 88th birthday on Dec 5.


Burmese Public Dismisses Buddhist Nationalism With a Ballot

by SWE WIN, MYANMAR NOW, 19 Nov 2015

The crushing defeat of Burma’s military-backed ruling party doubles as an outright dismissal of the extremist nationalist “Buddhist” movement called Ma Ba Tha.

RANGOON, Burma -- In both Myanmar and abroad, the National League for Democracy’s landslide election win is seen as a victory of the people over the military and its ruling political elite.


Monk of Banned Buddhist Church Reaffirms Commitment to Democracy in Vietnam

RFA, Nov 19, 2015

Hanoi, Vietnam -- The head of a banned Buddhist church in Vietnam on Thursday expressed gratitude to the international community for advocating for his release from house arrest and reaffirmed his commitment to democracy activism in the one party communist nation


Nip unholy hate speech in the bud

by Sanitsuda Ekachai, The Bangkok Post, Nov 4, 2015

Bangkok, Thailand -- For a Buddhist monk killed in the deep South, a mosque should be burned down in retaliation. This violent proposal from a Buddhist monk stirred a heated debate on social media last week. Is it merely a storm in a tea cup? The answer is no.


Myanmar Buddhist radicalism fuels Thai push for state religion

The Bangkok Post, 4 Nov 2015

Bangkok, Thailand -- A campaign to enshrine Buddhism as Thailand's state religion has been galvanised by a radical Buddhist movement in neighbouring Myanmar that is accused of stoking religious tension, the leader of the Thai bid said.


Can Burma Save Buddhism From the Politicians?

By Christian Caryl, Foreign Policy, October 30, 2015

An unholy alliance between the government and extremist Buddhist monks is threatening to derail the transition to democracy.

Yangon, Myanmar - There’s a specter haunting Burma. It’s the specter of politicized religion.


UN chief hits out at Myanmar monks' 'hate speech'

The Bangkok Post, 3 Nov 2015

YANGON, Myanmar -- UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon hit out Monday at "extreme elements" in Myanmar who are sowing hate speech and bigotry towards religious minorities, days before the country votes in landmark elections.


Push to make Buddhism state religion

by Nanchanok Wongsamuth, The Bangkok Post, Oct 25, 2015

Several Buddhist groups are again hoping the constitution drafters will include Buddhism as the official state religion.

Bangkok, Thailand -- Supporters have declared that this time proposals to the drafters would be made peacefully, after a previous attempt failed during the coup-installed Gen Surayud Chulanont government in 2007.


Buddhist novice film ban 12 Oct 2015

The Bangkok Post, Oct 13, 2015

Bangkok, Thailand -- The film censorship board of the Culture Ministry has banned the screening of Abat, a horror film about a Buddhist novice, less than a day before its premiere and media screening on Tuesday.


Myanmar's Ma Ba Tha monks flex their political muscle

By Jonah Fisher, BBC News, 8 October 2015

Yangon, Myanmar -- The most powerful political force in Myanmar's election has no candidates and will win no seats. But when the monks of the Ma Ba Tha speak, politicians listen.


Borobudur Planned to be Mecca for Buddhists

Tempo, 4 October, 2015

Jakarta, Indonesia -- Coordinating Maritime Affairs Minister Rizal Ramli said that he would make the Borobudur Temple in Magelang, Central Java, to become the main tour destination for Buddhists from around the world.


United Nations Day of Vesak (UNDV) for 2016 scaled down

The Buddhist Channel, Oct 5, 2015

Bangkok, Thailand -- The International Association of Buddhist Universities has announced the dates for the 13th Annual United Nations Day of Vesak (UNDV) Celebrations. Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya University (Wangnoi, Ayutthaya) will again be the event host, which will take place from 17-18 May, 2016.


Buddhist Group Comes Under Fire From Myanmar Politicians, Activists

Radio Free Asia, Sept 25, 2015

Yangon, Myanmar -- Politicians and activists in Myanmar have criticized an influential Buddhist national group for holding large public gatherings across the country to celebrate the passage of a set of four controversial laws, fearing the intermingling of religion with politics ahead of the Nov. 8 general elections in a country that has suffered major inter-religious violence in recent years.


‘Rebel’ female Buddhist monks challenge Thailand’s religious status quo

AP, Sep 14, 2015

NAKHON PATHOM, THAILAND -- On a rural road just after daybreak, villagers young and old kneel reverently before a single file of ochre-robed women, filling their bowls with rice, curries, fruits and sweets. In Thailand, it is a rare sight.


Three senior citizens, including 2 monks, perish in Malaysian temple blaze

The Star, September 5, 2015

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia -- Three female senior citizens, including two monks, perished in a 3am fire at a Chinese temple in Kampung Baru Air Panas, Setapak here early Saturday.


Vu Lan: The Buddhist Mother's Day in Vietnam

TUOI TRE NEWS, Aug 29, 2015

Hanoi, Vietnam -- A large number of Vietnamese people on Friday flocked to pagodas across the country to observe the Buddhist “Vu Lan” Festival, where they expressed their gratefulness and appreciation toward their parents, especially their mothers.


Anti-Muslim Buddhist group moves toward Myanmar's mainstream

By Timothy Mclaughlin and Hnin Yadana Zaw, Reuters , Sept 2, 2015

YANGON, Myanmar -- Swathed in crimson robes, 77-year-old Ashin Tilawkar Biwonsa shuffles through a crowded conference room with the help of an aide, his supporters standing in respect as he takes a seat at the head of a table under a portrait of his own image.


Mystery over the decomposed Buddhist monk body in Vietnam

VietNamNet Bridge, July 27, 2015

Quang Ngai, Vietnam -- Vietnamese scientists were surprised to discover that the body of Venerable Thich Minh Duc was not decomposed after 26 years of burial.


Monks promote Buddhist cultural exchange in Thailand

IANS, August 3, 2015

Bangkok, Thailand -- Monks from China's Shaolin temple gave a performance of Kung Fu as part of their six-day visit to promote Buddhist cultural exchange in Thailand.


Buddhist symposium in Chiangmai

by Patinya Srisupamas, The Nation, August 3, 2015

Chiang Mai, Thailand -- The event is being held at Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya University in the northern province for the first time from August 1-4.


Phuket two-day booze ban for Buddhist holidays to include hotels

by Supatra Sutham,, July 27, 2015

Phuket, Thailand -- Bars and restaurants across the island will be forced to refrain from selling alcohol on Thursday and Friday (July 30-31) as the nation marks the Buddhist holidays Asarnha Bucha Day and Khao Phansa (Buddhist Lent).


From Thailand, in search of Buddhist link

by B. Kolappan, the Hindu, July 27, 2015

Chennai, India -- Even though Buddhism thrived in Poompuhar and Nagapattinam in Tamil Nadu, they do not figure in the list places to be visited by the pilgrims from South-East Asian countries. They tour North India and visit Buddhist pilgrim centres like Bodh Gaya.


Safety measures for Buddhist monks in Thai Muslim south

By Max Constant, Anadolu Agency, 26 July 2015

Monks often targeted by insurgents who see them as symbols of Thai state, reminder of past attempts to forcefully convert Malay Muslims

Bangkok, Thailand -- Thailand’s military has officially asked local administrations in the insurgency-plagued Muslim south to implement a series of special safety measures for Buddhist monks, a day after a fatal attack during an alms gathering round.


Understanding Buddhist-Muslim relations in Burma (Myanmar)

by Justin Whitaker, Patheos, June 16, 2015

Yangon, Myanmar -- Is Myanmar approaching genocide?

This was the question, and in fact the headline haunting my google news feed for much of the month of May. Today the plight of the Rohingya in Myanmar (or Burma as many still call it)* is far from certain, and the history which has brought us here is even more clouded.


The Sakyadhita International Conference on Buddhist Women

by Pema Khandro, the Buddhist Channel, Jul 6, 2015

Yogyakarta, Indonesia -- The Sakyadhita International Conference on Buddhist Women met for one week in beautiful, humid, Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Over a thousand people, from different countries and different Buddhist traditions, gathered to discuss the history, concerns and achievements of women in Buddhism.


Shun hateful Buddhists

The Bangkok Post, July 6, 2015

Bangkok, Thailand -- An agreement was signed in Yangon less than two weeks ago for Thai Buddhists to provide equipment and expertise for Myanmar's first Buddhist radio station. The National Thai Buddhism and Culture Mass Media Association produces radio and TV programmes in Thailand.


International Buddhist Women’s conference begins June 23

Lion's Roar, June 19, 2015

Yogyakarta, Indonesia -- The 14th Sakyadhita International Conference on Buddhist Women will begin on June 23 in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, running until June 30. Its theme will be “Compassion and Social Justice.”


Exhibition on Indian Buddhist Art opens in Singapore

By Alice Chia, CNA, 18 Jun 2015

Titled "Treasures from Asia's Oldest Museum: Buddhist Art from the Indian Museum, Kolkata", the two-month-long exhibition features dramatic sculptures and paintings tracing scenes from the life of Buddha.

SINGAPORE -- More than 80 pieces of rare Buddhist art from the Indian subcontinent are on display at the Asian Civilisations Museum in Singapore. The exhibition, which features artworks from Asia's oldest museum in Kolkata, chronicles the evolution of Buddhist art from the 2nd century BC.


Myanmar's hardliners, monks protest in Rakhine against Rohingya migrant rescues

Asia News, Jun 14, 2015

Yangon, Myanmar -- Burmese Buddhist extremist movements, backed by a group of nationalists monks, yesterday launched a new set of anti-Rohingya demonstrations in the western state of Rakhine, home to devastating sectarian violence.


Activists outraged as Myanmar jails writer for Buddhist insults

Reuters, Jun 2, 2015

Yangon, Myanmar -- A Myanmar court sentenced a writer to two years in jail and hard labor on Tuesday for insulting Buddhism, his lawyer said, a verdict derided by activists as a blow to free speech and religious tolerance.


Cambodian King Granted ‘Virtuous’ Buddhist Title

by Hul Reaksmey, VOA Khmer, 4 June 2015

PHNOM PENH, Cambodia -- Thousands of monks and thousands more laymen gathered for a royal ceremony on Wednesday, to bestoy upon Cambodia’s king a new honorary Buddhist title.


Buddhist Monk in Thailand Relies on Karma for Lending Success

By Wilawan Watcharasakwet, The WSJ, May 12, 2015

Microlender sets interest according to borrower’s good deeds, avoids defaults with neighborly peer pressure

BAAN NA KLUEA, Thailand -- Buddhist monks aren’t really known for dipping into the material world of finance. Phra Subin Paneeto, though, says he felt he didn’t have much choice when he saw his neighbors near Thailand’s border with Cambodia were struggling to make ends meet.


Calling came in primary school

The Straits Times, May 31, 2015

Singapore -- Ever since he was in primary school, Goh Chun Kiang has wanted to be a monk.


Buddhists find voice to the United Nations via UNDV

The Buddhist Channel, May 29, 2015

Bangkok, Thailand -- Some 5,000 delegates from over 80 countries are being gathered in Bangkok, Thailand to usher in the United Nations Day of Vesak (UNDV) from May 28-30, 2015. This year's edition, the 12th in the series is being hosted by Thailand, after Vietnam which played host last year. This year's theme is "Buddhism and World Crisis".


Tiger ‘unintentionally’ mauled abbot at controversial Thai temple: Doctor

AFP, May 25, 2015

BANGKOK, Thailand -- A tiger that mauled the abbot of a Thai temple under fire over the welfare of dozens of big cats in its care “didn’t intend” to attack him, the monk’s doctor said on Monday.


Myanmar Buddhists plan anti-boatpeople rally

AFP, 26 May 2015

YANGON, Myanmar -- Myanmar Buddhist nationalists vowed to protest against international pressure on the country to help boat people, a prominent monk said Tuesday, as humanitarian efforts to rescue desperate migrants stir festering anti-Muslim animosity.


India reaches out to Indonesia's Buddhist community

Zee News, May 25, 2015

Jakarta, Indonesia -- India has reached out to the large Buddhist community in Indonesia, which has the world`s largest Muslim population, by organising an exhibition on the Buddha.


Hardliner tries to reform Thailand’s Buddhist monks behaving badly

by Anna Fifield, The Washington Post, May 15, 2015

Scandals involving drugs, financial impropriety and lavish lifestyles have tarnished the reputation of the country’s dominant religious order

Bangkok, Thailand -- Think Buddhist monk, and bodyguards and bomb threats probably don’t spring to mind. But that’s exactly what Phra Buddha Issara is dealing with as he mounts a campaign to overhaul Thailand’s religious institutions.


Buddhist community sets tone of tolerance and acceptance of other faiths: Singapore PM

By Olivia Siong, Channel NewsAsia, 15 May 2015

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong calls on Singaporeans to reflect on the values that brought the country to where it is and that will keep it going.

SINGAPORE -- The Buddhist community is the largest religious group in Singapore, and Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong on Friday (May 15) said he was grateful the group has set the tone of tolerance and acceptance of other faiths.


Buddhist monk Ming Yi says news report inspired him to donate kidney to stranger

By Chew Hui Min, The Straits Times, May 5, 2015

SINGAPORE -- Venerable Ming Yi, who donated his kidney to a stranger last week, said he was inspired to do so by a TV news report about kidney patients here.


Wesak in Malaysia: A morning at Thai Wat Chetawan

by Kooi F Lim, The Buddhist Channel, May 4, 2015

Malaysia is only one of three countries (apart from Cambodia and Sri Lanka) which is observing Wesak (or Vesak) on May 3, 2015. Kooi F Lim opts to spend the morning at one of Petaling Jaya's most beautiful temple, the Thai Wat Chetawan. Here are his observations.

Petaling Jaya, Selangor (Malaysia) -- It was just after dawn, but the crowd has started to teem into the massive Wat Chetawan compound, the most beautiful Thai temple in all of Petaling Jaya, and one of the most gorgeous outside of Thailand. The day was already bright, and the low sunlight breaks through the fog produced by smoky incense like light steaming through a comb.


Buddha's 2,500-year-old relics find new home

The Star/Asia News Network, Apr 27, 2015

GEORGE TOWN, Penang -- The historical moment marking the arrival of Buddha's 2,500-year-old relics was greeted with much pomp and grandeur at the iconic Kek Lok Si Temple in Air Itam here.


Buddhist Monk Spends Life Saving Rare Bamboo Species

Bernama, Apr 16, 2015

Hanoi, Vietnam -- Buddhist bikku (monk) Thich The Tuong has been working hard to turn his one hectare farm into a bamboo conservatory on the Son Tra Mountain, which is the home for over 110 bamboo species including the four considered on the verge of extinction in Viet Nam.


New Buddhist monastery to be built in Woodlands

CNA, Apr 7, 2015

SINGAPORE -- A new Buddhist monastery is set to be built in Woodlands, with construction expected to be completed by the end of next year. It will be located at the junction of Woodlands Drive 16 and Woodlands Avenue 6.


Thailand celebrates Songkran with a splash, Apr 13, 2015

Bangkok, Thailand -- Buddhist New Year celebrations have begun in nations across South East Asia, with lively water-throwing festivities.


First retreat for Vietnamese Community in Busan, Korea

by Dieu Thanh, The Buddhist Channel, April 8, 2015

Busan, Korea -- One of largest temples in South Korea, Sam Kwang Temple in Busan witnessed the hosting of the first Buddhist retreat for the Vietnamese community residing here. The event - organized by Chuyen Tu Monastery (Ba Ria–Vung Tau province, Vietnam) - was to enable participants to be engaged in Dharma practice.


Offerings made to 1.000 monks to commemorate the passing of Ven Master Thich Thien Tanh

by Dieu Thanh , The Buddhist Channel, Apr 1, 2015

Vung Tau province, Vietnam -- To commemorate 49 days since the passing of Venerable Master Thich Thien Tanh, the late abbott of Chuyen Tu Monastery, his disciples organized a "One-Thousand-Monks Great Assembly" on the evening of March 14, 2015 at Tich Quang Tower.


Charter must include Buddhist ideas of governance

by STEPHEN B YOUNG, The Bangkok Post, 28 Mar 2015

Bangkok, Thailand -- I have recently hosted five round tables - one each in Germany, London, Paris, The Netherlands and Madrid - where Thai Buddhist ideas on governance were presented to appreciative audiences.


Over 3,000 turn up at memorial service by Buddhist group

By Isaac Neo, The Straits Times, Mar 27, 2015

Singapore -- Buddhists from all over Singapore met to remember Mr Lee Kuan Yew yesterday at a memorial service organised by the Singapore Buddhist Federation (SBF).


Buddhist abbots expelled from monkhood after drinking binge

By Kyle Lawrence Mullin, Asian Correspondent, Mar 23, 2015

Bangkok, Thailand -- Buddhist monks may have a reputation for being meek, mild mannered, and nothing less than well behaved. But two abbots defied that stereotype in Sikhiu district in Thailand on Sunday, after a bout of drunk driving led to a car accident and the pair’s subsequent expulsion from their monasteries.


Time Thai Buddhism opened up to women

The Nation, March 11, 2015

The ban on the ordination of females is a violation of the Lord Buddha's teachings

Bangkok, Thailand -- Women's struggle to be afforded the same rights as men goes on, and the freedom to fulfil their spiritual aspirations is no exception. Buddhism, like other religions, still has mechanisms that prevent women from enjoying privileges given only to men.


Buddhist monks sue Burma minister over 'use of chemicals on protesters'

The Guardian, March 16, 2015

Human rights group Justice Trust claims that 57 monks suffered severe burns after police broke up demonstration at a mine in 2012

Rangoon, Burma -- Buddhist monks have prepared a lawsuit against Burma’s interior minister that accuses police of using poisonous chemicals to break up a protest in 2012 and inflicting severe burns on demonstrators.


Buddhist Gem Fellowship and Buddhist Business Network collaborates to offer “Buddhist Entrepreneurship Development Programme”

The Buddhist Channel, March 11, 2015

Petaling Jaya, Selangor (Malaysia) -- Buddhist Gem Fellowship (BGF) and the Buddhist Business Network (BBN) are collaborating to offer the “Inaugural Master Classes” for entrepreneurs. The programme aims to increase entrepreneurial opportunities, covering the entire venture creation process, from generating ideas to building viable global business.


Buddhist Gem Fellowship (BGF) inaugurates its new building while ushering in 25 years of service

The Buddhist Channel, March 10, 2015

Petaling Jaya, Selangor (Malaysia) -- A significant and historic moment in the Buddhist Gem Fellowship's 25 year journey of Dhammaduta Service to the Community was recorded on March 7, 2015, by way of the inauguration of it's headquarters located at PJU, Petaling Jaya. The event was attended by local and international Buddhist monks and nuns, leaders, organizations, members, donors and well wishers.


Thai Buddhist governing body under fire for clearing monk in graft scandal

Channel News Asia, March 6, 2015

An abbot is under investigation for allegedly embezzling about US$24.6 million from donations since 1999.

BANGKOK, Thailand -- Thailand’s Buddhist governing body is in crisis after its decision to clear a controversial monk of any wrongdoing.


Animal trances and tattoos at Thai Buddhist festival

AFP, March 6, 2015

Nakhon Pathom, Thailand -- It begins with moans, then screams and feverish dancing followed by mad dashes through a densely packed crowd.


Muslim, Buddhist leaders denounce religious strife

by Bambang Muryanto, The Jakarta Post, March 5 2015

Magelang, Central Java (Indonesia) -- Muslim and Buddhist leaders from South and Southeast Asia have issued the Yogyakarta Statement, which refuses the use of Islam and Buddha in the politics of discrimination and violence.


Activist monk seeks Buddhism overhaul in Thailand over corruption fears

By Amy Sawitta Lefevre, Reuters, Mar 1, 2015

NAKHON PATHOM, Thailand -- Phra Buddha Issara is a monk with a mission. From his Buddhist temple near Bangkok he is calling for a radical overhaul of Thai Buddhism, fearing millions of dollars in temple donations and a rapidly modernizing nation are corrupting monks.


Southeast Asian Buddhist and Muslim leaders meet

The Jakarta Post, March 3 2015

Jakarta, Indonesia -- A high-level summit of Buddhist and Muslim leaders opened in Yogyakarta on Tuesday aimed at strengthening cooperation to combat religious extremism.


Buddhist monk ordains trees to help the environment

BBC, 2 March 2015

A Buddhist monk from north-east Thailand is so worried about the environment that he has been ordaining trees for 25 years.


Thai authorities hunt for 'Chinese tourist' filmed kicking sacred prayer bell at 14th century Buddhist temple... and threaten to give him etiquette classes

Daily Mail, Feb 24, 2015

Chiangmai, Thailand -- Police in northern Thailand are trying to locate a presumed Chinese tourist who was filmed kicking a prayer bell at a Buddhist temple.


Thailand: NRC urges Dhammachayo defrocking

The Bangkok Post, Feb 19, 2015

Reformers want 16 year-old saga revived

Bangkok, Thailand -- The National Reform Council’s (NRC) committee on religious affairs has called for Phra Dhammachayo, abbot of Wat Phra Dhammakaya, to be defrocked.


Famed ‘Tiger Temple’ doesn’t abuse tigers, say wildlife officials

The Rakyat Post, Feb 12, 2015

KANCHANABURI, Thailand -- Thai wildlife protection officers say they found no mistreatment of more than 100 tigers housed at a Buddhist temple that is a popular tourist attraction, though charges have been pressed for keeping rare birds there.


Vung Tau's Buddhist trail

By Pham Quynh Nhu, Thanh Nien News, February 11, 2015

VUNG TAU, Vietnam -- The best place to begin a Buddhist pilgrimage in Vung Tau is the Phuoc Hai Monastery - some 500 meters from Go Dau Industrial Zone on National Road 51.


Structure Removed From Buddhist Institute Land

By Khuon Narim, Cambodia Daily, January 10, 2015

Phnom Penh, Cambodia -- A temporary structure built on the Buddhist Institute’s land by Na­gaCorp, which added to swirling rumors late last year that the growing casino empire was planning to develop the land and prompted hundreds of monks to march in protest, has been removed.


Cops detain man who damaged idols at Buddhist temple

The Malay Mail, January 4, 2015

BUKIT MERTAJAM, Penang -- Police have arrested a man believed to be of unsound mind on suspicion of having damaged idols and prayer equipment at the Wat Chanthraram Buddhist Temple in Tanah Liat here last Friday.


Buddha Wearing Headphones Image Triggers Controversy in Myanmar

By Fiona MacGregor, NBC news, Jan 3, 2015

YANGON, Myanmar -- A clash of cultures fueled by simmering sectarian tensions and social media has left a Western bar manager and two local colleagues imprisoned in once-cloistered Myanmar.


Buddhist group to build $20m monastery

By Melody Zaccheus, The Straits Times, Dec 23, 2014

Singapore -- A $20 million Buddhist monastery will rise up in the north of Singapore in 2017.


Buddhist society holds special camp

by Adrian Chan, The Star, December 23, 2014

Serdang, Malaysia -- THE school holidays are nearly coming to a close and many children will be suffering from an overdose of cartoons and video games.


Muslims and Buddhists show they care for young students

The Star, December 24, 2014

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia --  Muslims and Buddhists produced a shining example of inter-faith cooperation when they joined hands in a presentation ceremony for Educare 2014, an annual charitable project by Siri Jayanti Association and Maha Karuna Foundation.


Buddhist Patriarchs Ban Rallies, But Activist Monks March Forth

By Ben Sokhean, The Cambodia Daily, December 8, 2014

Phnom Penh, Cambodia -- A nationwide human rights march hit another roadblock over the weekend when activists and monks were reportedly prevented from sleeping in pagodas across the country, while the country’s two Buddhist sects released a statement Friday forbidding monks from taking part in public demonstrations.


Malaysian Buddhist leader joins interfaith pact to end slavery

The Star (Reuters), Dec 4, 2014

The Vatican -- Datuk K Sri Dhammaratana, the Maha Nayaka Thera of Malaysia, joins world religious leaders in signing a declaration to end modern day slavery.


Beware when donating to Puzhao Buddhist Vihara

Young Buddhist Association of Malaysia, Nov 7, 2014

Petaling Jaya, Malaysia -- Young Buddhist Association of Malaysia (YBAM) warns the public to be cautious when donating to Puzhao Buddhist Vihara in order to prevent fraud.


First Buddhist Nuns' Novitiate Program held at Subang Jaya Buddhist Association

The Buddhist Channel, Nov 10, 2014

Subang Jaya, Malaysia -- The first Buddhist Nuns’ Novitiate Programme in the Theravada Tradition will be held from November 7 - 16 2014 at the Subang Jaya Buddhist Association. This is the first time a programme such as this is held in Malaysia.


Iconic Anime Character Painted on Buddhist Temple

by Brian Ashcraft,, Oct 15, 2014

Bangkok, Thailand -- A 700 year-old Buddhist temple in Thailand contains something visitors might find unusual: a blue robotic cartoon cat from the future. That's right, iconic anime character Doraemon.


Buddhist Institute Is Safe, Minister Tells National Assembly

By Khuon Narim, The Cambodia Daily, October 12, 2014

Phnom Penh, Cambodia -- Despite being hemmed in by construction on all sides as NagaWorld expands its casino empire in Phnom Penh, the Buddhist Institute will not be sold off or rented out, Cults and Religion Minister Min Khin told a National Assembly commission on Thursday.


Monks March to Protect Buddhist Institute

By Khuon Narim, Combodian Daily, October 4, 2014

Phnom Penh, Cambodia -- Hundreds of Buddhist monks marched through Phnom Penh on Friday, demanding an end to construction in and around the Buddhist Institute, which is quickly being surrounded by structures and construction sites belonging to the NagaCorp.


Buddhist pilgrimage with a difference

by Sanitsuda Ekachai, The Bangkok Post, Sept 21, 2014

A spiritual journey to four holy sites in India and Nepal offers a much greater chance for deeper reflection than the usual tours

Bangkok, Thailand -- As a producer of dhamma TV programmes, Somnuek Khemacheeva has visited holy Buddhist sites in India several times as part of her work. As a devout Buddhist practitioner, however, she found the so-called “pilgrimages” that millions of Buddhist Thais make each year to India are quite spiritually superficial.


Yala ISOC arranges ‘Buddhist-Muslim Families Tighten

NNT, Sept 6, 2014

YALA, Thailand -- Yala Internal Security Operations Command (ISOC) has held a ‘Buddhist-Muslim Families, Tighten Relationship Project’ in cooperation with the Yala Special Unit, National Office of Buddhism in order to encourage the faithful of both religions, to brainstorm answers to the problem of southern unrest.


Indonesia tightens security at world’s largest Buddhist temple after ISIS threat

RT, August 23, 2014

Jogjakarta, Indonedia -- Indonesian police have been put on alert at the Borobudur Temple after a threat against the world’s biggest Buddhist temple and UNESCO World heritage Site was made on Facebook by Islamic State supporters.


Buddhist religious ceremony for 5 victims of MH17 tragedy

Bernama, Aug 20, 2014

Amsterdam, Netherlands -- A Buddhist religious ceremony was held for the remains of five Malaysian victims of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 crash, at a funeral home here, Tuesday morning.


Buddhist monk goes on hunger strike for release of all political prisoners

Eleven Myanmar, 13 August 2014

Yangon, Myanmar -- A Buddhist monk who walked from Bago to Yangon in a protest march calling for the release of the remaining political prisoners has said he will continue a hunger strike for 45 days.


'Fake’ Buddha’s Followers Defend His Teachings

by Sek Odom and Holly Robertson, The Cambodia Daily, August 6, 2014

KOH THOM DISTRICT, Cambodia -- In this rural part of Kandal province, a 35-meter-high statue of a mustachioed Buddha towers incongruously above the surrounding fields of corn and rice, providing a glimpse into the mystical world of Thean Vuthy.


Burma expels Canadian prof over Buddhist tattoos on his leg

The Star, Aug 5, 2014

Yangon, Myanmar -- Jason Polley is kicked out of Burma after photo of Buddhist tattoos on his leg went viral on Facebook in Southeast Asian country.


Ivory Urn for Top Thai Buddhist's Remains Sparks Debate

by Steve Herman, VOA, August 5, 2014

BANGKOK, Thailand -- In Thailand, an urn has been carved from ivory to hold the remains of the country's top religious leader, who died last year. The production of the urn comes as Thailand faces international pressure to eradicate the world’s largest market for unregulated ivory.


Mahasantisukha monks’ request to countersue Buddhist council rejected, again

By AYE NAI, DVB, 5 August 2014

Rangoon, Burma -- A second attempt by five Buddhist monks from the Mahasantisukha Monastery in Rangoon to countersue the government-backed Sangha Maha Nayaka Committee – the highest order of Buddhist monks in the country – has been rejected by a local court.


Malaysia Airlines MH17 crash: More than 100 attend memorial for victims at Kuala Lumpur Buddhist temple

By Lim Yan Liang, The Straits Times, Jul 20, 2014

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia -- Both secular and religious groups have come together in Kuala Lumpur since Friday to mourn those who perished in Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17, just four months after the tragedy of Flight MH370.


Myanmar-Nepal flight would facilitate Buddhist pilgrims

Eleven Myanmar, 20 July 2014

Yangon, Myanmar -- The planned launch of direct flight between Myanmar and Nepal might become a new option to facilitate the Myanmar-India-Nepal pilgrimage route for Buddhist followers.


Buddhist Thais and Malaysian in Betong give alms on Asanha Bucha day

NNT, July 10, 2014

YALA, Thailand -- Buddhist Thais and Malaysians in Betong district joined together for an alms giving ceremony on the occasion of Asanha Bucha day, under the strict guard of authorities to make sure everything went smoothly.


Buddhist backlash against fear of 'love-jihad'

Dpa, 29 Jun 2014

YANGON, Myanmar -- Suzi's family has practiced freedom of religion for decades, including Muslims, Buddhists, and now even a Christian.


Monks' bad behaviour hotline launched by Thai Buddhist authorities

Agence France-Presse, 19 June 2014

National Office of Buddhism says hotline idea emerged after Thai coup leader expressed concern about the religion's image

Bangkok, Thailand -- Buddhist monks face censure after Thai religious authorities said they had launched a 24-hour hotline for the public to report unruly acts.


Cambodia: Bad news for Buddhist institute

by Ezra Kyrill Erker, Phnom Penh Post, 21 June 2014

Surrounded by casino developments, the iconic Buddhist Institute in Phnom Penh faces the prospect of relocation or even closure as the modern world starts to close in

Phnom Penh, Cambodia -- One bookshop by the remaining entrance remains open, its religious, cultural, reference and historical texts undisturbed, collecting chalky construction dust.


Myanmar's religious department prosecutes five Buddhist monks including London Sayadaw U Ottara

Eleven Myanmar, 21 June 2014 12:41

Yangon, Myanmar -- Five Buddhist monks, including London Sayadaw U Ottara [former Head of Buddhist Mission in UK], who were forcibly defrocked and remanded at Insein Prison were brought to trial at Tamwe Township Court in Yangon yesterday. The trial comes 10 days after their eviction from Maha Thanti Thukha monastery in Tamwe Township in a night raid on June 10.


Five Buddhist monks defrocked and remanded for religious offence

Eleven Myanmar, 14 June 2014

Yangon, Myanmar -- Five Buddhist monks from Maha Thandi Thukha monastery in Yangon were disrobed and remanded at Insein prison for offending the religious ruling committee, temple followers said.


'They All Become Like My Children'


HO PONG, Shan State, Myanmar -- Daw Eainda Sar Ri, 62, has lived at the Thathana Kari Monastery in Bhamo, Kachin State, since she was 9 years old. Since last year, she has helped the children of internally displaced persons (IDPs) whose schooling was disrupted by fighting in Burma’s north, taking them under her wing and providing them with a monastic education. The Buddhist nun and her school are also providing accommodation and food to the IDP children.


Buddhist monks charged with child abuse in Thailand

AFP, 28 May 2014

Bangkok, Thailand -- Thai police say they have charged five defrocked Buddhist abbots with sexually abusing eight boys at monasteries around the northern city of Chiang Mai.


Cambodia: Official Denies Rumors of Buddhist Institute Sale

By Khuon Narim, Cambodia Daily, May 28, 2014

Phnom Penh, Cambodia -- An official at the Ministry of Cults and Religion on Tuesday held a press conference to deny rumors that the government has sold or swapped the Buddhist Institute in Phnom Penh to a private firm.


Tracing the Buddhist path in Java, Indonesia

The Jakarta Post, May 13 2014

Jogjakarta, Indonesia -- The seventh to ninth centuries were the glory days of Buddhist teachings in the heart of Java.


Buddhists flock to Miri Buddhist Society on Wesak Day

by Cindy Lai, The Borneo Post, May 14, 2014

MIRI, Sarawak (Malaysia) -- Hundreds of Buddhists gathered at Miri Buddhist Society for the Buddha bathing ceremony and to offer prayers to him on the morning of Wesak Day.


A greener, more meaningful event to mark Wesak Day

by Christina Low, The Star, May 13, 2014

Petaling Jaya, Malaysia -- SOME Buddhist temples are trying to ensure that this year’s Wesak Day will be a greener event by building their own floats with recycled materials and by not using disposable utensils.


Buddhists from 80 countries join ‘World Vesak Day’ at Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya University Ayutthaya

NNT, May 12, 2014

AYUTTHAYA, Thailand -- Leaders of Buddhism from 80 different countries around the world have joined the world Vesak Day Celebration, held at Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya University, Ayutthaya Province.


Monastery encourages people to be kind to animals on Vesak Day

Channel News Asia, May 13, 2014

Some Buddhist devotees think that handing their pets to a monastery is a liberation of life. But the Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery points out that this is a misconception.

SINGAPORE -- Some monasteries often get requests to take in abandoned pets.


Buddhist Sangha conference to begin on Sunday

Eleven Myanmar, 9 May 2014

Kabaaye, Myanmar -- An all-sect Buddhist conference will be held at Mahapathana Cave in Yangon’s Kabaaye Highland from May 11 to 13, according to the regional Sangha association.


Temples prepare for Wesak

The New Straits Times, 12 May 2014

IPOH, Perak (Malaysia) -- PREPARATIONS are underway throughout the state's Buddhist temples ahead of tomorrow's Wesak Day celebration which commemorates the birth, enlightenment and death of the Buddha.


Sia Tze Jee Buddhist Temple abuzz with activities

By Chuah Bee Kim, The New Straits Times, 12 May 2014

JOHOR BARU. Johor (Malaysia) -- The Sia Tze Jee Buddhist Temple here have been abuzz with activities since 7am today.


Exhibition on Buddha's teachings to mark Wesak

The star, May 11, 2014

SHAH ALAM, Selangor (Malaysia) --  The Buddhist Mis­sionary Society Malaysia (BMSM) from the Samadhi Vihara Temple here is holding its first exhibition on the teachings of the Buddha to mark Wesak Day celebration.


Don’t release animals into the wild for Vesak Day: Singapore National Parks

Today Online, May 7, 2014

Releasing animals will do more harm than good, exposing them to natural predators and causing harm to the eco-system

SINGAPORE -- The National Parks Board (NParks) has reminded members of the public not to release animals into the parks and nature areas during the Vesak Day period.


Buddhists flock to Vietnam’s largest temple for Vesak

VietNamNet Bridge, May 9, 2014

Ninh Binh, Vietnam - Tens of thousands of Buddhists from across the country have flocked to Bai Dinh, the largest temple in Vietnam, to attend the opening celebration of Vesak 2014, the international Buddhist event that takes place from May 7 to 11.


UN Day of Vesak in Vietnam commemorations wrap up

VietnamNet, May 12, 2014

Ninh Binh, Vietnam -- The 2014 UN Day of Vesak successfully wrapped up on Saturday in the northern province of Ninh Binh, with the adoption of a statement highlighting three sustainable development pillars.


Vesak celebrations in Vietnam draw representatives of 95 nations

Asia News Network, May 12, 2014

Hanoi, Vietnam -- More than 10,000 Buddhists, dignitaries, scholars and guests from 95 countries and territories attended the opening of celebrations for the 11th United Nations Day of Vesak (Vesakha) at Bai Dinh Pagoda in Vietnam's Ninh Binh province last Wednesday.


'Do good deeds to mark Wesak'

The New Straits Times, 12 May 2014

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia -- OFFERING  prayers for the missing passengers of the lost MH370 is among  the activities at the Wesak Day observance at the  Buddhist Maha Vihara Temple in Jalan Berhala here.


Northern Malaysian Temples prepare for Wesak

The New Straits Times, 12 May 2014

IPOH, Perak (Malaysia) -- PREPARATIONS are underway throughout the state's Buddhist temples ahead of tomorrow's Wesak Day celebration which commemorates the birth, enlightenment and death of the Buddha.


'White Temple' devastated by quake

The Bangkok Post, 6 May 2014

Exquisite Wat Rong Khun closed indefinitely

Chiang Rai, Thailand -- The Chiang Rai earthquake on Monday has left a celebrated visual artist in despair after his exquisite temple sustained substantial damage.


Hair For Hope: More than 300 go bald at Buddhist temple for a good cause

By Linette Lai, The Straits Times, May 1, 2014

Singapore -- More than 300 people had their heads shaved on Thursday morning at the Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery, in a show of support for children battling cancer.


Chachoengsao holds Buddhist sermon

NNT, 28 April 2014

CHACHOENGSAO, Thailand -- Chachoengsao is holding its monthly Buddhist sermon, urging the public to join in and apply Dharma to their daily life activities.


Yantra still exiled from monkhood

The Bangkok Post, 24 Apr 2014

Bangkok, Thailand -- Expelled monk Phra Yantra cannot re-enter the monkhood, National Office of Buddhism director-general Nopparat Benjawatananun said on Thursday, as the disgraced former cleric who was involved in a sex scandal 20 years ago continued to receive visitors on his return to Thailand.


Ex-monk's reflection of Thais and Buddhism

The Nation April 28, 2014

Yantra's return opens old wounds

Bangkok, Thailand -- Few embody such a gross misinterpretation of Buddhism as that weird-looking guy who has just returned from a long exile abroad. The former phra Yantra Ammarobhiku radiates none of that aura that the popular monk whose sexual scandals rocked Thailand's ecclesiastic circles some two decades ago had. Press and social media photos show him dressed in strange clothing that some may call robes, and sporting a long beard that obscures much of his face.


WFB General Congress to be held in Shaanxi, China

Xinhua, April 19, 2014

BANGKOK, Thailand -- The 27th General Conference of the World Fellowship of Buddhists (WFB) will be held in northwest China's Shaanxi Province in October, WFB secretary-general said here Friday.


Commission says NGO staff did not disrespect Buddhist flag

Eleven Myanmar, 11 April 2014

Sittwe, Myanmar -- A government commission has said on Wednesday that a female aid worker for Malteser International did not intend to disrespect a Buddhist flag by removing it from her house.


Ethnocentric Buddhism: A new theme in Burmese Buddhism

By DR PAUL FULLER, DVB, 5 April 2014

Yangon, Myanmar -- A new alliance is beginning to take shape in South and Southeast Asia with the news that the Bodu Bala Sena (Buddhist Power Force) has invited Wirathu, leader of the 969 movement in Burma, to visit them in Sri Lanka.


Dalai Lama expresses sadness over Vietnamese Buddhist leader's demise

Phayul, April 4, 2014

DHARAMSHALA, Tibet (China) -- Tibetan spiritual leader His Holiness the Dalai Lama has on Tuesday expressed his sadness over the passing away of Vietnamese Patriarch Thich Tri Tinh. Thich Tri Tinh was the first Supreme Patriach.


Concern as Buddhist mobs target foreign aid groups in Myanmar

By Paul Armstrong, CNN, March 28, 2014

Sittwe, Myanmar -- The United States has expressed "deep concern" about mob violence reportedly targeting international NGOs operating in Myanmar's restive west.


MISSING MH370: Tzu Chi foundation provides emotional support

Bernama, Mar 9, 2013

BEIJING, China -- Fifty volunteers of the Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation, among them 15 Malaysians, are ready to provide emotional support and care to families of passengers of a missing Malaysia Airlines (MAS) aircraft.


Former Malaysian PM lends support for families of missing airline MH370 passengers, as interfaith prayers held at airport

The Malaysian Insider, March 9, 2014

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia -- Former Malaysian Prime Minister Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has urged the families of passengers of the missing Malaysian Airline (MAS) flight MH370 to stay strong.


In Myanmar, a Buddhist ‘siege mentality’ at work?

by Kyaw San Wai, Today, March 5, 2014

Singapore -- Since religious violence erupted in western Myanmar in 2012 and subsequently spread to other parts, there has been a litany of analyses on the plight of the Rohingya and the underlying causes of the conflict. Regarding the causes, much emphasis is placed on the actions of nationalists and a controversial group of chauvinistic monks called the 969 Movement.


Thailand’s Bad Boy Monk Buddha Issara Keeps Getting Worse

by John Le Fevre, Establishment Post, Mar 4, 2014

Bangkok, Thailand -- With newspaper reports of errant monks being disrobed for drug, alcohol or sex offenses an almost weekly occurrence (See: Sex, Drugs and Graft Rock Sangha in Thailand), Buddhism in Thailand seems to be in a state of disarray when measured against the teachings of Siddhartha Gautama.
Read more:

Cambodia Recovers Stolen Buddhist Relics

Associated Press, February 7, 2014

PHNOM PENH, Cambodia -- Cambodian police have recovered a precious golden urn stolen last year that contains what are considered to be remnants of Buddha's body, an official said Friday.


Welcome to Buddhist Hell

by Nina Strochlic, The Daily Beast, Jan 23, 2014

Bangkok, Thailand -- In Thailand, the horrors of hell aren't just the stuff of kids' nightmares. Families can visit entire sculpture gardens featuring vivid depictions of what sinners face in the afterlife.


Chinese Buddhist pictures exhibited in Myanmar

CNTV, Jan 8, 2014

Yangon, Myanmar -- A two-week Chinese Buddhist picture exhibition dubbed "Homage to the Buddha" has opened at Myanmar's famous Shwedagon Pagoda. The exhibition aims to enhance ties between the two countries' Buddhist circles and people.


Vietnam Places Buddhist Youth Leader Under House Arrest

Radio Free Asia, Jan 2, 2014

Hanoi, Vietnam -- A youth leader affiliated to the banned Unified Buddhist Church of Vietnam (UBCV) said Thursday that he has been placed under house arrest after he was detained and interrogated for 13 hours, in the latest religious crackdown in the one-party Communist state.


Famous Ex Monk Santikaro Delivers a Buddhist Interpretation of Addiction Treatment Methods to The Cabin Rehab Centre

The Buddhist Channel, Dec 17, 2013

Chiangmai, Thailand -- American-born Santikaro, prodigy of the 20th century’s most influential ascetic-philosopher monk Buddhadasa, was invited by The Cabin Chiang Mai – Asia’s top inpatient rehab, to talk about how Buddhist principles can be incorporated into the 12 Step treatment model.


Precious Buddhist Relics Stolen in Cambodia

Associated Press, December 13, 2013

PHNOM PENH, Cambodia -- Cambodian officials said Friday a golden urn containing what are considered to be remnants of Buddha's body has been stolen from its shrine near the capital.


World Buddhists plan grand celebrations in Vietnam

by Manpreet Singh, The Buddhist Channel, Dec 2, 2013

Hanoi, Vietnam -- Vietnamese Buddhist Master Thich Nhat Tu is a picture of enthusiasm and commitment as he passionately addresses a group of foreign delegates in Hanoi at the preparatory meeting for the United Nations Day of Vesak 2014 celebrations to be held in the Ninh Binh district of Vietnam.


Buddhists in Myanmar Protest OIC's Visit

by AYE AYE WIN Associated Press, November 12, 2013

YANGON, Myanmar -- Dozens of Buddhist monks carrying banners that said "Get Out" and "Don't interfere in Myanmar's internal affairs" gathered outside the airport Wednesday to protest the arrival of a delegation from the world's biggest Islamic political bloc.


Dialogue to promote Buddhist and Muslim relations

The Star, October 25, 2013

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia -- More than 200 people are expected to attend a dialogue here on Nov 1 to promote Buddhist and Muslim relations in the region.


22 Buddhist pilgrims die in bus plunge in Lampang, Thailand

Associated Press, 24 October, 2013

Bangkok, Thailand -- A bus carrying worshippers home from a temple at the end of Buddhist lent plunged into a ravine in northern Thailand, killing 22 passengers.


Thai Buddhism's Supreme Patriarch dies at 100

by THANYARAT DOKSONE, Associated Press, Oct 25, 2013

BANGKOK, Thailand -- Thailand's Supreme Patriarch, who headed the country's order of Buddhist monks for more than two decades, died Thursday. He was 100.


The great men of Buddhism

by Khetsirin Pholdhampalit, The Sunday Nation, October 6, 2013

A new museum at Wat Bovoranives Vihara pays tribute to its six abbots

Bangkok, Thailand -- ONE OF the most revered temples in Thailand, Wat Bovoranives Vihara marked the 100th birthday of His Holiness Somdet Phra Nyanasamvara, the Supreme Patriarch and its current abbot, last Thursday by throwing open the doors to a new museum that celebrates the lives of all six of its abbots.


Bill seeks to disallow Buddhist Myanmar women from marrying non-Buddhist men, October 10, 2013

Yangon, Myanmar -- A bill has been filed at the Myanmar parliament seeking to disallow Buddhist Myanmar women from marrying non-Buddhist men, learned.


Myanmar arrests 44 suspects after Buddhist-led attacks in Thandwe

Associated Press, Oct 7, 2013

YANGON, Myanmar -- Authorities in Myanmar arrested 44 suspects for their alleged role in sectarian violence that wracked a coastal township in western Myanmar over the last week, state media reported.


Late S.N. Goenka's ashes to be scattered in the Irrawaddy River, Myanmar

The Buddhist Channel, October 7, 2013

Yangon, Myanmar -- The ashes of the late Guruji S. N. Goenka arrived in Yangon today, 7 October at 2:00 pm by air from India.


"NO'ing" Buddha: Criminalising anti-Buddhist acts is not very Buddhist

by PRAVIT ROJANAPHRUK, The Nation, October 2, 2013

Criminalising anti-Buddhist acts is not very Buddhist

Bangkok, Thailand -- IS "KNOWING BUDDHA" - a group of Thai Buddhists who are relentlessly tackling what they see as a disrespectful act against the image of Buddha - the new face of Thai Buddhism?


Buddhist group fails to win full backing

by Pravit Rojanaphruk, The Nation, September 28, 2013

Bangkok, Thailand -- In an ideal world, people caught making products or participating in acts that can be deemed disrespectful to the Buddha and the Buddhist religion would be sentenced to jail - this is what activist group "Knowing Buddha" told senators, monks and participants at a seminar yesterday.


Protesters Attempt March from Mandalay to Copper Mine


Mandalay, Burma -- About 60 protesters on Sunday began a peaceful march from Mandalay to the controversial Letpadaung copper mining project in Sagaing Division, calling for the Chinese company developing the mine not to destroy an ancient religious building.


Mon at Burmese-Thai Border Mark Historic Arrival of Buddhist Scriptures

By LAWI WENG, THE IRRAWADDY, September 19, 2013

RANGOON Burma -- Mon people on Thursday gave offerings and prayed in a festival to celebrate the story of a voyage by monks to Sri Lanka, which brought three Buddhist scriptures to southern Burma almost 1,000 years ago.


Burma Buddhist Committee Bans Anti-Muslim Organizations


RANGOON, Burma -- A government-appointed body that oversees Burma's Buddhist monkhood has issued a directive intended to check the influence of a monk-led movement accused of stoking violence against minority Muslims.


In Muslim-majority Kelantan, Buddhist monks find refuge

By Zurairi AR, The Malay Mail, September 8, 2013

TUMPAT, Kelantan (Malaysia) -- Buddhist monks in saffron robes with their clean shaven heads and bare feet were once a rare sight in Kelantan despite the state’s proximity to Thailand which is predominantly Buddhist.


Attack fears prompt heighted security at Indonesia's Buddhist sites

Al-Jazeera, August 8, 2013

Thousands of police deployed after recent violence, thought to be motivated by plight of Muslims in Myanmar

Jakarta, Indonesia -- Security measures were stepped up at Buddhist sites in Indonesia on Thursday amid fears of fresh attacks just days after a temple bombing and as tens of millions of Muslims across the country mark the end of Ramadan.


Vatican sends condolences on death of senior Buddhist abbot

CNA Daily News, August 19, 2013

Bangkok, Thailand -- The Vatican’s Pontifical Council for Inter-Religious Dialogue sent a message of condolence to Thailand on the passing of senior Buddhist abbot Somdej Phra Buddhacharn.


3D museum features Buddhist cultural heritage

VietNamNet Bridge, AUg 26, 2013

Hanoi, Vietnam -- Two exhibitions using 3D virtual reality technology are now available on the Vietnam National Museum of History’s website, featuring the Buddhist cultural heritage and ancient lamps of Vietnam.


Muslim, Buddhist leaders forge ties to promote interfaith relations

BY ELIZABETH ZACHARIAH, Malaysian Insider, August 15, 2013

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia -- A Muslim politician and a local Buddhist group have taken the first step in fostering interfaith relations between the two religions.


One day forum to explore Buddhism's adaptation to the 21st Century

The Buddhist Channel, August 16, 2013

Petaling Jaya, Malaysia -- The Buddhist Gem Fellowship (BGF) will be organizing a one day forum entitled "Adapting Buddhism to the 21st Century", The event is organized in memory of the late Ven Dr K Sri Dhammananda, commemorating his legacy as a far sighted monk.


Buddhists calm facing threats

The Jakarta Post, August 13 2013

Jakarta, Indonesia -- The recent bombing at the Ekayana Buddhist Temple in West Jakarta will unlikely be the last terror attack in Indonesia to avenge the ongoing persecution of Rohingya Muslims in predominantly Buddhist Myanmar, said top terrorism analysts.


Bomb at Buddhist temple in Indonesia aimed at avenging violence against Rohingya

Associated Press, August 5, 2013

JAKARTA, Indonesia -- A senior official said Monday that an attack on a Buddhist temple in Indonesia’s capital was apparently aimed at avenging violence against Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar.


Nalanda Buddhist Society opens JB outreach centre

By CHUAH BEE KIM, New Straits Times, July 30, 2013

WALK THE WALK: An organisation which believes in holistic education is doing its bit for underprivileged schoolchildren by offering free tuition classes

JOHOR BARU, Malaysia -- THE Nalanda experience has found its way to Johor with the opening of the Nalanda Education & Outreach (NEO) Centre in Taman Johor Jaya here recently.


Keep Buddhism out of same-sex marriage debate, activist advises

by Pravit Rojanaphruk, The Nation July 27, 2013

Bangkok, Thailand -- Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) activists should try not to get trapped in a debate with Buddhists on whether Buddhism allows same-sex marriage, to avoid complicating matters, said Anjana Suvarnananda, pioneer LGBT activist and co-founder of Anjana Suvarnananda.


8th Global Conference on Buddhism passed resolutions against violence in Buddhist countries and bombing in India

The Buddhist Channel, July 12, 2013

Singapore -- Delegates from Singapore and overseas attended the two-day 8th Global Conference on Buddhism, held in Singapore on 6 and 7 July 2013. Drawing on the presence of 1,200 delegates from the various Buddhist traditions, the Conference culminated in the passing of two resolutions concerning the on-going violence against Muslims in Buddhist countries, and the bombing of the MahaBodhi Temple in Bodhgaya, India on 7 July 2013.


Statement from International Buddhist College, Thailand on Bodhgaya Bombing on 7 July, 2013

The Buddhist Channel, July 12, 2013

Penang, Malaysia -- The International Buddhist College is deeply shocked and saddened to hear the news on the bombing at Bodhgaya on July 7, 2013.


Thai monks disrobed for drug use

AFP, July 10, 2013

Bangkok, Thailand -- More than 30 Thai monks have been defrocked for illegal drug use, an official said today, in the latest scandal to hit the kingdom's Buddhist clergy.


Buddhists Get Prison Terms in Myanmar


YANGON, Myanmar -- More than 20 Buddhists were sentenced to as much as 15 years in prison for murder and other crimes for a night of rioting, burning and killing in March in central Myanmar.


Buddhist monks to preach without hurting other religions

Elevenmyanmar, 11 July 2013

"It is our duty to make people with weak faith to have stronger faith... Monks are the only method to make [them] have strong faith... The monks shouldn't act carelessly." - Ven. Dr Sandavarabivamsa

Yangon, Myanmar -- Esteemed monks from Mogok Vipassana League called for monks to preach in accordance to Buddhist teachings and not resort to hurting other religions.


Private jet-flying Buddhist monk 'a fake'

By David Eimer, The Telegraph, 6 Jul 2013

The controversial Buddhist monk whose flamboyant, jet-set lifestyle has sparked outrage in Thailand, is married and has been accused of being a fake.

Bangkok, Thailand -- Luang Pu Nenkham Chattigo has attracted attention ever since a video of him flying on a private jet, while wearing aviator sunglasses and carrying a Louis Vuitton bag went viral.


Myanmar's prominent Buddhist monk talks peace and unity

Eleven Myanmar, 30 June 2013

Yangon, Myanmar -- Bhante Ashin Nyanissara, commonly known as Sitagu Sayadaw, one of the most prominent Buddhist monks in Myanmar, has urged the government and the people to work together to safeguard the religion and the nationality in the country.


Buddha Bar renamed, its owner apologises for controversy

by Amy Dangin, Borneo Post, June 20, 2013

KOTA KINABALU, Sabah (Malaysia) -- The Buddha Bar Sabah, which was opened recently, was forced to have its controversial name changed after the Young Buddhist Association of Malaysia (YBAM) urged the City Hall to revoke its licence.


Monks' luxurious lifestyle under fire

Bangkok Post, June 17, 2013

Bangkok, Thailand -- The lifestyle of some of Thailand's more "successful" monks is again drawing criticism. The National Office of Buddhism says it has received many complaints about monks riding in luxurious cars and using brand-name items even as they are supposed to live a life of restraint and simplicity.


Myanmar monks make clarification on Buddhist meeting, 15 June 2013

Hmawbi, Myanmar -- More than 200 Buddhist monks took part in a two-day event aimed at promoting the peace aspect of the religion amid a growing criticism from the international community about the role of the religion in the ongoing communal violence.


Myanmar Buddhist monks call for peace as they conclude meeting on religious tensions

Associated Press, June 14, 2013

HMAWBI, Myanmar -- A meeting of more than 200 Myanmar Buddhist monks on how to solve deadly communal conflicts that have pitted majority Buddhists against Muslims declared Friday they seek peace and accused the media of tarnishing their religion's image.


Buddhist monastery protects Muslim refugees in Myanmar

By Eko Armunanto, Digital Journam, Jun 13, 2013

Lashio, Myanmar -- More than a thousand Muslims are sheltering in a Buddhist monastery in Myanmar's northeastern town of Lashio after violence that killed one person and burned down Muslim properties.


Monks’ Convention in Burma Calls for Restricting Buddhist-Muslim Marriage


RANGOON, Burma -- About 200 senior Buddhist monks convening in Rangoon on Thursday have begun drafting a religious law that would put restrictions on
marriages Buddhist women and Muslim men.


Borobudur: A Reminder of Indonesia’s Buddhist Past

By Jonathan DeHart, The Diplomat, June 6, 2013

Jogjakarta, Indonesia -- In the misty jungles of Central Java’s Kedu Valley, builders in the 8th and 9th centuries hauled 2 million stones from rivers and streams to erect Borobudur, a dazzling, 95-foot-tall, 55,000-square-meter step pyramid and Buddhist temple complex. Today, it serves as a reminder that a Buddhist kingdom, the Syailendra Dynasty, thrived for around five centuries (until the 10th century) in the heart of what is now Indonesia.


Buddhists pray for end to Rohingya conflict

by Bambang Muryanto, The Jakarta Post, May 26 2013

Magelang, Indonesia -- Thousands of Buddhists celebrating Waisak, or Buddha’s Day of Enlightenment, in the yard of Mendut Temple in Mungkid, Magelang, Central Java, on Saturday prayed for an end to the Rohingya ethnic conflict in Myanmar.


Malaysian Buddhists celebrate Wesak Day

By EDMUND NGO, BEH YUEN HUI and QISHIN TARIQ, The Star, May 24, 2013

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia -- Visitors came as early as 7am to the Buddhist Maha Vihara here to commemorate Wesak Day on Friday.


Thai society faces a moral crisis

The Bangkok Post, 14 May 2013

Bangkok, Thailand -- Today, as Buddhists around the country celebrate the Visakha Bucha Day to mark the Buddha's birth, enlightenment and death, it is worth reflecting on his teachings and recalling his advice on how best to continue his spiritual legacy.


Cambodia observes Buddha's Day

Xinhua, May 24, 2013

KANDAL, Cambodia -- Thousands of Buddhist monks and Buddhists marched on Friday morning around Preah Reach Trap Mountain, where the relics of Buddha are housed, to celebrate the Visak Bochea's Day, or Buddha's Day.


Ban Sukhawadee helps raise funds for massive Issan Buddhist center

by Thanachot Anuwan, Pattaya Mail, 24 May 2013

Pattaya, Thailand -- Saha Farms’ Ban Sukhawadee and the Phra Yai Chaiyaphum Foundation organized a merit-making ceremony to raise funds for a 20 billion baht Buddhism center in Thailand’s northeast.


Tzu Chi Buddhist followers mark 20th year

The Star, May 13, 2013

PETALING JAYA, Malaysia -- It was a triple celebration as thousands gathered to mark the Tzu Chi Buddhist Foundation's 20th anniversary, Mothers Day and Buddha Day.


A tour of Buddhist temples in Truong Sa

Nhan Dan, May 18, 2013

Truong Sa, Vietnam -- Since time immemorial, Vietnamese fishermen have built small shrines and temples on islands in the East Sea to pray for safety and good luck during their seafaring journeys. The following is a photo gallery of recently built and renovated Buddhist temples on the Truong Sa (Spratly) Islands


Buddhism won't be harmed by ex-drag queen

The Nation, May 18, 2013

Bangkok, Thailand -- Critics say that, by ordaining as a monk, a celebrity transvestite is using the religion for selfish reasons, but, like everyone else, he has the right to seek solace in the temple


Banned Vietnamese Buddhist Group's Pagoda Blockaded

Radio Free Asia, May 7, 2013

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam -- Security forces in southern Vietnam surrounded the pagoda of a banned Buddhist group over the weekend and barred monks from leaving the monastery, in the latest crackdown on the group in the one-party communist state.


Malaysian Buddhists calls for peaceful elections

The Buddhist Channel, April 29, 2013

Petaling Jaya, Malaysia -- Malaysia is facing a crucial general elections (GE) on May 5, 2013. The 13th GE promises to be the most heated to date, with home made bombs exploding at a few campaign sites. No injuries were reported.


Ajahn Brahm on South Malaysian tour

By CHUAH BEE KIM, The New Straits Times, Apr 12, 2013

JOHOR BARU, Malaysia -- BRAHMAVAMSO Mahathera, popularly known as Ajahn Brahm among the Buddhist community, will be in Johor Baru from April 29 to May 2.


Monk Arrested for Smuggling Rohingya in Buddhist Robes

Irrawaddy, Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Rangoon, Burma -- A Burmese monk has been arrested for allegedly attempting to smuggle a group of Rohingya Muslims disguised in Buddhist robes from western Arakan State to Rangoon, Radio Free Asia reported on Monday.


Stealing a generation: Cambodia's unfolding tragedy

by Lindsay Murdoch, The Age, April 7, 2013

Orphanages are often run as businesses, the children being the assets.

Siem Reap, Cambodia -- Dozens of orphanages in Cambodia, including some run by Australians, have been accused of exploiting children to attract donations.


Who can stem the tide of Buddhist supremacy in Myanmar?

by Myat Thu Pan, Mizzima, 1 April 2013

Yangon, Myanmar -- The recent communal violence between Buddhists and Muslims in central Myanmar seems to be a result of the conflict which took place in Rakhine State last year.


Fanatical Buddhist Monk Saydaw Wirathu Calling for Boycott of Myanmar Muslims

By Gianluca Mezzofiore, IB Times, March 26, 2013

Yangon, Myanmar -- Buddhist Monk Saydaw Wirathu, the self-styled "Burmese bin Laden", has called for a national boycott of Muslim businesses in Myanmar in a controversial video that emerged on YouTube.


Crushing royal critics feels so un-Buddhist

by Sanitsuda Ekachai, The Bangkok Post, 20 Mar 2013

Bangkok, Thailand -- A decade or so ago, an official letter of warning from the Police Special Branch Division landed on my desk. It was about an article by a physician-turned-monk entitled "How the Buddha died" in the former Outlook section I was working on back then.


Armed Buddhists, including monks, clash with Muslims in Myanmar

By Phyo Wai Lin. Jethro Mullen and Kocha Olarn, CNN, March 23, 2013

Yangon, Myanmar -- Buddhist monks and others armed with swords and machetes Friday stalked the streets of a city in central Myanmar, where sectarian violence that has left about 20 people dead has begun to spread to other areas, according to local officials.


Samadhi Vihara opens in the capital of Selangor

The Buddhist Channel, March 20, 2013

Opening made in conjunction of the Buddhist Missionary Society of Malaysia's (BMSM) 50th anniversary.

Shah Alam, Selangor (Malaysia) -- The traditional Malay gong was hit three times by VIPs, an occasion witnessed by a host of monks, and a 200 strong audience. They had gathered inside the lotus sculptured hall, and together rejoiced at the official opening of the Samadhi Vihara in Bukit Raja, Shah Alam, Selangor.


Thai Buddhist leaders pray for poached elephants, call for end to ivory use

WWF, 9 March 2013

Bangkok, Thailand -- As world governments meet here to discuss global wildlife trade, revered Thai Buddhist leaders today held the first-ever Buddhist merit-making ceremony to pray for the tens of thousands of elephants poached annually. They also called on their congregations and other temples to reject the use and trade of ivory.


Buddhist monks say words against the Letpadaungtaung final report, 14 March 2013

Yangon, Myanmar -- Buddhist monks injured in the violent crackdown at the Letpadaungtaung copper mine protest expressed their disagreement over an official report that suggested that the project to continue.


Celebrating Buddhist culture

VietNamNet Bridge, Feb 26, 2013

Hanoi, Vietnam -- Much of Viet Nam’s most famous, traditional and valued cultural heritage has been provided or inspired by Buddhism, a religion which has for centuries been deeply embedded in the national psyche.


Cambodia’s Buddhist Monks Seek Peace

by Omar Havana, The Jakarta Post, February 20, 2013

Siem Reap, Cambodia -- At first glance, the life of a Cambodian Buddhist monk does not differ much from the life of an ordinary person. They sleep, eat, shower, talk, and laugh just like anyone else.


Thailand's female monks (cautiously) lobby for legal recognition

By Amy Lieberman, CSM, September 8, 2011

A quiet campaign to grant female monks legal recognition began this summer. Advocates hope that the minimal fanfare will help the 'Bhikkhunis' evade conservative religious opposition.

BANGKOK, THAILAND -- Dhammananda Bhikkhuni grips a wobbly stack of feminine hygiene products and sorts them on a long table. Her followers watch before mimicking her quick movements.


Indonesia Islam leaders stir row over 'Buddhist' Chinese New Year

AFP, 10 February, 2013

Jakarta, Indonesia -- As Indonesia and other countries with Chinese diasporas welcome the Year of the Snake, some Islamic leaders have ignited a religious row by declaring the celebrations “haram” and off limits for Muslims.


Buddhists Leaving Bangladesh Welcomed in West Burma

By NYEIN NYEIN / THE IRRAWADDY| February 1, 2013

Arakan, Myanmar -- After a year that saw Buddhist and Muslim communities in Burma’s Arakan State engage in numerous bloody clashes, the state government has now taken the step of welcoming Buddhist Arakanese from neighboring Bangladesh. But it is resettling them in violence-wracked northern parts of the state.


The Crisis in Thai Buddhism


BANGKOK, Thailand -- If Thai Buddhism has been corrupted and lost its way, as critics are alleging, you would never know it by talking to Mod and her friends, whose devotion keeps them making merit and seeking solace at Wat Tha Mai, one of Bangkok’s scores of Buddhist temples, every weekend.


Bangladeshi Buddhist families resettle to Arakan state


Maungdaw, Myanmar -- Bangladeshi Buddhist families have resettled to Karayni Natala village in Maungdaw south, Arakan state, according to one Maungdaw officer.


Vietnam’s Buddhist response to disaster

IRIN, Jan 16, 2013

HANOI/HUE, Vietnam -- Buddhist monks, nuns and their followers have long contributed to Vietnam’s disaster relief efforts. Sometimes equipped with canoes filled with instant noodles, woollen hats and psychosocial counsellors, this local cadre may lack standard operating procedures, but it constitutes a largely undocumented and significant disaster relief system running parallel to governmental efforts.


A Buddhist ruin

The Asian Age, 7 Jan 2013

Siem Reap, Cambodia -- Ta Prohm is the modern name for one of the temples of Angkor, Cambodia. Built in the Bayon style, largely in the late 12th and early 13th centuries, it was founded by the Khmer King Jayavarman VII as a Mahayana Buddhist monastery and university and was originally called Rajavihara.


Monk destined to collect Buddha idols

Thanh Nien News, January 1, 2013

Hanoi, Vietnam -- Thich Tu Nghiem, a Buddhist monk, came across museums and exhibitions of Buddha idols in many Asian countries he went to, and decided that Vietnam needs one as well.


Buddhist conference held in Yangon

by Cherry Thein, The Myanmar Times, Monday, 31 December 201

Yangon, Myanmar -- An international conference on Buddhist cultural heritage was held at Sitagu International Buddhist University in Yangon from December 15 to 17, with support from the Indian Council for Cultural Relations.


Admire the unique beauty of a Khmer Buddhist temple

VietNamNet Bridge, Dec 30, 2012

Bac Lieu Province, Vietnam -- Being considered one of the most beautiful Khmer Theravada Buddhist temples in the Mekong Delta, Ghositaram pagoda in Bac Lieu province has unique decorations, reflecting unique Buddhism cultural identity of the Khmer.


Monks Lose Relevance as Thailand Grows Richer

By THOMAS FULLER, December 18, 2012

BAAN PA CHI, Thailand -- The monks of this northern Thai village no longer perform one of the defining rituals of Buddhism, the early-morning walk through the community to collect food. Instead, the temple’s abbot dials a local restaurant and has takeout delivered.


Chinese copper mine triggers nationwide protests led by Buddhist clergy

by Marc Howe, The Global Post, December 21, 2012

Yangon, Myanmar -- Protests against a China-backed copper mine have spread throughout the South-east Asian nation of Myanmar, with members of the Buddhist clergy at the fore of demonstrations.


Goodies for poor pupils, thanks to Buddhist members

Selangor Times, 14 Dec 2012

SUBANG JAYA, Selangor (Malaysia) -- Some 500 less-fortunate students from the area were presented with school bags, stationery and shoes donated by  Subang Jaya Buddhist Association members last Sunday.


Monks Stage Protest in Rangoon


RANGOON, Burma -- Buddhist monks took to the streets in Burma’s former capital on Saturday to show solidarity with fellow monks who were injured during a crackdown on protests late last month and to demand an apology from the country’s president.


New building for Buddhist College of Singapore

By Feng Zengkun, The Straits Times, Dec 06, 2012

Singapore -- THE Buddhist College of Singapore located at Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery in Bishan will have a new building by 2014.


Chief monk survives ouster attempt

by Leven Woon, Free Malaysia Today, December 2, 2012

Ven. K Sri Dhammaratana found support from among the Buddhist temple committee members to defeat resolutions to remove him as the chief monk.

KUALA LUMPUR, Malayssia -- An attempt by several disgruntled members of the Sasana Abhiwurdi Wardhana Society to remove their chief monk failed today after they were defeated in their own extraordinary general meeting.


Thousands of Buddhists turn up at blessing ceremony in Malaysia

By WANI MUTHIAH , The Star, November 25, 2012

SHAH ALAM, Selangor (Malaysia) -- Chants and prayers filled the air at the Shah Alam Stadium as thousands of Buddhists took part in a mass blessing ceremony organised by the Malaysian chapter of the internationally-renowned Taiwan-based Mahayana Buddhist monastic order Fo Guang Shan.


Vietnam Buddhist Sangha holds 7th Congress

Saigon GP Daily, Nov 24, 2012

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam -- The seventh Congress of the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha themed "Inheritance-Stability-Development" opened in Hanoi on November 23 drawing more than 1,000 monks, nuns, and local and overseas dignitaries.


Young Buddhist Association of Malaysia organises "Contemporary Buddhist Seminar"

The Buddhist Channel, Nov 22, 2012

Petaling Jaya, Malaysia -- The 2012 Contemporary Buddhist Seminar will be organized by the Young Buddhist Association of Malaysia (YBAM) to discuss about various topics and issues that constantly concern Malaysian Buddhists. The seminar will invite prominent scholars and speakers from various countries, including the USA, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia. The theme of this seminar is "The True Colours of Buddhism”. 


Obama gets taste of Thailand at Buddhist temple

by THANYARAT DOKSONE, Associated Press, November 18, 2012

BANGKOK, Thailand -- Leaving behind chants of "Obama, Obama" by adoring crowds on the streets, the president of the United States stepped into the serenity of Thailand's most famous temple compound to marvel at its centerpiece -- a gigantic, golden statue of a reclining Buddha propped up on one elbow before passing into nirvana.


Keo Pagoda designated special national relic

VietNamNet Bridge, Oct 28, 2012

Thai Binh, Vietnam -- The Keo Pagoda in Duy Nhat Commune, Vu Thu District, in northern Thai Binh Province, has been recognised as a special national relic for its unique historical, cultural, architectural and artistic values.


To Buddha’s delight

by B V PRAKASH, Deccan Herald, Oct 28, 2012

Yogyakarta, Indonesia -- The wave of Buddhism that spread from India to South East Asia around the first century AD lasted several centuries when many of the countries came under the Buddhist influence, with numerous temples and stupas springing up all over.


Singapore Buddhist Lodge gives out over S$345,000 in bursaries

By Dylan Loh, CNA, 28 October 2012

SINGAPORE -- The Singapore Buddhist Lodge Education Foundation gave out over S$345,000 in bursaries on Saturday.


Buddhists seek voice in strife-hit western Myanmar

by Amelie Bottollier-Depois, AFP, Oct 27, 2012

SITTWE, Myanmar -- Disgruntled by international support for Muslim Rohingya in unrest-hit western Myanmar, ethnic Rakhine Buddhists are demanding recognition of their own plight and venting a rage that veers into racism.


Tour operators target india boom

The Bangkok Post, Oct 21, 2012

Tourism sector leaders say the birthplace of Buddhism could attract many Thai pilgrims and tourists, but New Delhi needs to clean up its act first

Bangkok, Thailand -- Thai tour operators view Buddhist tourism in India as a potential boom market if the country's Ministry of Tourism improves tourist facilities in destinations that are of interest to Thai-Buddhist tourists.


Buddhist monks march in Myanmar to thwart Islamic office plan

by Thu Rein Hlaing; Writing by Martin Petty; Editing by Alan Raybould, Reuters, October 15, 2012

YANGON, Myanmar -- Thousands of Buddhist monks marched in Myanmar's two biggest cities on Monday to protest against efforts by the world's biggest Islamic body to help Rohingya Muslims involved in deadly communal clashes four months ago.


Brainwashed into quitting medical school

By Kang Soon Chen, The Star/Asia News Network,Oct 6, 2012

PETALING JAYA, Malaysia -- A group of Universiti Sains Malaysia medical students has allegedly been brainwashed into leaving their studies by a Buddhist monk.


Monk protest in Bangkok against Bangladesh unrest

CNA, October 4, 2012

BANGKOK, Thailand -- About 300 Buddhist monks demonstrated in the Thai capital Bangkok on Wednesday against recent attacks by Muslim mobs targeting temples and houses in Bangladesh.


India: Visa on Arrival facility likely for Thailand, Malaysia

PTI, September 29, 2012

New Delhi, India -- Government is planning to extend Visa-on-Arrival facility to nationals from countries having sizable Buddhist population such as Thailand and Malayasia.


Mass Myanmar monk rally backs anti-Rohingya plan

AFP, Sep 3, 2012

YANGON, Myanmar -- Hundreds of Buddhist monks marched in Myanmar Sunday to support President Thein Sein's suggestion that Muslim Rohingya be deported or held in camps, in the biggest rally since the end of junta rule.


Cambodian Monk Pursuing Leadership Skills at Harvard

Khmer Radio / Hello VOA, 27 August 2012

Bhikkhu Hoeurn Somnieng receives a degree in business management from St. Ambrose University in Iowa, USA.

WASHINGTON DC, USA -- Because public management in Cambodia is still week, venerable monk Hoeurn Somnieng, is pursuing a graduate degree at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government.


World Buddhist Conference on Nov 3

NST, Aug 21, 2012

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia -- Several Buddhist organisations in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur are holding the World Buddhist Conference on Nov 3 and 4, at Istana Hotel, Jalan Raja Chulan, here.


Myanmar to examine Muslim-Buddhist violence

Al-Jazeera, Aug 18, 2012

Government forms 27-member commission to find causes of June clashes and suggest ways for for "peaceful coexistence".

Yangon, Myanmar -- Myanmar's government has formed a commission to investigate the causes of recent sectarian violence between Muslim Rohingya and ethnic Rakhine Buddhists, in which at least 78 people were killed.


Bo Da Pagoda preserves sacred Buddhist treasures

by Thanh Nga

Hanoi, Vietnam -- If you get the chance to visit the northern province of Bac Giang, you should not miss the opportunity to take in the sacred landscape around Bo Da Pagoda in Thuong Lat Hamlet, Tien Son Commune, Viet Yen District. There you can see Buddhist woodblocks and ancient architecture that has been preserved for hundreds of years.


In Thailand Today, Teen Monks Express the Spirit to a Rock

By JAMES HOOKWAY, WSJ, Aug 14, 2012

Thailand's Buddhists are a bit annoyed with today's young monks. As mobile phones and other devices grow more popular, it's becoming harder for religious leaders to control the images of Buddhism in the media and marketplace. WSJ's James Hookway reports.

BANGKOK, Thailand -- Each year as monsoon rains sweep their way over Thailand, tens of thousands of teenage boys shave their heads and are ordained as Buddhist monks in a traditional rite of passage.


Thailand's Buddhist monks to get food lessons after study

by Andrew Buncombe, The Independent, August 2, 2012

Bangkok, Thailand -- The Buddhist monks of Thailand are not known to be an especially active bunch. Prayers, chanting and the collecting of alms take up much of their time.


Buddhist organization urges KPK leniency toward Hartati

The Jakarta Post, August 11 2012

Jakarta, Indonesia -- The Indonesian Buddhists Association (Walubi) has called on the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) to be lenient with its chairwoman, Siti Hartati Murdaya, who is a suspect in a bribery case


Burma: Aung San Suu Kyi Pleads For Ethnic Minority Rights

by Palash R. Ghosh, IB Times, July 25, 2012

Rangoon, Burma -- In her first speech before the Myanmar parliament, pro-democracy activist and opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi has pleaded for the country to respect the rights of its various ethnic minorities.


Famous Abbot Takes Up Monastery Dispute


Chiang Mai, Thailand -- Around a thousand Burmese migrants joined a Buddhist dhamma talk at Wat Sai Moon in the center of Chiang Mai, northern Thailand, on Monday to discuss a Thai abbot taking charge of the Burmese monastery.


Thai society rediscovers the values of the Buddha to combat materialism and economic crisis

by Weena Kowitwanij, AsiaOne, July 3, 2012

Bangkok, Thailand -- In June, celebrations were held to commemorate 2600 years of illumination of the "Awakened One". In a conference, hundreds of faithful, monks and nuns discuss the value of faith and the challenges of modernity. The risks of globalization, promoting an education system capable of forming good citizens.


Buddhists march in Bangkok to speak out to the world to stop disrespecting Buddha

The Buddhist Channel, June 27, 2012

The Knowing Buddha Foundation is preparing a major march in Bangkok on 30 June, to show their respect for Buddha and to show how so many are disrespecting Buddha.

Bangkok, Thailand -- The KnowingBuddha Foundation is preparing a Buddhist March - the first time in history - on 30 June, in one of the Bangkok's most famous streets, Khao San Road, to speak out against the improper usage of Buddha's image in the modern world.


Ancestor worship goes hi-tech

By WINNIE YEOH, Photos by GOH GAIK LEE, All Malayisa, June 21, 2012

Penang, Malaysia -- Ancestor worship prayer has gone digital with a Buddhist temple in Bayan Lepas putting up two 50-inch LCD screens to display names of the deceased.


Myanmar is reminded of its ethnic realities

by Salil Tripathi,, June 15, 2012

Communal violence flares up even as the country tries to return to democracy

Arakan, Myanmar -- A week ago, a Buddhist woman was raped, allegedly by a Muslim man in the Rakhine province (once known as Arakan) in Myanmar, once known as Burma. Incensed Buddhists stopped a bus which had many Rohingyas, who are Muslim, and killed at least ten, injuring others.


Thai Buddhists mark Buddha Jayanti, Vesak Day

MCOT News, June 4, 2012

BANGKOK, Thailand -- Buddhist Thais nationwide marked Vesak Day on Monday which this year also was in commemoration of the 2,600th anniversary of the enlightenment of the Lord Buddha, or Buddha Jayanti.


Thailand’s Grand Vesak Celebrations on the Occasion of Buddhajayanti, 2,600 Years of Buddha’s Enlightenment

NNT, June 4, 2012

Pattaya, Thailand -- On the full moon day of the sixth lunar month, Buddhists in Thailand celebrate the enlightenment of the Buddha, the founder of Buddhism. It is this very same day that two other most important events in Buddhism are believed to have occurred—the birth of Buddha, 45 years before his enlightenment, and his passing away 35 years later.


Theravada Nuns Centre established in Malaysia

The Buddhist Channel, June 4, 2012

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia -- A group of Malaysians under the loose organisation "Support Network for Women Renunciants in Malaysia and Singapore" has established Malaysia's first dedicated Theravada Nuns Centre with the official opening of Gotami Vihara in a suburb of its capital city Kuala Lumpur. 


The Buddhist Revival in Burma

by Arjanyai,, Published on the Buddhist Channel, June 4, 2012

Rangoon, Burma -- Burma under British rule was not so much subject to religious suppression as Ceylon. Europeanization was not so great there as to affect much the cultural life of the Burmese, since the British administered Burma only as a part of India and the British colonial period there was much shorter than in Ceylon.


Malaysia: Respect the cultural features of all communities

The Sunday Star, May 27, 2012

Kota Bahru, Kelantan (Malaysia) -- POLITICAL life may never be free of controversy, but controversies that are unnecessary or avoidable should never be acceptable. Kelantanese are now undergoing one such learning experience.


Fewer animals released into wild on Vesak Day

Today, May 5, 2012

SINGAPORE -- An increase in awareness has led to fewer people releasing animals into the wild, according to the National Parks Board (NParks).


Devotees mark Wesak Day with offerings and float processions

The Star, May 6, 2012

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia -- Buddhists throughout the country marked Wesak Day by thronging temples and offering prayers, as well as with colourful float processions.


Wesak a day to reflect on the teachings of Buddha

By CHRISTINA LOW, The Star, May 5, 2012

Petaling Jaya, Malaysia -- BUDDHISTS celebrate Wesak today by paying respect to Lord Buddha on his birthday, for attainment of enlightenment and to commemorate his death.


Buddhists to observe Waisak at Mendut, Borobudur temples

by Bambang Muryanto, The Jakarta Post, May 3, 2012

Magelang, Indonesia -- Tens of thousands of Buddhists from across Indonesia and abroad are expected to observe Waisak (Buddhist Day of Enlightenment) 2556 this year at the two neighboring temples of Mendut and Borobudur in Magelang, Central Java, on Sunday.


Thai Buddhist temple to undergo facelift

By Jennani Durai, The Straits Times, May 5, 2012

$5.5m project will add space to Jalan Bukit Merah shrine

Singapore -- The oldest Thai Buddhist temple here will get a drastic facelift by next year.


Singapore: Public advised against releasing animals on Vesak Day

AsiaOne, May 3, 2012

Singapore -- The National Parks Board (NParks) is reminding the public not to release animals into the wild this Vesak Day.


Thailand’s young Buddhist nuns challenge social conventions

by Amy Sawitta Lefevre, Reuters, April 24, 2012

Bangkok, Thailand -- Beam Atchimapon is already three days late for the new school term in her native city, the Thai capital of Bangkok – but for a good cause.


Monks' city walk criticised, defended

The Bangkok Post, April 5, 2012

Criticised by a senator, the Wat Phra Dhammakaya temple's mass thudong pilgrimage through downtown Bangkok has been defended by the Office of National Buddhism

Bangkok, Thailand -- Wat Phra Dhammakaya has defended the temple's mass thudong pilgrimage through downtown Bangkok, insisting the walk by 1,500 novices and monks does not violate their code of ethics.


Conference in Thailand to discuss "Buddhist Philosophy & Praxis"

The Buddhist Channel, Apr 2, 2012

Ayutthaya, Thailand -- On June 1st, 2012, the International Association of Buddhist Universities will be hosting its 2nd International Association of Buddhist Universities Academic Conference, on Buddhist Philosophy & Praxis.


Temple dilemma for Putra Heights Buddhists

By OLIVIA MIWIL, The New Straits Times, Mar 20, 2012

Putra Heights, Selangor (Malaysia) -- THE Putra Heights Buddhist Society is appealing to the local authorities to look into its request to acquire a vacant land in Jalan Putra Kayangan 4/1 for the construction of a Buddhist temple.


Thailand celebrates 2,600th anniversary of Buddha’s Enlightenment

NNT, 10 March 2012

Bangkok, Thailand -- Vesak day generally commemorates the birth, enlightenment and passing of the Lord Buddha. However, Vesak 2012, which falls on June 4, holds a special significance as it will also mark the 2,600th anniversary of Buddha’s Enlightenment.


Buddhist festival celebrates a new freedom

by Jocelyn Gecker, Associated Press, February 24, 2012

YANGON, Myanmar -- Amid the towering golden spires of Myanmar's grandest Buddhist shrine there was talk of politics and hope for the future as thousands came last week for the return of an annual festival that was banned for more than 20 years by the former military regime.


Devotees celebrate Buddhism and hope at Myanmar shrine where festival was banned 20 years

Associated Press, February 22, 2012

Myanmar Marks 2600th Anniversary Of Shwedagon Pagoda

YANGON, Myanmar -- Amid the towering golden spires of Myanmar’s grandest Buddhist shrine there was talk of politics and hope for the future as thousands came Wednesday for the return of an annual festival that was banned for more than 20 years by the former military regime.


Buddhist-inspired flood relief project marks new wave of development work at Life and Hope Association

World Faiths Development Dialogue, January 13, 2012

Phnom Penh, Cambodia -- This fall, Cambodia was hit by its worst floods in recent history, with over a million people displaced and countless crops ruined. In the aftermath of this natural disaster, the Prime Minister of Cambodia, Hun Sen, cancelled the 2011 Water Festival, one of the most important holidays in Cambodia.


Yen Tu Buddhist Spring Festival Begins In Vietnam

Bernama, February 2, 2012

QUANG NINH, Vietnam -- The Yen Tu Pagoda Spring Festival has opened in the northern coastal province of Quang Ninh on the tenth day of the first lunar month, in the presence of Vice State President Nguyen Thi Doan, according to Vietnam news agency.


Centuries-old temple fully restored

By FARIK ZOLKEPLI, The Star, January 29, 2012

KUALA TERENGGANU, Malaysia -- Two years after it was damaged in a fire, the more-than-200-year-old Ho Ann Kiong temple in Kampung Cina has been restored to its former splendour.


A thousand Thai Buddhist monks on a march to bless flood-hit provinces

by Weena Kowitwanij, Asia News, Jan 26, 2012

Bangkok, Thailand -- More than a thousand Buddhist monks trekked across six provinces, going from temple to temple, to bring peace and harmony to the areas most affected by last year’s floods, the worst in 50 years. Government estimates put the death toll at over 800 people and the damages at US$ 40 billion. Venerable Phrathepyanmahamunee, abbot at the Dhammakaya Temple and president of the Dhammakaya Foundation, is behind the initiative.


Officials warn of ‘fake monks’ targeting Phuket tourists

Phuket Gazette, January 20, 2012

PHUKET, Thailand -- The 'monk police’ of Phuket are warning everyone on the island of con men who are impersonating Buddhist monks and tricking locals and tourists into giving them money.


Bringing things out in the open

The Bangkok Post, Jan 14, 2012

Gay monk debate helps reveal a more fundamental problem which is affecting the clergy

Bangkok, Thailand -- While a coyote-dancing monk who sparked public uproar has been suspended, the episode has led to a continuing debate over gay monks in the clergy.


Singapore Buddhist Lodge gives out more than S$670,000 to the needy

Channel News Asia, 7 January 2012

SINGAPORE -- The Singapore Buddhist Lodge (Welfare Foundation) has given out twenty per cent more red packets for the Lunar New Year this year.


Buddhist temple raises RM15,000 for charity

The Star, January 1, 2012

KUCHING, Sarawak (Malaysia) -- Fa Yuan Vihara, a Buddhist temple here for youths, raised what was surely one of the last large amount of cash for charity in 2011.


Growing numbers join in prayers for the New Year

by Pakamard Jaichalard, The Nation, January 2, 2012

Bangkok, Thailand -- The New Year 2012 opened with an auspicious tone as over one million people attended the "across the year" prayer at Buddhist temples nationwide on New Year's Eve, an official said yesterday.


Cambodia's 'Second Angkor' Temple Enshrouded in Mystery

Associated Press, January 04, 2012

Siem Reap, Cambodia -- It's still entwined in mystery and jungle vines, but one of Cambodia's grandest monuments is slowly awakening after eight centuries of isolated slumber, having attracted a crack archaeological team and a trickle of tourists.


Lifting the veil of ignorance: Buddhism and justice

by Paisarn Likhitpreechakul, The Nation, December 16, 2011

Bangkok, Thailand -- The 20-year jail sentence handed down to Mr Amphon (last name withheld), aka Ah Kong (southern Chinese for "grandfather"), for sending four SMS messages deemed offensive to the monarchy, has stirred a debate on the Thai justice system.


Khmer Rouge did not ban Buddhism, says accused

AFP, Dec 16, 2011

PHNOM PENH, Cambodia -- A top Khmer Rouge leader denied Thursday that the brutal 1970s regime persecuted Buddhists and outlawed religion, to the outrage of monks following his trial at Cambodia's UN-backed court.


His Holiness the Dalai Lama May Visit Holiest Buddhist Sites of Burma

The Tibet Post International , 16 December 2011

Dharamshala, India: -- The spiritual leader of Tibet, His Holiness the Dalai Lama expressed his desire last week to visit Burma to pay homage at the country's holiest shrine of the Shwedagon Pagoda in Rangoon, the capital of Burma.


Ajahn Chah Remembrance Day - 17 & 18 December 2011

The Buddhist Channel, Dec 15, 2011

Petaling Jaya, Malaysia -- The Ajahn Chah Remembrance Day (ACRD)  is a special day devoted to one of the great contemporary Buddhist monks in Thailand, Venerable Ajahn Chah who is also known as Ajahn Chah Subhaddo.


Vietnam sentences 2 Buddhist activists to prison for ‘abusing democratic freedoms’

by Associated Press, December 13, 2011

HANOI, Vietnam -- Vietnam sentenced two Buddhist activists to prison Tuesday for distributing anti-government leaflets and CDs, a relative and state media said.


Buddhist university prepares for new start

The Bangkok Post, Dec 12, 2011

Monks race to get campus up and running after it suffered damage estimated at B200m (US$ 7 mil)

Bangkok, Thailand -- Monks are hard at work cleaning and repairing Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya University after the floods.


Battle on to reclaim Bhuddhamonthon Buddhist Park

THE NATION December 8, 2011

Bangkok, Thailand -- Occupying more than 2,500 rai of land, the park is seen as an icon of Thai Buddhism and attracts thousands of worshippers on holy days for candle-lit processions around the Giant Buddha Statue.


Vice-President of Vietnam Buddhist Sangha Thich Thanh Tu passes away

VNS, Nov 29, 2011

HA NOI, Vietnam -- Most Venerable Thich Thanh Tu, vice president of the Viet Nam Buddhist Sangha's executive council, passed away in Ha Noi on Saturday at the age of 85.


Thai Monks Struggle to Keep a Flooded Temple Open

by JAMES HOOKWAY, WSJ, Nov 27, 2011

BANGKOK, Thailand -- At the Glass Lotus Temple in northeast Bangkok, the Buddhist monks know how the flood inundating their country affects everything in daily life—even death.


Tzu Chi aids Thai flood victims

Philippine Daily Inquirer, November 13, 2011

Bangkok, Thailand -- A team of Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation volunteers has been carrying out relief work for the flood victims in Thailand, which is suffering its worst flooding in 50 years.


Healthcare relief for the poor

VNS, November, 14 2011

THUA THIEN-HUE, Vietnam -- Free health care for the poor by Buddhist monks and physicians in Tue Tinh Duong clinics in central Thua Thien-Hue Province is saving lives and boosting moral.


Archaeologists says statues unearthed at Cambodia’s Angkor Wat are biggest in 8 decades

The Associated Press, October 27, 2011

PHNOM PENH, Cambodia -- Archaeologists at Cambodia’s famous Angkor Wat temple complex say they have unearthed the largest Buddhist statues there in eight decades.


Myanmar to hold grand religious function to mark 2600th anniversary Shwedagon Pagoda

Xinhua, Oct 24, 2011

YANGON, Myanmar -- Myanmar is making preparation to hold grand religious function to mark the 2600th anniversary of the world's famous Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon, the official daily New Light of Myanmar reported Monday.


Thailand monks save ancient Buddhist texts from floodwaters

CBS, Oct 16, 2011

AYUTTHAYA, Thailand -- Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya University, a monk university in Ayutthaya, Thailand was swamped by floodwaters.


Malaysian-Funded Solar Water For Monks In Ladakh

by P. Vijian, Bernama, Oct 9, 2011

LEH, Ladakh (India) -- A group of Malaysians have proven that charity is borderless and colour blind.


Troops outnumber monks at temples in Thai south

by Didier Lauras, AFP, Sept 20, 2011

PATTANI, Thailand -- With its barbed wire, sandbag bunker and armed guard, Wat Lak Muang in Thailand's strife-torn deep south looks more like a military outpost than a typical Buddhist temple.


7th Global Conference on Buddhism (GCB), Indonesia

The Buddhist Channel, Sept 17, 2011

Jakarta, Indonesia -- December 10 - 11, 2011 shall be marked as monumental days for the Indonesian Buddhist community as the 7th edition of the Global Conference on Buddhism (GCB) will be held in Indonesia for the first time.


Catch a drama concert with a twist

The Star, September 9, 2011

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia -- THE Buddhist Tzu Chi Merits Society Malaysia will organise a musical sign language drama concert entitled “Purity, Great Love, Innumerable Meanings” at Stadium Badminton Cheras in Kuala Lumpur this weekend.


Filial Buddhists thank ancestors

The Star, September 5, 2011

Penang, Malaysia -- A BLESSING ceremony at the Buddhist Tzu Chi Merit Society on Macalister Road, Penang, drew some 300 devotees keen to express gratitude to ancestors and parents.


Invoking Buddha to Protect Forests

by Brendan Brady,, Aug 30, 2011

A group of monks from remote Cambodia are protecting their local forests and fighting climate change with Buddhism, not science, as the inspiration

Phnom Penh, Cambodia -- Tha Soun and his fellow monks from nearby Samraong pagoda have presided over a 44-thousand acre forest known as Sorng Rukavorn, or simply Monk Forest, for a decade. These days it seems a serene garden, but it wasn't always so.


Gems of A Thousand Sadhus!

by Kooi F Lim, The Buddhist Channel, Aug 24, 2011

Buddhist Gems Fellowship announces fund raising campaign with signature "flash and dash"

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia -- If you are looking for entertainment within a Buddhist establishment, you won't go wrong if you happened to take a glance at Buddhist Gem Fellowship, or BGF in short.


Isan monks helping their communities

by Sanitsuda Ekachai, Bangkok Post, Aug 18, 2011

Development monks help their poor communities with economic and educational needs, living examples of why monks still matter.

Bangkok, Thailand -- Fed up with rogue monks? Losing hope in ability of the lax and closed clergy to lead the way? Meet Luang Por Ang, Luang Por Chair, and Phra Kru Somsri. All Isan monks. All dedicated to lift the livelihood and spirituality of their villagers. All are living examples of why monks still matter. Probably more so now than ever.


Exploring the serene centre of Buddhism

VNS, Aug 8, 2011

Bac Ninh, Vietnam -- On a hot summer day, it took Nguyet Anh an hour by motorbike to get to the Dau and But Thap pagodas from Ha Noi. The destination of this newly graduated journalism student from Ha Noi Social Science and Humanities University and her friends was located in the northern province of Bac Ninh.


Wacana 2011 Conference goes live on July 31, 2011

The Buddhist Channel, Jul 30, 2011

Conference aims to discuss "The Buddha Word, its Social Relevance & Application Today".

Live coverage viewable at

Serdang, Selangor (Malaysia) -- WACANA is a Buddhist Conference which aims to gather distinguished members of the Buddhist Sangha and laity to discuss pertinent issues affecting the Buddha-Sasana. Organized by Nalanda Institute Malaysia, this year's Wacana 2011 conference carries the theme “The Buddha Word, its Social Relevance & Application Today”.


Monks teach maleness to 'ladyboys'

Sapa-dpa, July 19, 2011

Chiang Khong, Thailand -- The 15-year-old aspiring "ladyboy" delicately applied a puff of talcum powder to his nose - an act of rebellion at the Thai Buddhist temple where he is learning to "be a man".


Buddhists celebrate first day of Lent

The Nation/Asia News Network, Jul 17, 2011

Bangkok, Thailand -- In Nakhon Ratchasima's Muang district, a major contest of 59 carved candle floats was expected to generate at least Bt100 million during the four-day-long holiday period. Chok Chai district's Wat Mai Saprathum won the Category A prize - a trophy donated by HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn and Bt100,000 cash - for the seventh year in a row.


Alcohol sale ban in Thailand from July 15-16

The Bangkok Post, July 14, 2011

Bangkok, Thailand -- The Public Health Ministry has ordered public health offices throughout the country to coordinate with police and other authorities to make sure the ban on thje sale of alcohol is strictly observed on July 15 and 16, an important Buddhist holiday.


Last letter from death row: Facing death

Malaysiakini, Jul 10, 11 9:40am

Malaysian Yong Vui Kong, 21, is on death row in Singapore for drug trafficking. Malaysiakini is publishing Yong's final letters to Yetian, a member of the Save Vui Kong Campaign, as he faces death.

Singapore -- Before I begin, I would like to thank everyone for reading this 12th letter. Time passes so quickly that this will be my last letter.


Record-breaking Buddhist scripture recitation

by Jamie Khoo, The Buddhist Channel, July 1, 2011

Petaling Jaya, Malaysia -- Kechara House Buddhist Association in Malaysia will attempt to make it into the Malaysian Book of Records for a 24-hour recitation of the Lamrim Chenmo, a central text in Buddhist study, on July 2 – 3 2011.


Buddhist groups seek help from vigilantes to disrobe ring members

By R.S.N. MURALI, The Star, June 30, 2011

MALACCA, Malaysia --  Several Buddhist groups in Kuala Lumpur and Penang have sought the help of the “monk police” here to help eradicate bogus monks in their areas.


No peace at the temple

by Hafizah Hoze Rizal, The Star, June 28, 2011

40 robberies, six fires - and 31 ignored appeals for relocation

Setapak, Malaysia -- ROBBED more than 40 times. Experienced six fires. Electricity and water supply constantly interrupted.


Thais To Say No To Alcohol For Three-month-buddhist Lent

Bernama, June 29, 2011

BANGKOK, Thailand -- Thailand's Ministry of Public Health is campaigning nationwide for local people to refrain from alcohol during the forthcoming three-month Buddhist Lent, which starts on July 16.


Gere meditates at Indonesian Buddhist temple

AFP, Jun 27, 2011

BOROBUDUR, Indonesia -- HOLLYWOOD star Richard Gere meditated on Monday at Indonesia's Borobudur temple before touring the ninth-century Buddhist monument with his wife and son.


Actor Richard Gere, Drawn by Karma To Borobudur, Planning Temple Movie

by Hangga Brata & Arientha Primanita, Jakarta Globe, June 27, 2011

Magelang, Central Java (Indonesia) -- Hollywood star Richard Gere arrived at the eighth century Borobudur Temple on Sunday ahead of a Buddhist ritual today — in a trip that officials said would make the actor Indonesia’s “informal tourism ambassador.”


Buddhist vigilantes to ‘disrobe’ bogus monks who fleece the public

By R.S.N. MURALI, The Star, June 21, 2011

MALACCA, Malaysia -- A Buddhist group here has set up its own vigilante corp to stop those portraying themselves as monks from soliciting money from the public.


Indonesian Officials Gereing Up for Hollywood Star’s Borobudur Visit

Antara News, June 23, 2011

Magelang, Central Java (Indonesia) -- The management of Borobudur Temple Tourism Park says they are ready for Hollywood star Richard Gere when her arrives at the famous Buddhist temple on Sunday.


Thailand To Tattoo Tourists: Think Before You Ink

by Anthony Kuhn, NPR, June 20, 2011

Bangkok, Thailand -- Many of Thailand's tattoo tourists find their way to Bangkok's Khao San Road, where tattoo parlors are nestled among the Internet cafes, noodle stalls and other backpacker hangouts. A visitor along this road might pick up a tattoo, along with some beads and dreadlocks, and perhaps even a nose ring.


Hoa Hao Buddhists celebrate founding anniversary

VOV News, June 19, 2011

Hanoi, Vietnam -- Celebrations of the Hoa Hao Buddhist sect’s 72nd founding anniversary have been held across Vietnam’s 15 provinces and cities with support of local authorities.


Richard Gere to visit Borobudur this month

The Jakarta Post, June 19, 2011

Jakarta, Indonesia -- Hollywood star Richard Gere will visit one of the world’s most renowned and largest Buddhist temples, Borobudur, in Magelang, Central Java, on June 26, a Culture and Tourism Ministry official says.


Late Buddhist leader was "fundamental" in laying foundation for Buddhism in Singapore: PM Lee

Today, Jun 16, 2011

SINGAPORE - The late Venerable Long Gen, the former Chairman of the Singapore Buddhist Federation, was fundamental in laying the foundation for Buddhism in Singapore, said Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.


Thailand: Compromise reached in tattoo storm

The Phuket News, 10th Jun 2011

PHUKET, Thailand -- More than a hundred tattoo artists from all over Phuket met today with the Permanent Secretary of the Culture Ministry, Somchai Seanglai, and various other officials, to discuss the high-priority problem of foreigners being tattooed with Buddhist images.


Female Buddhist monasticism conference

by Satnisusa Ekachai, The Bangkok Post, June 9, 2011

An upcoming conference in Thailand will bring together female Buddhist monastics from around the world.

Bangkok, Thailand -- Has the clergy's stern frown on female ordination stopped women's determination to pursue a monastic life.


Historic Wesak Celebrations in Selangor

by Loka S K Ng, The Buddhist Channel, June 9, 2011

Shah Alam, Selangor (Malaysia) -- Local history was created on Sunday June 5, 2011 when more than 1,200 people gathered at the Auditorium Dewan Jubli Perak in Shah Alam to attend the first ever Selangor State Level Wesak Celebrations.


Crackdown ordered on religious tattoos in Phuket

by Kom Chad Luek, Phuket Gazette, June 2, 2011

PHUKET, Thailand -- The Culture Ministry has attacked the growing trend for tourists in Phuket and other parts of Thailand to have religious images tattooed on their bodies.


Khao Lak observes start of Buddhist Lent

The Buddhist Channel, June 5, 2011

Khao Lak, Thailand -- People staying in Khao Lak or anywhere in Thailand in July will embark on special ceremonies to mark the start of one of Buddhism’s most significant events.


Malaysian state government to host Wesak celebrations

The Buddhist Channel, June 2, 2011

Shah Alam, Selangor (Malaysia) -- A historic and ground breaking event for the Malaysian Buddhist community will take place on Sunday, June 5, 2011 when Malaysia's richest, most advanced state of Selangor officially hosts the state level Wesak celebration.


Thailand: Buddhism embroiled in a volatile mix

By Seth Kane, Asia Times, May 26, 2011

BANGKOK, Thailand -- Thailand's community of Buddhist monks, the Sangha, has traditionally occupied a ubiquitous and hallowed place in Thai society. However, globalization and decades of rapid economic development have challenged the Sangha's traditional position, seen in its dwindling membership, plethora of scandals and diminished role as educators and conflict resolvers.


Buddhists hope religion enlightens people

by Tarko Sudiarno and Yuli Tri Suwarni, The Jakarta Post, May 18, 2011

Magelang/Bandung (Indonesia) -- Buddhists across Indonesia observed Waisak on Tuesday with a message that religion can be a vehicle to enlighten people and the world.


Saigonese take vegetarian food to wish for peace

VietnamNet, May 22, 2011

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam -- Not only eating vegetarian food on the Vesak Day or Buddha’s birthday (May 16), many people in HCM City decide to take vegetarian in the entire fourth lunar month to wish for peace.


Prayers and good deeds for Wesak Day in Malaysia

The Star, May 18, 2011

GEORGE TOWN, Penang -- Buddhists from all walks of life flocked to temples and association premises to offer their prayers for Wesak Day.


Buddhists celebrate Vesak Day

by Seet Sok Hwee and Sabrina Chan, Today, May 18, 2011

SINGAPORE -- Thousands of Buddhists around the world celebrated Vesak Day yesterday, a festival that commemorates the birth and enlightenment of Buddha and his entry into Nirvana.


Buddhist Faithful Mark Vesak

by Aidi Yursal & Vento Saudale, The Jakarta Globe, May 18, 2011

Jakarta, Indonesia -- Buddhist faithful across Indonesia turned out in large numbers on Tuesday to mark Vesak, a celebration of the birth, enlightenment and death of the Buddha.


Visakha Bucha Day marked across Thailand

The Nation, May 18, 2011

Bangkok, Thailand -- Buddhists across the country yesterday observed religious rites, giving alms to monks in the morning and saying prayers at temples later in the day to celebrate Visakha Bucha Day.


Cambodian Buddhists march to mark Buddha's day

Xinhua, May 18, 2011

Phnom Penh, Cambodia -- Thousands of Buddhists and Buddhist monks on Tuesday morning marched around Preah Reach Trap Mountain, where the relics of Buddha are housed, in order to mark Visak Bochea's day, or Buddha's day.


Vesak Day celebrated nationwide in Vietnam

VietNamNet Bridge, May 18, 2011

Hanoi, Vietnam -- The Vesak Day, which fell on May 16, 2011, was celebrated throughout the country by Buddhists with various activities and events.


Security concerns in deep South after explosion kills two monks

THE NATION, May 17, 2011

Yala, Thailand -- The group was driving to a town to collect alms in Yala's Yaha district when a suspected home-made bomb was set off.


Thailand, Cambodia join 'Dhamma Yatra' call for peace

MCOT Online, May 16, 2011

SA KAEO, Thailand -- A Thai Buddhist group and its Cambodian counterpart joined with 'Dhamma Yatra' Buddhist pilgrims to urge their compatriots to use dhamma as a means to end the armed conflict between the two neighbouring countries.


Praying for peace in the shadow of Perkasa’s war cry

Fee Malaysia Today, May 16, 2011

Buddhist across Malaysia celebrate Wesak tomorrow in commemoration of the birth and enlightenment of Lord Buddha

PETALING JAYA, Malaysia --  Buddhist nationwide celebrate Wesak tomorrow amidst unsubstantiated allegations of a “Christian Malaysia” plot and Perkasa’s “crusade against Christians”.


Float procession among the highlights for Wesak Day

By PRIYA MENON, The Star, May 14, 2011

SEVERAL activities have been planned for the Wesak Day celebration on Tuesday.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia -- The joint Wesak Celebrations Committee (JWCC) said the main highlights at the Buddhist Maha Vihara in Brickfields would be the visit by Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin at 9.30am as well as the float procession in the evening.


Celebrating 2,600 years of Buddhism

The Buddhist Channel, May 10, 2011

Wesak 2011 marks the 2,600th year of the Buddha’s enlightenment and the preaching of His Dharma

Seri Kembangan, Selangor (Malaysia) -- Every year, on the full-moon day in May, Buddhists the world over celebrate Wesak to commemorate three significant events in the life of Lord Buddha – birth, enlightenment and passing away.  This year’s Wesak Day falls on the 17th of May.


Late Chief Monk of Thai Tradition for Malaysia cremated

The Buddhist Channel, May 10, 2011

Padang Sera, Kedah (Malaysia) -- The remains of the late Venerable Dr. Chao Khun Phra Thepmongkolayan, an influential Buddhist figure in Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore was cremated here on May 1, 2011.


Wayward Buddhist nun is forgiven

The Bangkok Post, Apr 28, 2011

Bangkok, Thailand -- The Office of National Buddhism has forgiven a renowned Buddhist nun for telling her followers to rectify their sins through bizarre acts.


Handing over of YBAM-Japan Earthquake & Tsunami Relief Fund

The Buddhist Channel, April 20, 2011

Petaling Jaya, Malaysia -- On 16th April 2011, the Young Buddhist Association of Malaysia (YBAM) initiated a Japan Earthquake & Tsunami Relief Fund to assist victims of the earthquake and tsunami at Japan. As at 16th April 2011, a total amount of RM236,720.00 was collected.


Vietnam preserves Buddhist heritages

VOVNews, Apr 10, 2011

Hanoi, Vietnam -- Vietnam is a special nation in the preservation of Buddhist heritages, said the Deputy Head of the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) Yogeshwar Varma.


Metta Run 2011 to help Buddhist society building fund

The Buddhist Channel, April 4, 2011

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia -- Kinrara Metta Buddhist Society (KMBS) is organising the Metta Run 2011 to help raise funds for the development of its new building.


Thailand: Interest falls in nun enrolments

The Bangkok Post, Apr 4, 2011

Bangkok, Thailand -- The country's first and only college for Buddhist nuns has suffered a discouraging setback, with only 20 prospective students applying to join the institution this academic year.


Sumatra Buddha Statue Must Go: Ministry

Jakarta Globe, April 3, 2011

North Sumatra, Indonesia -- The Religious Affairs Ministry has ordered a large Buddhist statue in North Sumatra to be taken down after it raised the ire of Muslims in the area.


The monks and I: Teaching and learning in Thailand

By Richard S. Ehrlich,, 31 March, 2011

International volunteers pay to teach Buddhist monks in Chiang Mai and Ratchaburi. Journey to nirvana not guaranteed

Bangkok, Thailand -- Foreigners are being invited to teach English to Buddhist monks at two temples in Thailand -- at a cost of hundreds of dollars.


Thailand: Bogus monks exploit Buddhism

The Bangkok Post, March 26, 2011

While many saffron-robed foreigners are genuinely interested in studying religion, some are entering Thailand illegally to beg for money from the public

Bangkok, Thailand -- The presence of more than 300 foreign Buddhists at a Bangkok temple has raised concerns that some might be bogus monks begging for money and preying on people.


First patriarch of Vietnam Buddhism commemorated

VOVNews, March 20, 2011

Hanoi, Vietnam -- The Vietnam Buddhist Sangha Central Committee (VBSCC) hosted a solemn ceremony in Hanoi on March 17 to commemorate the 1,000th death anniversary of Imperial Councillor Khuong Viet, the first supreme patriarch of Vietnamese Buddhism.


Foreign monks rounded up

The Nation, March 18, 2011

Phasi Charoen, Thailand -- Authorities yesterday inspected Talom Temple in Phasi Charoen district following reports that 400 foreign Buddhist monks there go out begging in the afternoon and make money selling the alms.


Phuket's Big Buddha to Gain Buddhism Museum

By Pathomporn Kaenkrachang,, March 12, 2011

Phuket, Thailand -- A BUDDHIST museum is to be built at the Big Buddha site atop a hill on Phuket amid claims and counter-claims about cash donations.


Pattani monks halt alms rounds

Bangkok Post, March 8, 2011

Pattani, Thailand -- The Sangha Council of Pattani province has decided that Buddhist monks in three high-risk districts should stop making their morning alms collection for one month, following the slaying of a monk and wounding of two others in Khok Pho district early this month.


Monk shot dead in Thai south

AFP, March 5, 2011

BANGKOK, Thailand -- Gunmen killed a Buddhist monk and injured two others as they collected alms in Thailand's insurgency-plagued south, according to police.


Gender and religion: Where nuns fear to tread

The Bangkok Post, March 6, 2011

A mae chi's takeover of a Thai Buddhist temple in India has brought the management of the facilities overseas and the role of female clergy to the fore

Bangkok, Thailand -- The controversy over a Thai Buddhist nun successfully petitioning an Indian court to gain control of a temple has raised broader questions surrounding the administration of temples overseas. It has also highlighted the ambiguous role nuns, or mae chi, face within the structure of Buddhism in Thailand.


Million mourners to pay respects to Luang Ta Maha Bua

The Bangkok Post, March 5, 2011

Queen will preside over revered monk's funeral

Udon Thani, Thailand -- Up to one million faithful are expected to pay their last respects to Luangta Maha Bua Yannasampanno (Ajahn Maha Boowa) at his cremation ceremony today.


Live Webcast of Luang Ta Maha Bua cremation

The Buddhist Channel, March 5, 2011

Luang Ta Maha Bua cremation is slated to held on Saturday, March 5, 2011 at 1 pm bangkok Time (Malaysia - 2 pm, London - 6 am, San Francisco - 11 pm March 4).


Ajahn Maha Boowa's funeral to 'draw thousands'

The Bangkok Post, March 3, 2011

The cremation of Luangta Maha Bua Yannasampanno is a logistical challenge

Udon Thani, Thailand -- Wat Pa Ban Tad forest temple in Udon Thani is abuzz with activity. More than 1,500 kitchens are being set up to cater to more than 2,500 monks residing at the temple and thousands of visitors streaming in every day.


Luangta's ashes to be split into two portions

The Bangkok Post, March 3, 2011

Udon Thani, Thailand -- A conference of senior monks has agreed to divide Luangta Maha Bua's ashes into two.


Russian Businessman Worships Thai Monk and Becomes Buddhist

Pattaya Daily News, February 22, 2011

Pattaya, Thailand -- Mr. Anton Avdanin (42), a Russian businessman, had a premonition of seeing an image of a Thai Buddhist monk, leading him to fly to Thailand to research further. After meeting the monk, Mr. Avdanin first carefully observed the monk’s actions for 2 years.


Thais observe Macha Bucha Day

Pattaya People, Feb 20, 2011

Pattaya, Thailand -- On Friday morning at Tamsamakkee temple opposite the South Pattaya Junction on Sukhumvit Road, thousands of Buddhists gathered to conduct food offerings to the monks, with many of the worshippers wearing white outfits, to be in harmony with the purity that this day signifies.


Nun's devotion gives hope to orphan kids

VNS, Feb 22, 2011

Ben Tre, Vietnam -- Nearly 20 years have passed since the Pagoda's doors were opened to orphans under the guiding hand of nun Thich Ngo Mai, an orphan herself. Thu Trang report.


Yen Tu Buddhist spring festival opens

VNA, Feb 13, 2011

Quang Ninh, Vietnam -- Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Thien Nhan beat the drum, opening the Yen Tu Pagoda Spring Festival in the northern coastal province of Quang Ninh on February 12, the tenth day of the first lunar month.


300 perform special prayers aboard ferry

The Star, February 14, 2011

GEORGE TOWN, Penang (Malaysia) -- More than 300 Buddhist devotees offered special prayers during a ceremony which took place aboard a chartered ferry.


Honoring of a Buddhist by a Muslim is an occasion to celebrate

by Ajahn Sujato, The Buddhist Channel, Feb 11, 2011

"‘When ordinary people praise the Buddha, they do so only on the trivial and petty grounds of mere behavior.’
- The Buddha, Brahmajala Sutta, Digha Nikaya 1"

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia -- In recent days there’s been considerable discussion among Buddhists, especially in Singapore and Malaysia, over the conferring of the respected title ‘Datuk’ to the senior monk Venerable Dhammaratana, abbot of the Brickfields Temple in KL. The controversy is not over the honor, but over the fact that the Venerable received it wearing a suit!


Man uses fake ‘monk certificate’ to work in Singapore

by Benson Ang, The New Paper, Feb 10, 2011

Using fake documents, a Chinese national managed to work in Singapore on the pretext of being a monk

Singapore -- For nine months, Mr Liu Bing worked as a monk at a Buddhist centre in Geylang.


Thousands of Thai Buddhists remember monk Luang Ta Maha Bua

by Weena Kowitwanij, Asia News, Feb 11, 2011

Bangkok, Thailand -- A crowd of sad mourners has flooded the Buddhist temple of Pabaantad, in northern Thailand, to pay their respect to Phra Dharmawisuthimongkol, a monk who passed away on 31 January at the age of 97 from intestinal obstruction and pulmonary infection.


Buddhist monk aided Thai central bank

by JAMES HOOKWAY, The Nation, February 09, 2011

Bangkok, Thailand -- When Bua Yannasampanno (Ajahn Maha Boowa), a hermit Buddhist monk, died in Thailand at the age of 98 on Sunday, his followers were convinced he had reached true spiritual enlightenment and wouldn’t be reborn.


Ajahn Brahm to give talks on Feb 16, 17 in Johor Bahru, Malaysia

The New Straits Times, Feb 8, 2011

Johor Baru, Malaysia -- BUDDHIST devotees should keep Feb 16 and 17 free as the Venerable Ajahn Brahmavamso Mahathera will be in Johor Baru.


Thousands of visitors throng Buddhist temple for Chinese New Year

The Star, February 5, 2011

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia -- The Buddhist Maha Vihara Temple in Brickfields was abuzz with visitors on the first day of Chinese New Year (CNY).


After attacks, monks in Narathiwat halt alms walks

By By Supitya Rattana, The Nation, February 8, 2011

Narathiwat, Thailand -- In the wake of insurgent attacks targetting Buddhists, monks residing at 13 temples in Narathiwat have stopped their routine morning alms walk for a month, starting today.


With Bold Determination and Strong Convictions, A Monk Develops Cambodia

by Michael Scharff, World Faiths Development Dialogue, February 19, 2010

Phnom Penh, Cambodia -- The sun has just risen at Wat Nokorbachey, a Buddhist temple in rural northeastern Cambodia. I’m standing near the ruins of a temple building and the early morning mist creeps over the tumbled stones and statues creating a mystical sensation. I’ve come here today to meet with the Venerable Thorn Vandong, a monk who runs the faith inspired organization Buddhism and Society Development Association (BSDA).


Shedding light on decline in Buddhism in Singapore

by Yen Feng, The Straits Times, Jan 14, 2011

Reasons cited by faith leaders, experts include rise of churches here

Singapore -- The decline in Buddhism over the past decade may be traced to the rise of churches, more people wanting to choose their own faith or the lack of one, and greater clarity between Buddhism and Taoism, said scholars and faith leaders yesterday.


Burmese Junta's Proxy Forms New Buddhist Organization

By THE IRRAWADDY, January 13, 2011

Rangoon, Burma -- The Burmese junta’s proxy, the Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP), has formed a Buddhist organization to discourage Burmese from joining others religions, in a move that some observers called a misuse of religion for political purposes.


Remote Buddhist Villages Threatened by Rampant Robberies

Narinjara News, Jan 12, 2011

Buthidaung, Burma -- Some remote Buddhist villages in southern Buthidaung Township, 80 miles north of Sittwe, are under threat of damage due to the rampant Muslim robbers in the area, report local people widely.


Monks gather for congress in Cambodia

by Khouth Sophakchakrya, Phnom Penh Post, 4 January 2011

Phnom Penh, Cambodia -- More than 800 monks from across the country gathered in Phnom Penh for the 19th National Monk Congress yesterday, where they received reminders of the importance of Buddhist morality following a year that saw frequent transgressions by wayward members of the monkhood.


Thai Buddhist council chides monks for BlackBerry chatting

M&C, Jan 3, 2011

Bangkok, Thailand -- Thailand's Buddhist council has warned monasteries nationwide to curb BlackBerry chatting among monks after receiving several complaints about the practice, media reports said Monday.


Thailand Revisits Abortion Laws After Grim Discovery

by Anthony Kuhn, NPR, December 27, 2010

Bangkok, Thailand -- In Thailand, at Bangkok's Wat Phai Ngern, or Silver Bamboo Temple, lottery ticket vendors line the path to a mortuary where bodies are usually stored for cremation. On a recent day, one of the vendors, Lawan Yutitham, explains that the hot-selling lottery ticket numbers that day are 02, 07 and 27.


New Year Merit making buddhist tradition in Thailand

Thailand Business News, December 23, 2010

Bangkok, Thailand -- Whether it’s the international New Year, the Chinese lunar New Year or the Thai solar New Year, the transition from one year to another offers an opportunity for Buddhists in Thailand to make merit by visiting sacred places.


Western-educated monks inject new blood into Thai Buddhism

By Peter Janssen, Monster & Critics, Dec 22, 2010

Chiang Mai, Thailand -- Sorayut Chayapanyo, the 32-year-old abbot of the Doi Pha Som forest temple, has found little use for his Stanford University economics degree in the hills of Chiang Mai.


Buddhist religious leaders bring cheer to elderly folk

The Star, December 18, 2010

GEORGE TOWN, Penang (Malaysa) -- A group of 40 Buddhist monks and novitiates displayed their spirit of giving and sharing by distributing food and provisions to elderly residents at Little Sisters of the Poor, Home for the Aged.


Inspiringly Tibetan, Truly Asia

by Jamie Khoo, The Buddhist Channel, Dec 17, 2010

A New Tibetan-Style Sanctuary Opens In The Heart of Suburbia

Petaling Jaya, Malaysia -- It is indeed a celebration of Malaysia as being “truly Asia” in its multi-cultural diversity with the opening of a new Tibetan-inspired sanctuary in the heart of SunwayMas Commercial Centre in Petaling Jaya.


Aung San Suu Kyi gives robes to monks, nuns in Buddhist rite

Deutsche Presse-Agentur, December 8, 2010

YANGON, Myanmar -- Myanmar opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi on Wednesday took part in public religious services for the first time since her release from house arrest.


More Moral Integrity Please

by Vajrakumara, The Buddhist Channel, Dec 6, 2010

Singapore -- A 'monk' who is an 'abbot' made grave mistakes. He has yet to express clear and open repentance for his multiple misgivings, even after being jailed. Most Buddhists are enraged at why the local Buddhist federation is not disciplining him - e.g. by defrocking him or demoting his monastic status.


Not all agree on panel to judge Ming Yi

AsiaOne, Dec 03, 2010

SINGAPORE - News of a panel to judge the Venerable Ming Yi has been met with split views by the Buddhist community.


Access to Drugs A Life Saver for People with HIV

By Irwin Loy, IPS, Nov 1, 2010

KAMPONG CHAM, Cambodia -- The monsoon rains soaked the ground beneath Mon Hol’s home until it turned to ankle-deep mud. The aged thatched-leaf roof of his hut, badly in need of replacement, provided little protection.


Thailand foetus find breaks abortion taboo

By Rachel Harvey, BBC News, Nov 29, 2010

A shrine in the Buddhist temple in Bangkok Cartons of milk and children's toys are placed at the shrine in the Buddhist temple in Bangkok

Bangkok, Thailand -- In a quiet corner of a Buddhist temple in Bangkok, an impromptu shrine has been created.


Abortion reform is up against Buddhism in Thailand

by Andrew Chambers, The Guardian, 25 November 2010

The discovery of 2,000 foetuses has fuelled calls for a change in the law, but Buddhism plays a big role in the abortion debate

Bangkok, Thailand -- The discovery of more than 2,000 foetuses stored at a Bangkok temple has made front-page news across Thailand. As most abortion is illegal in Thailand, the case has shone a spotlight on a massive backstreet industry and sparked national debate about the country's current abortion laws, which date from the 1950s. With abortion routinely recognised as a "sin" in Theravada Buddhism, religion has played a significant social and political role in this debate.


Hanoi Houses Highest Buddhist Tower

Bernama, November 23, 2010

HANOI, Vietnam -- The Vietnam Buddhist Sangha (VBS) inaugurated the Bao An (Paying a Debt of Gratitude) tower, the highest ever in Vietnam, at the Bang A-Linh Tien tu pagoda in Hanoi, on Monday, Vietnam News Agency (VNA) reported.


The World's Oldest Buddhist Scriptures Displays in Thailand

by Pimjai Chaimongkol, ScandAsia, Nov 11, 2010

Bangkok, Thailand -- The World's oldest Buddhist Scriptures are exhibited for the first time in Thailand at the Phutthamonthon Buddhist Park in Nakhon Pathom province from 8 November 2010 to 5 February 2011.


Cambodia: Buddhist monks barred from water festival to prevent undignified behaviour

by The Associated Press, Nov 11, 2010

PHNOM PENH, Cambodia -- Buddhist monks in Cambodia will be banned from taking part in a water festival this month to prevent undignified behaviour such as mingling with scantily clad women and seeing couples kissing, the country's chief monk said Wednesday.


Volcanic Ash Threatens Indonesian Buddhist Temple

NDTV, Nov 11, 2010

Jogjakarta, Indonesia -- One of the biggest Buddhist temples in Indonesia, Borobudur, has become a victim of the eruption of Mount Merapi.


Lord Buddha’s saris (robes) welcomed in Vietnam

VOV, Nov 11, 2010

Hanoi, Vietnam -- A procession of three precious saris, taken from Kushinagar relic site in India, arrived in the Noi Bai International Airport, Hanoi, on November 9.


Sumatra Hopes Pagoda Will Lift Harmony And Tourism

by Aidi Yursal, Antara News, November 1, 2010

Medan, Sumatra (Indonesia) -- A replica of Burma’s famous Shwedagon Pagoda was officially opened in North Sumatra on Sunday in a ceremony attended by hundreds of Buddhist monks from across Asia.


Singapore's Buddhist Conference – Creating Happiness in the Here and Now

The Buddhist Channel, Nov 1,.2010

Singapore -- 500 participants found happiness in the here and now at the Buddhist Conference 2554, held 23 October at Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery, Singapore. The conference was organised by Dharma In Action (DIA), an informal gathering of energetic and enthusiastic Buddhists working together to promote Buddhism as a lifestyle in Singapore.


Buddhist Statue Draws Islamists’ Ire

by Arientha Primanita, Bilhuda Haryanto & Aidi Yursal, The Jakarta Post, October 22, 2010

Jakarta, Indonesia -- Buddhists are the latest minority religious group to feel the heat, being at the center of a festering row over a large Buddha statue on the roof of a temple in the North Sumatran city of Tanjung Balai.


Singapore Buddhist Lodge gives S$475,600 worth of bursaries to students

Channel News Asia, 16 October 2010

SINGAPORE -- S$475,600 worth of bursaries from the Singapore Buddhist Lodge Education Foundation were given to 367 students from tertiary institutes on Saturday.


Thich Nhat Hahn emphasizes life, peace

by Suherdjoko, The Jakarta Post, Oct 8, 2010

Magelang, Indonesia -- Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh led 500 Buddhists and monks from 15 countries in a series of meditations at the renowned Borobudur Temple complex in Magelang, Central Java, on Thursday.


Ven. Ming Yi is a free man

By Mavis Toh & Elena Chong, The Straits Times, Oct 8, 2010

Singapore -- CONVICTED Buddhist monk Ming Yi, 48, walked out of the Subordinate Courts a free man yesterday, ending the long-running saga of one of the largest charity scandals here.


Buddhism in Cambodia still recovering

By Cherry Thein, Myanmar Times, Volume 26, No. 521

Phnom Penh, Cambodia -- AFTER joining a Sunday group meditation at Wat Langka on Sihanouk Boulevard Road in Phnom Penh, I was approached by a Buddhist monk who gave me a copied textbook written by Mahasi Sayadaw.


Buddhist Group to Tackle Judges Over Bar Ruling

by Ulma Haryanto, Jakarta Globe, September 22, 2010

Jakarta, Indonesia -- A Buddhist group that backed the city in allowing the Buddha Bar to open will file a complaint against judges at the Central Jakarta District Court who ordered the bar closed and fined the owners Rp 1 billion ($112,000).


Christians and Buddhists issue joint call for a just economy, Sept 22, 2010

Bangkok, Thailand -- A reform-oriented "common word on international economic practices" has been issued by Christians and Buddhists meeting in Thailand.


World Buddhist Conference in Malaysia

By Majorie Chiew, The Star, September 21, 2010

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia -- MALAYSIA will host one of the modern world’s most recognised Vietnamese Buddhist monk and Zen master, Venerable Thich Nhat Hanh, and eight other acclaimed teachers and scholars of Buddhism at the World Buddhist Conference this weekend (Sept 25-26)at Hotel Istana, Kuala Lumpur.


Revered Phuket monk to turn 114

Phuket Daily News, Aug 18, 2010

PHUKET, Thailand -- Hundreds of well-wishers are expected to help revered Phuket monk Luang Pu Supha celebrate his 114th birthday next month.


Thailand: Huge donations received by famous monk queried

The Nation/Asia News Network , Sep 14, 2010

Bangkok, Thailand -- A WELL-KNOWN author and an avid Buddhist yesterday filed a report with the Department of Special Investigation, asking for an inquiry into more than Bt100 million (S$4.3 million) given to a monastery run by a famous monk.


Training course for Buddhists on HIV/AIDS

VNA, Sept 14, 2010

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam -- A two-day training course is being held in Ho Chi Minh City for Buddhist monks, nuns and followers on how to prevent discrimination against people infected with HIV/AIDS.


Thailand: Marching 1,100 kilometres for peace between Buddhists and Muslims in the south

Asia News, September 7, 2010

More than 70 people march for 55 days to remind people that peace is everyone’s business. Since 2004, clashes between Buddhists and Muslims in south Thailand have killed 56,950 people and wounded 11.390.


New name, concept do not atone for Buddha Bar: FABB

The Jakarta Post, Sept 3, 2010

Jakarta, Indonesia -- The Anti-Buddha Bar Forum (FABB) is persisting in its demands that the Buddha Bar be shut down, even after the company changed its name to BB Restaurant and Lounge.


Court orders closure of Buddha Bar in Indonesia

AFP, Sept 1, 2010

JAKARTA, Indonesia -- An Indonesian court Wednesday ordered the local branch of Paris-based Buddha Bar to close after convicting the licence holder of blasphemy, a lawyer said.


Buddhist society to help dead security guard’s family

By WANI MUTHIAH and A. RUBAN, The Star, August 30, 2010

KLANG, Selangor -- The plight of slain security guard S. Gunasilan’s family has caught the attention of the Ti-Ratana Welfare Society Malaysia which plans to visit them today to get details of their financial difficulties.


Buddhism, literature with Hanoi’s millennial growth

VOV News, Aug 31, 2010

Hanoi, Vietnam -- A recent symposium has provided an insight into Buddhism and literature’s immense contributions to the capital city of Hanoi during its 1,000-year process of development.


Malaysian in Singapore death row spends time reading Buddhist scriptures

The Borneo Post, August 27, 2010

KOTA KINABALU, Sabah (Malaysia) -- Sabahan Yong Vui Kong who is on death row in Singapore, is spending his time reading Buddhist scriptures as his appeal for clemency to the republic’s president to spare his life lies in a balance.


Prayers for four Malaysians who died in Ladakh

Bernama, August 25, 2010

LEH, Ladakh (India) -- Amidst chanting of prayers by monks and school children, a special event was rolled out to mark the first anniversary of four Malaysian women who died in a car mishap last year.


Vietnam Buddhist sect asks government to punish schismatic monks

Earth Times, 24 Aug 2010

Hanoi, Vietnam -- The state-controlled governing body of Vietnam's Hoa Hao Buddhist sect has asked local authorities to punish two monks for allegedly proselytizing without permission, an official said Tuesday.


Divine rock formations

By FOONG THIM LENG, The Star, August 18, 2010

Bercham, Malaysia -- VISITORS to Meow Yuen Zen Buddhist Monastery will get the impression that they are in a garden where rock formations are sculptured by divine hands.


Registrar clears monastery

By LEE YUK PENG, The Star, August 11, 2010

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia -- A monastery that has been mired in controversy for its closed-door practice has been found by the Registrar of Societies (ROS) to have complied with its own constitution.


Buddhist missionary group launches border projects

By Cherry Thein, Myanmar Rimes, August 16 - 22, 2010

Yangon, Myanmar -- THE Buddhist Association for the Promotion of Theravada Buddhism in Border Regions earlier this month launched missionary projects in Kachin, Kayah, Kayin, Chin and Mon states, the group’s chairman said last week.


YBAM helping Buddhist students societies to get started

Sin Chew Daily, Aug 11, 2010

SEREMBAN, Negeri Sembilan (Malaysia) -- The Negeri Sembilan state liaison committee of the Young Buddhist Association of Malaysia (YBAM) is helping the Buddhist students societies of three schools to get started, following the cabinet decision to allow school heads to approve the formation of non-Muslim clubs and societies.


Over 10,000 Buddhist monks, followers attend Vu Lan festival

VOV News, Aug 11, 2010

Binh Duong, Vietnam -- More than 10,000 monks, nuns and Buddhist followers from 20 southern provinces are expected to attend the largest-ever religious ceremony at Lac Canh-Dai Nam-Van Hien Tourist Resort in Binh Duong province on August 14-15 for the Vu Lan Festival.


Mindful of the present

By MAJORIE CHIEW, The Star, August 10, 2010

Zen master and Nobel Prize nominee to talk on his philosophy in Malaysian tour

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia -- RENOWNED Vietnamese Buddhist monk and poet Thich Nhat Hanh, 84, leads retreats worldwide on the art of mindful living. He believes that we can learn to live in the present moment through “mindfulness”, rather than in the past and future. That is his key teaching.


Worship rooms provided for Buddhist inmates

The Jakarta Post, Aug 9, 2010

KUTA, Bali (Indonesia) -- Kerobokan Penitentiary in Kuta has recently provided worship rooms for Buddhist inmates, adding to the prison's existing worship facilities for Hindus, Muslims and Christians, a prison warden says.


Collecting Buddhist stamps

Translated by LIM LIY EE, Sin Chew Daily, July 31, 2010

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia -- A Buddhist and stamps collector has been integrating his faith with his interest as he has a special preference for collecting stamps with Buddhism theme.


Grand Guan Yin parade in Penang

By CHRISTINA CHIN, The Star, August 2, 2010

Penang, Malaysia -- HANDS clasped in prayer, thousands of Avalokitesvara (Guan Yin) Bodhisattva devotees joined a Goddess of Mercy float procession which passed through Bayan Baru and Bayan Lepas in Penang.


Buddhist week celebrates Hanoi’s 1000th year

Vietnam Plus, Jul 29, 2010

Hanoi, Vietnam -- A week of Buddhist celebrations to acknowledge the capital city’s millennial anniversary began at the Thang Long Citadel on July 28.


Hundreds protest against Buddha Bar in Indonesia

AFP, Jul 28, 2010

JAKARTA, Indonesia -- Hundreds of people protested in Jakarta Wednesday against the local branch of the Buddha Bar chain, demanding its closure and saying it threatened interfaith relations.


Asarnha Bucha Worship Unites Hundreds at Pattaya Temple

Pattaya Daily News, Jul 27, 2010

Pattaya, Thailand -- The Asarnha Bucha (Asalha Puja) ceremonies held at the Chaimongkol Temple in South Pattaya brought hundreds of joyous worshippers together to celebrate the great Buddha’s first sermon.


Buddhist group appeals to state govt for land

The Star, July 22, 2010

Klang, Malaysia -- A GROUP of Buddhist residents staying in Bukit Tinggi, Klang, organised a gathering last weekend to appeal to the state government to grant a piece of land in Bukit Tinggi to erect a Buddhist temple.


Don’t give alms to ‘monks’ on the streets

The Star, July 20, 2010

Penang, Malaysia -- THOSE who give donation to monks on the streets are performing bad deeds indirectly, said Yayasan Belia Buddhist Malaysia (YBBM) director Datuk Ong Ka Chuan.


Great Buddhist Festival to mark 1000th anniversary of Thang Long-Hanoi

VOV News, July 18, 2010

Hanoi, Vietnam -- 1,247 Buddhist nuns and monks will gather for the Great Buddhist Festival to mark the 1000th anniversary of Thang Long-Hanoi scheduled to take place in Hanoi from July 17 to August 2.


Buddhist family camp held in the south

VOV News, July 17, 2010

Can Tho, Vietnam -- A Buddhist family camp called “Chanh Tri Camp” is taking place in Long Quang Pagoda in the Mekong delta city Can Tho city from July 15-17, drawing the participation of over 700 Buddhist followers from southeast and southwest provinces.


Road to peace

The Bangkok Post, July 5, 2010

A group of Thai and Cambodian civic groups are working together to build peace between Thailand and Cambodia through cultural exchanges

Siem Reap, Cambodia -- A Cambodian song filled the air as some 10 Thai and Cambodians were playing a traditional Khmer folk game that resembles Thailand's all-time favourite mon son pha.


Thai temple offers Buddhist funerals for pets

Reuters, July 5, 2010

BANGKOK, Thailand -- An orange-robed monk chanted as a teary-eyed, black-clad family prayed quietly in front of a crematorium. A normal Buddhist funeral service in Thailand except for one thing — the deceased was canine.


Buddhist monk filmed naked women bathing in holy water at temple: cops

By Michael Sheridan, New York Daily News, June 30, 2010

Phnom Penh, Cambodia -- A Buddhist monk has been accused of being less than holy.


Buddhist Temple in Chonburi Built with Finnish Stainless Steel

ScanAsia, June 16 2010

Pattaya, Thailand -- Less than two hours’ drive from the teeming tourist beaches of Pattaya in Thailand, a largely undeveloped hillside in Chounbri province conceals a very different site – a sacred place home to a Buddhist temple.


World Cup Gambling Arrests Prompt Buddhist Rule Change

Pattaya Daily News, June 14, 2010

Pattaya, Thailand -- Police have arrested a man in South Pattaya found to be in possession of numerous football gambling slips, largely circulated to members of the public wishing to bet/gamble on football matches. The slips in question were found to be pertaining to the currently ongoing World Cup in South Africa.


Panel tries to rope in Buddhist groups

By LEE YUK PENG, The Star, June 14, 2010

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia -- A committee seeking the reopening of a Kajang monastery has asked the Malay­sian Buddhist Association and Young Buddhist Association of Malaysia to help resolve problems which caused the place being closed to devotees for the past four years.


Meditaton centre built with public funds now a ‘country club’

By LEE YUK PENG, The Star, June 9, 2010

PETALING JAYA, Malaysia -- The bungalow, nestled in a secluded spot amidst dense greenery, is supposed to be a temple that was built on public donations.


Hoi Son Pagoda – An Architectural Relic

VOV News, Jun 3, 2010

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam -- Hoi Son Pagoda, also called Khanh Long Pagoda, was established and named after Buddhist monk Dao Thanh Khanh Long who became famous in the late 18th century. It is located on Quit Hill in the present-day Long Binh Ward, District 9 in Ho Chi Minh City.


Tribute paid to Thich Quang Duc

Saigon Go Daily, Jun 3, 2010

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam -- A commemoration service was held in Ho Chi Minh City June 2 for Thich Quang Duc, who self-immolated 47 years ago to protest against the persecution of Buddhists by the Ngo Dinh Diem administration of South Vietnam.


Thailand: Back to normal, are we?

by Sanitsuda Ekachai, The Bangkok Post, May 31, 2010

Bangkok, Thailand -- Normal. How sweet the word sounds, after two weeks of excruciating political tension which culminated in the torching of central Bangkok.


Convicted Buddhist monk Ming Yi’s jail sentence reduced by 4 months

Temasek review, May 31, 2010

Singapore -- CONVICTED Buddhist monk Ming Yi’s track record of performing death-defying stunts to raise funds for Ren Ci Hospital has earned him a reduction in his jail term for his role in an unauthorised $50,000 loan to his former aide.


Hell's Kitchen chef to prepare vegetarian dishes for Wesak Day

By CHRISTINA LOW, The Star, May 26, 2010

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia -- British chef and television personality Gordon Ramsay will be in town on Friday to cook up a special vegetarian dish for Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak and thousands of people visiting the Buddhist Maha Vihara in Kuala Lumpur for the Wesak Day celebration.


Promoting Buddhism online

MySin Chiew, May 20, 2010

Ipoh, Malaysia -- We can hardly survive without computers in this technology age these days, as a matter of fact. And Buddhist monks here are beginning to turn to information technology in promoting their religion.


Thailand to investigate shootings inside Buddhist temple

By Andrew Buncombe, The Independent, 21 May 2010

Much of Bangkok left in ruins as government tries to find who was to blame for deadly violence

Bangkok, Thailand -- Thai authorities are to launch an investigation into the circumstances of a firefight near a Buddhist temple inside which hundreds of people were seeking safety. Several people were killed outside the temple and bullets were fired into the compound, injuring others.


Hue hosts Buddhist festival

VNA, May 18, 2010

THUA THIEN-HUE, Vietnam -- A Buddhist Cultural Week held as part of Ha Noi's millenium anniversary celebrations scheduled later this year opened in Hue on Sunday in the presence of Japanese ambassador Mitsuo Sakaba and Buddhist clergy and faithfuls.


Thai monks pray for peace

AFP, May 17, 2010

Bangkok, Thailand -- At a monument to a conflict that took place decades ago, hundreds of Buddhist monks prayed for an end to the modern urban warfare being waged around them in the Thai capital.


Malaysian PM, Wife To Visit Buddhist Maha Vihara Temple On Wesak Day

Bernama, May 16, 2010

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia -- Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak is scheduled to attend celebrations to mark this year's Wesak Day, which falls on May 28, at the Buddhist Maha Vihara Temple in Brickfields here.


Sumatra Residents Oppose Buddhist Monastery Construction

by NUROCHMAN ARRAZIE, TEMPO Interactive, 10 May, 2010

Jakarta, Indonesia -- Residents of a subdistrict in the provincial seat of Lampung have raised objection over plans by buddhist community in the area to build a monastery in a predominantly muslim customary land.


Malaysian Institution Bestowed World Renown Pali Tipitaka

The Buddhist Channel, May 12, 2010

Nalanda Institute appointed the custodian of the gift of wisdom and peace
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
-- Nalanda Institute, Malaysia, a leading Buddhist education institution in Malaysia, is a proud recipient of the World Tipitaka, a gift of wisdom and peace, by the Dhamma Society of Thailand in honour of the late Royal Patron, Her Royal Highness Princess Galyani Vadhana, elder sister of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej.


Vietnam’s fourth largest pagoda construction to start in Lang Son

Saigon-gpdaily, May 9, 2010

Lang Son, Vietnam -- A groundbreaking ceremony of the country’s fourth largest pagoda named Phat Quang Son will take place in the northern province of Lang Son May 15-17, Hoang Van Pao, director of the provincial Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism has said.


Hue to host Buddhist culture week this month

Nham Dan, May 5, 2010

Hue, Vietnam -- The Week of Buddhist Culture 2010 will be held in the ancient capital of Hue from May 16-22 in the lead up to the millennial anniversary of Thang Long-Hanoi.


Vietnam detains senior monk, banned Buddhists say

AFP, May 2, 2010

HANOI, Vietnam -- A senior Vietnamese Buddhist monk, previously detained in an alleged plot to finance disorder against the communist regime, is in custody again, the spokesman for his banned church said late Friday.


Can saffron be red in Thailand?

by Bill Tarrant, Ethiopian Review, May 1, 2010

Bangkok, Thailand -- At the sprawling red shirt encampment in central bank, Buddhist monks clad in their distinctive saffron robes mingle with men wearing helmets walking around with sharpened bamboo sticks.


Thailand's orange-robed monks reveal shades of red

By Rachel O'Brien, AFP, Apr 29, 2010

BANGKOK, Thailand -- Dozens of Thai monks, clad in vivid orange robes, untangle their hands bound with sacred Buddhist thread after performing a chanting ceremony to protect the anti-government "Red Shirts".


Malaysia to host Venerable Thich Nhat Hanh

The Buddhist Channel, April 26, 2010

Petaling Jaya, Malaysia -- Eight major Buddhist organizations in the Klang Valley have jointly invited Venerable Thich Nhat Hanh, the internationally-acclaimed Buddhist monk, author, and peace activist to Malaysia in September 2010.


Buddhist Activism Tilting Thailand's Political Drama

by Yoichi Shimatsu, New America Media, Apr 24, 2010

BANGKOK, Thailand -- News footage from Thailand's capital, as dramatic as it appears, fails to capture the sheer dimensions of the Red Shirt rebellion.


Head to Penang for Vesak Day while visiting Langkawi

by Delia Jones, Response Source, 26 April 2010

Penang, Malaysia -- People who are staying in accommodation in Langkawi at the end of May could find that their visit to the island coincides with one of the biggest festivals in the Buddhist calendar.


Cambodia to Host Regional Buddhistic Tourism Forum

Xinhua, April 26, 2010

Phnom Penh, Cambodia -- Cambodia will host regional Buddhistic tourism forum on Tuesday, the first such forum to be held in Cambodia aimed at raising the interconnection between Buddhism and tourism in the region, a government official said Monday.


Vajarayana Buddhism in Perak caves

By Revathi Murugappan, The Star, April 24, 2010

Excitement has been brewing over a new discovery in a limestone cave in Ipoh

Ipoh, Perak (Malaysia) -- For centuries, caves or the underground have been used as people’s living quarters and hideouts, especially during wars. But in Asia, caves are often the sanctuary of choice for Buddhist monks, Hindu priests and yogis who want to worship and meditate.


Charity Art Auction & Exhibition to help Siem Reap children and Buddhist society building fund

The Buddhist Channel, April 24, 2010

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia -- Three organizations have come together to organize the "2nd Charity Art Auction & Exhibition"  fund raising event in support of underprivileged children in Siem Reap, Cambodia and to help raise funds for Kinrara Metta Buddhist Society - Building Fund.


Staying neutral is hard for monks


BANGKOK, Thailand -- Buddhist monk Ajahn Suthep has been showing up at the anti-government Red Shirts rally site in the city but says he is neutral.


Malaysian Buddhists raise RM 220,000 for Haiti Relief Fund

The Buddhist Channel, Apr 20, 2010

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia -- On January 12, 2010, a powerful earthquake of magnitude 7.0 struck the town of Leogane in Haiti, the poorest country in the Americas. It was estimated that 200,000 people perished in the disaster.


Thich Nhat Hanh to address "World Buddhist Conference" in Malaysia

The Buddhist Channel, Apr 18, 2010

Petaling Jaya, Malaysia -- World-renown Vietnamese Buddhist monk, author, poet, and peace activist Venerable Thich Nhat Hanh will be addressing the "World Buddhist Conference" to be held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from September 25-26, 2010.


A labour of LOVE

By: Story YANAPON MUSIKET Photos YINGYONG UN-ANONGRAK, Bangkok Post, 21 April 2009

The restoration of a Tai Lue temple in Xishuangpanna has strengthened the bonds between the Tai Lue people in Thailand and China

Bangkok, Thailand -- I was the first time in his life that 26-year-old Arnat Suta had left his small village in northern Thailand on a trip abroad. But once he arrived at the destination, he immediately felt right at home.


Spiritual tourism area to be built in Quang Ninh

VietNamNet Bridge, April 14, 2010

Quang Ninh, Vietnam -- More than VND2.6 trillion (US$130 million) will be invested in a new Buddhist tourism area in the northern province of Quang Ninh, announced the investor, ATS Real Estate Investment Joint Stock Company and the Management Committee of the Vietnamese Buddhist Sangha on April 10.


Buddhists hold prayers for peace at Borobudur

The Jakarta Post, April 2, 2010

Jogjakarta, Indonesia -- Hundreds of Buddhist followers from around the world began the three-day Monlam mass prayer rite on Friday, requesting a peaceful world, in front of the Borobudur Buddhist monument in Magelang, Central Java.


Thai government concerned with monks' presence at Bangkok rallies

By Anasuya Sanyal, Channel NewsAsia, 31 March 2010

Thai government concerned with monks' presence at Bangkok rallies

BANGKOK, Thailand -- Buddhist monks are not allowed to get involved in Thai politics, but some monks have courted controversy by joining anti-government rallies in Bangkok.


Binh Duong inaugurates Buddhist cultural centre

VNA, Mar 31, 2010

Binh Duong, Vietnam -- The Buddhist Sangha in the southern province of Binh Duong inaugurated the province’s Buddhist Cultural Centre at the Hoi Khanh pagoda on March 30.


Buddhist prayer woodblocks submitted for UNESCO recognition

VNA, Mar 30, 2010

BacGiang, Vietnam -- The northern province of BacGiang is working with several state agencies to put forward a case for the treasure of Buddhist prayer woodblocks in Vinh Nghiem Pagoda to be recognised by UNESCO as a World Documentary Heritage.


So defrock us then

The Bangkok Post, Mac 23, 2010

Bangkok, Thailand -- Government scratches head as 100 monks put down sticks at UDD rally, acting as 'human shields' to protect protesters, Foreign Ministry denies pressuring UAE to toss out fugitive Thaksin, Environment Minister Suwit cuts short overseas travels to support Democrats.


Buddhist leaders attend Indonesia's Muslim congress opening

by Bagus BT Saragih , The Jakarta Post , Mac 23, 2010

Makassar, South Sulawesi (Indonesia) -- The opening ceremony of the Nahdlatul Ulama (NU) congress Tuesday represents the largest Islamic organization’s commitment to religious harmony.


Buddhist groups calls on govt to ban Nak Prok movie

The Nation, Mar 16, 2010

Bangkok, Thailand -- Two Buddhist organizations Wednesday called on the government to ban the Nak Prok movie for fear that it would damage image of Buddhism.


The heart of Buddhism

by Nash Siamwalla, The Bangkok Post, March 5, 2010

Bangkok, Thailand -- At the moment of this writing, Thailand is celebrating Makha Bucha Day, one of the three most important Buddhist holidays in the Kingdom. Therefore, although much interesting news has happened within the last two weeks that the author would like to address in the light of Buddhism, it is more appropriate that we honour this important day properly.


Broken glass utilised in Da Lat pagoda

by Van Dat, VNS, Mar 9, 2010

Da Lat, Vietnam -- Tourists to the flower city of Da Lat are fond of the beauty of French-styled architecture of more than 2,000 villas, many of which nestle among the mountain pines. Huge numbers of pagodas located around the city presents tourists with a different oriental style of design.


More foreigners study Abhidhamma Buddhism in Myanmar

Xinhua News, March 9, 2010

YANGON, Myanmar -- More foreigners are studying Abhidhamma Buddhism at the International Institute of Abhidhamma ( IIA) in Myanmar after the religion-related English language course was introduced, sources with the institution said on Tuesday.


Fully restored Pagoda opens

Vietnam News, March 8, 2010

SOC TRANG, Vietnam -- Thousands of pilgrims from Mekong Delta provinces, mostly ethnic Khmer, flocked to the Chua Doi (Bat Pagoda) in Soc Trang City during weekend to celebrate the restoration of the famous monument.


Light a lamp of hope and relief by Malaysian Buddhists

The Buddhist Channel, Feb 28, 2010

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia – Malaysian Buddhist organizations are coming together in one united act of compassion to raise funds and alleviate the sufferings of Haitian earthquake victims.


Buddhist tattoos gain popularity in Singapore

By Philip Lim, AFP, 19 Feb 2010

Singapore -- When Ben Loke wanted to boost his financial prospects, he approached neither his banker nor his broker.


Singapore: Buddhist monk expressed skepticism over the usefulness of inter-faith dialogue to prevent another Rony Tan fiasco

Temasek Rewbiew, February 16, 2010

Singapore -- A Buddhist monk Venerable Dhammika has expressed his doubts about the effectiveness of inter-faith dialogue to prevent another Rony Tan fiasco from arising.


Thai monk walks million miles on barefoot

Sin Chew Jit Poh, Feb 10, 2010

TAIPING, PERAK (Malaysia) -- A Thai monk walks 20 kilometres on barefoot a day to remind those who pursue a material life to protect and concern about mother nature.


Singapore's Internal Secutiry calls up Christian pastor for insensitive comments

By Yen Feng, The Straits Times, February 9, 2010

Leader of independent church apologises to Buddhists and Taoists

Singapore -- The Government called up a Christian church leader yesterday after receiving complaints about online video clips that show him making insensitive comments about Buddhism.


World’s only stainless steel Buddhist chapel

MCOT, Feb 4, 2010

Bangkok, Thailand -- The glittering reflection of the sun on the shining chapel of Pak Lam Kha-Khaeng Temple in Thailand’s Kanchanaburi province, 130 kilometres west of Bangkok, makes the edifice stands out among other religious structures in the serene compound.


Indonesia asks Borobudur visitors to don a sarong

AFP, Feb 3, 2010

JAKARTA, Indonesia -- Visitors flashing their knees at Indonesia's number-one tourist attraction, the ancient Borobudur temple, will have to wear government-issue sarongs under a new plan to protect the site's dignity.


Mystery of Japanese monk who never reached India

IANS, Feb 4, 2010

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia -- A prince-turned-Buddhist monk from Japan set out on a pilgrimage to India over 1,000 years ago. It is a mystery how he ended up in Malaysia where his cemetery now lies.


Charity knows no bounds

By RACHAEL KAM, The Star, January 31, 2010

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia -- The Tzu-Chi Foundation which was founded by a nun in Taiwan has undergone a miraculous growth. It now has 10 million members in 47 countries who do charity work around the world and save the environment in the process.


Not just mandarin oranges and another Chinese New Year

The Buddhist Channel, Jan 25, 2010

Petaling Jaya, Malaysia -- Kechara Soup Kitchen finds a different and meaningful way to celebrate the new year which goes far beyond the family’s reunion dinner dining table.


Thich Nhat Hahn pleads for religious freedom in Vietnam

AFP, Jann 25, 2010

HANOI, Vietnam -- One of the world's most influential Buddhist monks made a plea for religious freedom in Vietnam Monday after his followers were forced from two temples.


Thailand temples offer retreat and spiritual enlightenment

by Greg Jorgensen, The Toronto Star, Jan 18 2010

BANGKOK – A growing number of people are trying to tidy up the crowded façade of their cluttered lifestyle — they're tackling the congestion at its root by exploring a simpler yet richer path: studying Buddhist meditation and, in some cases, being fully ordained as a Buddhist monk or nun.


Vietnam plans biggest jade Buddha

UPI, Jan. 18, 2010

HAI DUONG, Vietnam -- A Vietnamese jewelry company said a team of 50 artisans will be employed to turn a 35-ton block into the world's largest jade statue of Buddha.


Hun Sen’s cops hunting Khmer Krom monks accused of distributing leaflets opposing 07 January

By Sok Serey, Radio Free Asia, Translated from Khmer by Socheata, 14 January 2009

Phnom Penh, Cambodia -- Five Khmer Kampuchea Krom monks are currently in hiding for their safety protection against the hunting by cops from the Ministry of Interior (MoI). The MoI accused these monks of distributing leaflets opposing the celebration of the 07 January considered as a victory day for the ruling CPP party.


Thich Nhat Hanh accuses Vietnam of evicting his followers

Associated Press, 11 January 2010

Thich Nhat Hanh says mobs were sent in to clear monasteries and calls on regime to restore religious freedom

Paris, France -- A famous Zen master has accused Vietnam's communist government of hiring mobs to forcibly evict his Buddhist followers from two monasteries.